Ducks sign Lindstrom to a 1-year contract (update).

Joakim Lindstrom, whom the Ducks acquired in a July 15 trade with Columbus for a 2010 draft pick, has signed a one-year contract. Lindstrom is expected to compete for a top-6 forward spot. It’s a two-way contract that translates to $500,000 less to sign Teemu Selanne if Lindstrom makes the NHL roster.

Lindstrom’s career stats are a little less impressive than Selanne’s.

On goalie pads.

Interesting note from the Sporting News Today regarding a proposed rules change that would shrink goaltenders’ equipment

An NHL source said that final details are still being worked out between the NHL and NHLPA. According to the source, the current plan has each individual goalie being measured and then instructed as to what size pads will be allowed. The Boston Globesaid that kneepads and clavicle protectors will be targeted for reduction in the 2008-09 season.

Guess this means that Jonas Hiller (6-foot-2) won’t be able to trade equipment with J.S. Giguere (6-foot-1), even he wanted to.