Belated transaction news

I’ve been out all day, but this afternoon the Kings assigned John Zeiler to Manchester and Daniel Taylor to Reading. Sounds safe to say that Dan Cloutier’s groin/hip/whatever is better, but we’ll get the whole scoop at practice tomorrow.

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  • harry

    i think it will be a great idea to have clouts in both SJ games, just to SECURE the last place standings…and have Eric shutout the ducksuck to have a happy ending {crowd} and to make sure we have the 1st overall pick!

    we need stomkos to prove he can be our #2 center in camp!

    go kings go!


  • SuperSonic420

    harry said:
    we need stamkos to prove he can be our #2 center in camp!

    I agree, but if he just shows up in camp he beats out Armstrong.

  • Anonymous

    even if we get the first pick, didn’t lombardi say he wouldn’t take stamkos?

  • Anonymous

    make sure?

    hey genius, its called a LOTTERY for a reason.

  • metalmaster

    Zeiler will definitely help
    Monarchs in their playoff run.

  • joe

    To reading huh, I wonder if Zatkoff is gonna be in manchester any time soon.

  • Anonymous

    Is Clouts actually better? I read somewhere that Taylor is only being sent to reading to qualify for the playoffs there. He ‘appeared’ in last nights game for 39 seconds and was reportedly on his way back to LA, only to head back to Reading on Friday, for another quick stint. Here in Manchester, we’d really like to have Taylor back!

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    Man talk about your stock falling!! Taylor went all the way from the NHL to ECHL. Why did they demote him so far down?

  • Dan H.

    Could be playoff scenarios in the minor leagues Rob but I don’t know for certain.

  • anthony

    I agree with you Big Rob,

    I would not want to be in the Kings’s system, if I had aspirations in making the big team’s roster.
    Especially when you consider who the GM is, and how poorly this team is being managed.

  • Foxman

    Because Ersberg is going back after Saturday to take the Monarchs through the playoffs.

  • Buck

    I kind of felt bad for Taylor. He seemed shaky at best and the first frickin’ shot he faced was pretty intense. But, that’s the NHL.

    I’m curious why they sent him down that far too. Wasn’t he one of the best for the Monarchs this season?

  • Preston

    I also feel the same way as harry. We suffered through another crappy year, the least we can do is get a chance on getting the #1 overall pick.

    Go Tampa!!


    Ersberg and Quick are listed as Manchester’s goalies for the AHL playoffs. He’s played in 4 games for Reading this year. He needs to play in 5 games minimum, to be ECHL playoff eligible. Thus, is makes sense that he goes down now and get to 5 games.

  • brianguy

    Manchester signed goaltender Curtis Darling from the ECHL on a tryout basis. so apparently they’re going to give him some games behind Quick. I suppose if he doesn’t work out they’ll bring Taylor back up.

    appears they are 5 points ahead of Springfield for that last playoff spot with 6 games to go. might have to wait a few more games to start this Darling guy.

  • Matt George

    Hey Rich,

    I just heard from my account rep at AEG that they are going to raise ticket prices by 10 percent next year.

    How about that for discussion?

    It would be interesting to get the justification for that seeing as a) they don’t spend to the salary cap b) we’re in a slowing economy and of course c) WE’RE IN LAST PLACE!

  • metalmaster

    Is this team actually rebuilding? Anthony I will
    actually agree with you again on your prospect take.Moulson, Harrold, and
    Boyle all should have been
    with this team to start the season. This team was never going to be a playoff
    contender this season despite what anybody in
    management claimed. The West is just too strong for
    a team with shaky defense
    and goaltending to contend.
    Instead of playing the 3 I mentioned they wasted time
    with guys like Thornton and
    Guliano. When your average
    team age is 28.1 I don’t
    think you are rebuilding.
    Let the youth movement begin in 2008-09 because
    signing FA’s has not done
    squat. AEG should be giving
    loyalty discounts and not
    raising prices to see a
    30th place team. A total

  • anthony

    You’re absolutely right metalmaster. These younsters should also be with thr Kings as we speak.
    Think of the valuable experience they would be receiving.
    And DL’s rationalle that he doesn’t want to expose his youth to a losing environment is pure B.S. and idiotic.
    It didn’t hurt O’Sullivan what so ever. He ended up scoring 12 points in his last 14 games and look how he’s performing this year.

  • Eric K

    i agree we should give some of the kids a chance to get some game experience right now; i agree we need to rely less on FAs next season; however, i disagree that we should have had them up since the start of the season.

    “rebuilding” is not the same as “throwing your young players into the fire”; ask poor bernier how that turned out. when you’re a team with very few playoff aspirations that is looking at huge improvement over the next 3 years, there is no need to rush players out there. (boyle might be the exception, considering we drafted him 5 years ago, but you get my point.)

    maybe i’m young and naive, but man, a lot of us need a little more patience.

  • metalmaster

    Moulson, Boyle,Harrold are all over 23 not exactly
    getting thrown into the fire as you put it. Yet they call up Taylor and
    throw him into the fire in
    a game that was already lost and he got no support.
    Some team from Edmonton in
    the 80’s threw most of their youngsters into the fire and wound up winning a
    few Cups.