Two in a row!

Dustin Brown scores in overtime to give the Kings the win. With two goals, he took back over the team lead with 18. Kings come back from 2-0 deficit in final eight minutes. Nice effort!

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  • anthony

    if the team continues to play this way in 08, you can forget about Stamkos.
    i’d rather be in the playoffs. 13 points out with 42 games left, it can be easily made up.
    go kings!

  • Shakes

    the Giants win the pennant! the Giants win the pennant!

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    “if the team continues to play this way in 08, you can forget about Stamkos.
    i’d rather be in the playoffs. 13 points out with 42 games left, it can be easily made up.”

    LOL…….the playoffs are so far out of the picture it’s not even funny…….that being said, it looks like I got my Christmas wish………..Thanks Santa 🙂

    Have a happy and safe New Year’s everyone!

  • EncinoMan

    Two game winning streak is nice…..but its just that, a two-game winning streak.
    They have yet to prove that they should even be considered as a possible playoff team in the West. So until they do, I would prefer Stamkos.

  • taz42

    Stamkos would be nice but, who says DL would go after him if he could. Anyone predict he’d go after Hickey last draft? I’d rather see the team win this year and not count chickens before they’re hatched.

  • Paul

    I listened to this game on XM since there was no TV.

    Nice effort by the Kings. Even though they fell behind, you got the feel they never out of the game.

    Dustin Brown is becoming a BEAST! I never thought he had the much offensive game. Glad to see I was wrong.

    It was interesting listening to the Blackhawks radio broadcast. You get different impressions of things when you hear about them from another team’s point of view.

    3 Things became abundantly clear:

    1: LaBarbara gives up WAY too many rebounds. Their color guy said he’s never seen a goalie give up as many rebounds as Jason did tonight. He even said something to the effect of ‘He’s more of a blocker then a goalie. He doesn’t make saves, he just blocks the puck’. That’s not a good thing for the Kings.

    2: Chicago is afraid of Ivanans. All they talked about was how big he is and how they hoped nobody would challenge him to a fight. Well, when they weren’t talking about how many rebounds LaBarbara gives up, or item #3……

    3: As far as Chicago is concerned, Jonathan Toews walks on water and is better then Gretzky. They compared him to Sakic and said they believed he was a sure fire hall of famer. He may well be, but that’s a lot of pressure on a 19 year old.

    Thought you guys would enjoy those tidbits.

    Let’s hope the Kings start 2008 off right and extend this to 3 games in a row.


  • Anonymous

    Was Klemm on the line up?

  • James

    What the heck is wrong with the Kings? They’ve actually won two in a row?! Just kidding. Excellent job Kings! Make it three boys.

  • Pokey

    No Klemm.
    The fact that we won should answer your question.
    I predict a hot Kings team in 08. Only a matter of time before Fro & Cammi start netting more goals.
    Happy New Year to you all.

  • Nick

    “Stamkos would be nice but, who says DL would go after him if he could. Anyone predict he’d go after Hickey last draft? I’d rather see the team win this year and not count chickens before they’re hatched.”

    This is such a stupid argument. Stamkos is a concensus #1 and is largely considered a potential franchise player. There wasn’t a concensus #4 or whatever pick we had.

  • Daniel

    Paul – Thanks for the insight. Being that we have a dearth of hockey reporting here in LA, we at times become a bit myopic when it comes to analyzing or team. Those point on Labs are rather accurate. He does give up too many bounds, and that makes it even harder on the out-of-position D-men. I like Labs and wish him the best but when exactly is he going to develop into a legit No. 1 goalie? When he is 32?

    As for the draft, if the Kings end up with a top 3 pick, I predict they will take Luke Shenn (D, WHL’er) or Colin Wilson (Leader, Goal scorer, good blood-lines.) They seem like Lombardi guys.

  • Moondoggie

    Nice comments Paul, especially your insight from the Chicago announcers. Yep, it’s a two game winning streak, not a season but two games. Still, we’ll take it. Stamkos will make a nice fit for the Kings but c’mon guys & gals, we need to focus on this season and stringing together some wins. Can our team be developing into a 3rd period club? The impressive thing about this win, it came on the road, in front of 21,000+ at the United Center, on the back end of a back to back game set, and the Kings came from behind to get the win. Most impressive, they never quit. The guy you’ve got to give credit to is Dustin Brown who, during the losing streak never gave up. Tonight he was all over the place and for me, my early favorite for the Kings MVP. He’s been awesome, way to go Dustin!

  • w00t

    Keep up the great work L.A. I was listening to this game on 1150, loved it whenever Nixon said Brownie scored, I started going crazy when i was playing online in NHL 08 with the Kings. Brown is a “beast,” lol too bad i was versing him and Calder in Fantasy this week. O’WELL, i’ll take it any day, GO KINGS GO! Keep up the work and PLEASE DO NOT LOSE FOCUS. Resiliency is the key here and consistency, lets show it.

  • Anonymous

    Were the Hockey Gods drunk this weekend? Kings 2 straight wins while the quacks have 2 straight losses.

  • KingFan4ever

    I thought Eric Daze was supposed to be their savior? After a stellar first season he drifted into mediocrity and was never heard from again. Toews is no doubt having a fine rookie season but we all know the true measure is what a player does in year 2-5.

    Same goes for Kane. I think the Hawks are in the same boat as the Kings with their young talent except they have a real goaltender in Khabibulin in goal.

    Kudos to the Kings for the 2 game streak. It’s been a while since the team won some games it’s a little weird getting used to it.


    It’s clear that as Dustin Brown goes, so do the Kings. Excluding Cammi and Anze, if Brown could pass on just a fraction of his heart, determination, and grit to the rest of the team, the Kings would be in much better shape. Crawford certainly isn’t going to do it!

    The defense is still horrendous. It’s okay to knock down opponents in front our net, guys. Please feel free. I miss my stay-at-home d-man and my boy, Matty Norstrom.

  • nykingfan

    Way to go…2 in a row. It’s been way too long for this.
    In the words of Jim Mora…”Playoffs?…are you kidding”? Lets put together a large winning streak before the playoff word even makes an appearance. We have to leapfrog the entire league to make it.
    Everytime someone mentions the draft, does Hickey need to come up in a negative fashion? Apparently the feeling by others in hockey is that he has top level skills or he wouldn’t have made the WJC team, especially as an 18 year old Defenseman.

    Dustin and Kopitar are the perfect compliment to each other. Thank you Dave Taylor.

  • Paul

    BTW, one of the annoying thing s about listening to the Chicago broadcast was how they kept calling Kopitar “Angie”. At least that’s how it sounded.

  • Anonymous

    Is Brown a future captain ? Can’t remember a better leader by example through the tough times. Norstrom did it for longer. Deadmarsh when it counted. Hopefully just a matter a time?

  • ChrisH

    Playoffs are out of reach so if we’re going to miss the playoffs, might as well be dead last, hopefully win the draft lottery and pick Stamkos. If we pick 2nd I say we take Drew Doughty.

    Read that Blake told a Denver newspaper he’d “consider” waving his no-trade if management asks him to. How long before DL asks him to and ships him somewhere for a first rounder? I say mid-Feb a couple of weeks before the deadline he goes to Colorado or maybe Pittsburgh. Any thoughts?

  • Paul


    I know it seems like years ago, but for those who are going nutz over a 2 game winning streak, the Kings won 4 in a row and 5 out of 6 during a stretch in October.

    They then lost almost every game since, but who’s counting. 🙁

  • taz42

    I didn’t mention Hickey in a negative way. Was only pointing out that noone expected him to be selected by the Kings. Meaning that noone again really has any idea who DL will pick,regardless of everyone rooting for Samkos. Yes, he’d be an ideal selection, but there is still a lot of this season to be played yet.

  • David

    I hope that Bill Ranford and Ron Hextall, two former Conn Smythe winners, can help Jason LaBarbera with his rebound control. Perhaps Jason hasn’t fully recovered from his rib injury of a month ago. Hopefully he can regain the form that he displayed earlier this year when he gave the Kings solid, consistent goaltending.