Brown quote from last night

He tells it like it is …

“If you look at the game it wasn’t a matter of them making great plays it was a matter of us making poor plays. They were able to capitalize on a lot of the mistakes we made in the second period. When you make that many mistakes it’s tough to win games.”

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  • Sam Gilbert

    Matthew, how about an open forum (like on the USC and UCLA blogs) so we can ask you questions about the Kings?

  • Anonymous

    I think thats the beauty of the comment section!

  • joe

    After watching the game I am more than ready to accept that Dustin Brown cares so much about winning that he WILL be in th same mold of the next adam deadmarsh. He is much more likely to score a bunch more goals and lead the league in hits every year. But when this kid gets to the playoffs and learns how to win then. Were gonna have another bad ass on our hands.


    Beyond Dustin, Anze, Patrick, Alexander, and Jack, and maybe, Michael (maybe), no one on this team is worth a damn.

    Cloutier **sigh**…enough said.

  • Tito Jackson

    Funny, you are asking a question about where to ask questions.

  • anthony

    Dustin, I feel your pain. And you have every reason to be frustrated.
    Unfortunately, you better get used to seeing more of these mistakes, so long as this group of defenseman continue to play.
    They’re undersized
    They’re overpowered
    They’re outmatched.
    Replacing Modry and Stuart with Dallman And Harrold. Give me a break.
    Toss in Lubocrap, Preissing, and Grandpa Blake. I’d love to be the opponents. I feel sorry for JJ. He can’t be expected to do it all. He needs help.
    I wonder why they don’t call up Petiot. He’s 25 years old and he’s paid his dues in the minors. Word on him is that he’s a d-man that throws his body around with punishing body checks. Which is what this team desparately needs.
    Management must not care if we lose the remaining 17 games.

  • Anonymous

    anthony quote from last night

    He tells it like it is …

    “If you look at the game it wasn’t a matter of them making great plays, it was a matter of me whining about everything, and saying something like Hey, if we actually went 6-0 against Phoenix instead of 0-6 we’d be in the playoffs!

    “They were able to capitalize on a lot of the mistakes we made in the second period, but you know when it really comes down to it, Kopitar is better than Crosby and remember, you heard it here first.”

  • Jon

    DO NOT re-sign Blake, name Brown the team captain and lets move on already! Brown gets it and it sounds like he is being the vocal leader in the locker room by calling out their bad play and backing it up on the ice. Detroit gave Stevie Y the “C” at 19, so lets put a face to this team and get some “D” over six foot to help out a very good offense.

  • kingskicka$$

    In response to Jon:

    1) Re-Sign Blake!
    2) Name Brown Captain!

  • Roger

    For the first time I am hoping for this team to lose. We need the first overall pick. And we needed him yesterday. Big defensemen dont grow on trees. Hope Dean can some how find a couple of D man that know how to play defense. I have been a fan since 1975 and I can say that the kings were never a team known for having a top defensive defenseman. This team needs that element in their game and needs it badly. Penalty killing is atrocious and the only way to solve this problem and Dean knows it. He needs to add two blue liners that can put the fear of god in the harts of opposing forwards who on a nightly basis camp in front of the kings net and there is nothing our defenseman can do about it. Enough said.


  • assclown

    Anthiny i think it is a little too early to give up on Harrold as he just got called up and was not
    drafted by Dumbardi

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