Itching to wander down the runway

                                                                                 Dear Readers,



I love hearing from you!!  Especially when you send me information on something that is tail-waggin’ fun and paws up good. Here’s what I found in my mommy’s e-mail today:




“Ready For My Close-UP,” in your Diary of a Doo Dah Queen is hilarious!
LOVED IT! I am such a pet lover– my best friend is an Apple Head
Chihuahua. Think you might have interest in an event we’re having
“inside SoCal” this Saturday at 12:30pm (runs thru 4pm).

Archstone Gateway (299 N. State College, in Anaheim) will host a pet
fashion show. Perhaps this might fit into your

Heath Hamaguchi



Pet Fashion Show, Starring Pets Themselves,

Headlines Charity Expo


As Pets Lose Homes, Country’s Biggest Pet-Friendly Apartment Landlord Reaches Out To Help Support Local Pet Shelters




WHO: Dozens of pet accessories makers and pet service suppliers and 1,000+ Orange County pet lovers…

WHAT: Gather for the area’s first ever “Hearts for Paws” Pet Expo to benefit the Orange County Animal Shelter, sponsored by America’s #1 landlord of pet friendly apartments…

Among the highlights is the “Doggie Fashion Show” scheduled for 12:30PM…

WHEN: SAT., MAY 16, 12:30PM

Expo runs thru 4PM

WHERE: Archstone Gateway, 299 N. State College, in Anaheim.

“The Hearts for Paws Charity Pet Expo will not only offer an array of exciting activities for pet lovers across Orange County, but also give them the opportunity to play a vital role in finding loving homes for thousands of abandoned and abused pets,” said Philip DiMartino, Senior Marketing Manager for the West Region at Archstone. “As Orange County’s most pet-friendly community, Archstone Gateway is excited to host this entertainment-rich event and take part in giving back to the community.”



I hope my dear readers will enjoy this show, even though yours truly won’t be strutting his stuff down the cat- I mean – dogwalk…. 


So Heath, how about a photo of your Chihuahua friend?? Oooo and some of those runway models too?!


Paws up,


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