A Faire-y tale fit for a Queen


The last day of the Renaissance Faire at the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale was Sunday and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I perused the shire with one of my loyal knights, Sir Benjamin McGinty, Knight of the Arts, along with a proper entourage and one “tourist.”


We ate, drank and made merry- watching the shows and shopping at a leisurely pace through the day. And yes, it was very hot, as you know, but I was fine with my parasol and fan. Of course having attendants helps too!


I would like to thank Richard Lowe http://www.renaissancefaire.net/ for sharing some of his photos from my day. Please visit his Web site for the full – and I mean full! – story. Here, you see Sir Ben, my friend and wondrous drummer, Joanne, and one of the Doo Dah Parades most popular denizens, Dennis. Oh, and my Royal self too!


If you are seeking something entertaining this weekend, I suggest – nay, command you to go


to McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena for the Sunday Salon. The event includes art, artists in attendance, refreshments and more, plus Sir Benjamin owns the space and knows how to throw a good soiree. Visit www.galleryatheendoftheworld.com and make plans to see me there!















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