Kings exit interviews: Drew Doughty

Kings defenseman Drew Doughty didn’t wish to talk Sunday about some post-Game 5 gloating San Jose Sharks forward Logan Couture did late Friday night. Doughty said he really isn’t as friendly with Couture as he is with Corey Perry of the Ducks, seeking to correct the record. Doughty and Perry live on the same street during the off-season in London, Ontario.

Here’s what Couture said Friday:

“Throughout the last couple of years, things have been said on that team that to me, personally, I take it as disrespectful. So it was nice to stick it back to them and beat them in this series. Even this series, someone was saying on their team that they had us right where they wanted us. I wonder if they’ve got us right where they want us right now? So it was nice to beat them.”