What happens when you and I try to imitate professional motorcycle riders.

The cool thing about motor sports, when compared to other professional sports, is that most of us drive a motorized vehicle. We might not get to face a 90-mph fastball every day, put on a helmet and pads and tackle someone, or check some poor sap into a plexiglass wall, but we can regularly get behind the wheel of a car, truck or motorcycle.
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Who are you, and what are you doing here?

“This is my first blog entry.”

Scary words, huh? Talk about a drop in an overflowing bucket. Here’s a few that might be worse …

“From the creators of ‘Survivor’ comes a groundbreaking new reality show…”
“Universal Pictures presents Adam Sandler
in …
“Our lead story tonight: Paris Hilton…”

In short, I don’t believe The World needs another sports blog. But I hear MTV was ready to call it quits after “The Real World 3”, too.
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