Kings end losing streak

Who would have thought Jean-Sebastien Aubin and Scott Thornton would be the guys to get the Kings back in the win column? Aubin made 29 saves and Thornton scored the game-winner as the Kings scored three goals in the third period to beat Colorado 3-1. Derek Armstrong tied the game midway through the third period and Thornton gave the Kings the lead about a minute later. Kopitar added an empty netter, tying him with Dustin Brown for the team lead with 16 goals. And Raitis Ivanans got into his first fight since suffering the broken cheekbone Nov. 2. He battled Cody McLeod in the second period. The Kings ended their eight-game losing streak. Maybe that first time this month with consecutive days of practice was just what they needed.

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  • Matt George

    The Kings played today?

    (that’s the sound of me moving on… glad we beat the avs but im still pissed)


  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see Klemm. Was he in the line up?

  • anthony

    Good win. Nice team effort and fighting spirit.
    I give credit to Crawford for sticking with his game plan and line combinations.
    Hopefully we can win against Chicago and end the year on a positive note, and start next year with a winning streak.
    If Frolov, Nagy and Cammi start geeting hot and put up some numbers, we’ll stiil have a shot at the playoffs. Biggest worry for me is goaltending and defensive coverage.

  • teach

    Yeah Matt George I can tell you have moved on. You just happened to stumble upon this blog, right? lol Doesn’t matter how this team stinks, us loyal fans keep coming back. Great win! Now we all know that the Kings can win one game every now and again——the challenge now is winning multiple games in a row. I smell a Kings winning streak!!! (All kidding aside, for those of you salivating over Stamkos (yes I am one of them), even with a winning streak the Kings would still be in the hunt. Go Kings!

  • Yay

    Yay thats the end of the streak! Now to get to business , this is just the beginning, if we can’t pile up a couple of wins together, then this win is hopeless. Lets get it together guys. This isn’t our year, but we should at least get a 500. team at the end of the season, prolly won’t happen but let’s hope for it. Key player of the game was Giuliano in my opinion, and i thought Frolov, Visnovsky phenomenal as well as the Player of the Game J.S. Aubin.

  • Karl

    It’s amazing what can happen when this team plays like they give a rat’s ass whether they win or lose. The last few games look like they are just going through the motions. I think that is more frustrating than watching then lose. I would rather watch a hard fought loss, than the slop that we have all been subjected to the past month. Lets just hope that this is infectious.

  • pr0cess

    So who one the fight? Fights are never part of the hi-ligts on Hoping its on tomorrow.

  • Bruce

    Good win for the Kings. Amusing to see Cody McLeod running his mouth after he spent the entire fight imitating a turtle while trying to grab Ivanans’ legs. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Ivanans landed the only punch and then proceeded to toss the little av around like a rag doll. funny actually

  • Anonymous

    The fight wasn’t that great. It seemed like McLeod wanted no part of Ivanans in that match. He was ducking almost the whole time.

  • sandman

    Yeah… and then McLeod had the temerity to talk smack and taunt the Kings as he skated back from the box, earning another 10 minutes of penalty time.

    Not sure why he wanted another piece of Ivanans. Raitis looked like he was having his way with him.

  • pr0cess

    LOL nice, wish i watched the game forgot it was so damn early in the day.

  • James

    Well, its a good win. But can we beat the Blackhawks? Make it two wins Kings.

  • nykingfan

    ahhh the sweet smell of victory.
    Too friggin bad the game’s not on the package tonight. WTF? Figures during a winning streak.
    McLeod looked like a dog gnawing at Ivanans legs.
    He was begging for the misconduct. What a wuss.


    It’s about time! I don’t know what Crawford said to them, but they had more spirit than I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Shakes


  • Moondoggie

    Break up the Kings! Yes, it was nice to get the win, especially against the Avs in Denver but it isn’t a season by a longshot. It would be nice to string together a couple of victories but they’ll have a tough go tonight in Chicago. Aubin wasn’t really challenged the entire afternoon; the Avs skated the way the Kings have been lately. The fight with Cody McLeod was funny. He tried to duck the entire fight then grabbed Ivanans knees while attempting to hide. Then he bad mouths Ivanans going back to the bench. I’d have like to see Ivanans go at him one more time but it would have a disaster for McLeod.

    The World Juniors Championship has been interesting. Too bad Bernier took the loss against Sweden for Canada. The US team looks good….