Kings in Anaheim

I’m sure all of you don’t want to hear too much about the other team in town, but in additon to George Parros (Ducks) and Joe Corvo (Senators) playing for the Cup, there is a Kings connection in the press box. Jim Fox — new and improved, with facial hair — is doing some analyis for NHL radio. If anyone has XM Radio, you will be able to hear him on the national feed they offer. Jim said he’s also doing some video spots for Yahoo Sports, which I’ll have to check out. It’s always good to catch up with Foxy, who is loyal to the Kings but also realistic about their fortunes. Anyone have thoughts on the series? I didn’t get to see much of the Sens this year but I was impressed with the way Niedermayer, Pahlsson and Moen handled their top line and not so impressed with the Ducks’ discipline, or lack thereof. Taking dumb penalties will cost them at least one game in this series.

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  • Phil S.

    OTT needs to take advantage of their home ice (matchups and last line changes) when they get home or they’ll be finished 5 or 6 games. The Ducks are matching up Defensive pars against the Alfie/Heatley/Spezza line and they were neutralized. OTT turned the puck over at both blue lines at an alarming rate. I thought the score didn’t indicate how dominant the Ducks were. OTT better cut out the turnovers or the Ducks, who play the best counterattack game in the NHL, will make quick work of them.

  • deacon blue

    Obviously, the Ducks are bigger and more physical, while the Senators are fast and deceptive. The question of the Cup series will be how effective the Sens can get their second & third lines to be, as well as getting Giguere to move side to side, where he’s fairly vulnerable. After watching Game 1, this Finals may not last long–the Ducks beat the crap out of the Sens, who had no response after the first period. And I wanted seven. Oh well.

  • Marc Nathan

    I have seats WAY up at the top of 431, and when I stood up and looked directly above me, there was Jim Fox, two rows up in the press box. We acknowledged each other with polite smiles and waves (I’ve known Jim since he was teamed with Greg Terrion and Steve Jensen to form one of my favorite lines in Kings history.)

    I have XM in the car and heard his name mentioned along side Joe Beninati “in the NHL Radio studios”

    I am so excited for the Ducks, and so excited to be cheering for a good hockey team. I have a 30 year allegiance to the Kings, but at a certain point it just becomes so much more pleasant to enjoy watching a team that has put the pieces together with precision and guile. I only wish the Ducks played at Staples along side the Kings. Two hockey teams would make me a whole lot happier than two basketball teams. Hey Orange County… take the Lakers, please 🙂

  • Jim Fox’s new facial hair

    The key for OTT winning tomorrow night is to test Giguere from side to side. Ottawa was lucky to score on the unfortunate Pahlsson stick incident because Giggy doesn’t allow many goals from the point, when he can see them. The smarter PP strategy is to pepper shots in from side angles and stuff the net with bodies looking for opposite direction rebounds (for example: shot from the right, blocked, rebound from the left)

    Also, OTT needs to realize that Anaheim is the bigger team and start taking exception to Anaheim stuffing OTT’s net. OTT can probably afford to hook and hold a little bit, even at the expense of a few penalties. If someone had Moen held last night, that puck never goes in.

    OTT should study LAK vs. ANA tape (especially the latter season games) and see how the Kings were able to beat Giggy. A lot of the goals were either low blocker side or low glove side — either way, they were shots from wide angles that made it difficult for Giggy to control them.


    If Ottawa does not win game 2 it will be all over but the celebration……I agree Anaheim outplayed Ottawa but Moen’s goal was scored when the puck was rolling…….A little but of luck doesn’t hurt…..GO SENS !

  • Steve

    Hey deacon blue, you obviously don’t have a 30 year allegiance with the Kings or you wouldn’t be so excited for the Ducks. I have a longer allegiance with the Kings and I can’t stand the Ducks. I hate the fact that they are 3 games from the Cup. If you are really a Kings fan you would be just as I am. That is rooting for Ottawa and hating the Ducks. Go Sens!

  • Jebedia

    I was at the game. Ott dominate most of the first. They shut down Selanne for most of the game. You could see on his face he was frustrated. Ducks had one good flury in the first and that was it. Ducks took over mid second and all third. Ott will probably need to start mixing up their lines, separating the top line so the individual stars won’t always have a top defender on them. Ott was outskating for most of the game, just not enough traffic in front if Giggy. I hate the ducks but they are good. It takes an owner who is into his team to build a good team. Henry Samueli is really close to winning the cup in his first year as owner. He loves hockey and funds his team. While we have to watch our team’s owner pay for a past prime name and face to try to draw cash to his baby, the Galaxy. Hopefully Lombardi is taking them in the right direction. In the mean time, ducks or not, I want to watch good hockey in June and I don’t care who wins.

  • T-Bone

    Hey Marc, nobody cares how many years you’ve ‘suffered’ with the Kings. If you’ve jumped ship, have fun but stay off.

  • Marc Nathan

    This is absolutely not a forum about whether I should or should not root for the Kings. I am a hockey fan, and I have a right to be objective as to which teams I choose to cheer for.

    What this forum is, is for Rich Hammond to provide more inside information about the Kings than the casual fan is usually offered.

    If you think Rich Hammond is vocipherously cheering for the Sens, and putting down the Ducks at every turn, you are missing the points of both professionalism and sportsmanship.

    I will continue to follow the Kings, as I have done since I moved to Los Angeles (from NY, where I cheered for the Rangers from the early 60’s on…) in 1976. I have never had a hatred for the Ducks, and over the past 4 seasons, they have impressed me and offer me no reason to not cheer for them. It’s that simple. You must keep your personal feelings to yourself on here, and stick to the topic at hand.

    Rich, once again, your reporting is necessary in a market that has such little coverage of the best sport in North America.


  • T-Bone

    Sorry, I meant Deacon Blue, not Marc.

  • Rich Hammond

    If you guys can’t get along, I’m sending you over all to play for the Lakers.

  • T-Bone

    Yeah, I did mean Marc afterall…Steve confused me.

    So Marc, let me give you the definition of ‘allegiance’:

    “loyalty or devotion to some person, group, cause, or the like.”

    See where I’m going with this? You claim to have a 30 year allegiance to the Kings, yet you’re ‘excited to be cheering’ for the Ducks. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it?

    As Kings fans, we already know the mistakes the organization has made in the past, I’m certainly not denying it. And yes, most of us can appreciate and respect the product that Anaheim has put on the ice, good for them. But CHEER for them to win the STANLEY CUP? As a KINGS FAN?? No F’in way.

    Oh yeah, and Rich…great blog, thanks.

  • deacon blue

    Steve–was it something I said? My wife could tell you that I am far more passionate for the Kings than I should be, but I am a hockey fan first and foremost. My Kings’ loyalty shouldn’t blind me to the fact that the Ducks are a very talented team that deserves the Cup if they can beat Ottawa; Ducks fans, however, do not deserve the Cup–they only half-heartedly supported their team up to January. And you’re right about the 30-year thing, it’s 37–my first game was at the Forum against Fred Shero’s Flyers and my favorite player to root for in the purple-and-gold are was Charlie Simmer. Enough bona fides?

  • Anonymous

    Guys….take it to HFB or LGK, please. Let’s not disrespect Rich’s tremendous work by starting a discussion meant for message boards.

  • Marc Nathan

    Saw Foxy again tonight. He was clean shaven. It didn’t help ;)~

  • deacon blue

    Mr. Anonymous is right–first, thanks again to Rich. This is one of the best blogs out there and we all appreciate your writing and analysis. We can probably agree that we all love hockey–the passion, the dedication, the hitting, and the integrity of the game.

  • Joey

    Yes, but he did look good in those jeans, HELLO!

  • BobMillersHair

    I agree with that its all about Hockey in June and I am watching. Ducks have a good team. They are not my team but I dont hate them like I hate the Red Wings. Or how about Calgary or Edmonton teams in the playoffs during the Gretzky era. Those were rivalries. I hated those guys. If the Kings and Ducks ever met in the playoffs or fought in a playoff race then many Kings fans would have a different opinion. We would want to see these guys driven through the boards. Many would expect similar rivalries much like the Dodgers and S.F. Giants or Raiders and Broncos. But we havent reached that level.yet. Not yet.
    P.s. agreed on the fans comment. Ducks fans are goofs…..

    !!Keep up the GREAT work Rich!!

  • Kaleigh Behr

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