Kings captain Dustin Brown talks about a 4-1 loss to the Coyotes

Here’s some of what Kings captain Dustin Brown said about the team’s play during Friday’s 4-1 loss to the Arizona Coyotes at Staples Center:

“Turnovers were the difference for us. They had a couple of goals that, I think, were off our players. Good teams create their own bounces. We had a lot of good chances around the net, and (Arizona goalie Mike) Smith did a good job for them. I don’t think they generated a whole lot on their own. It was off our turnovers.

“We know what we have to do. Again, everyone understands we had a lot of good things happen around the net offensively. Coming out of our zone we have two turnovers and they ended up in our net. It’s one of those things where … it’s not like we’re sitting here not knowing. We’re trying to clean it up.”