Fill in the blanks

It’s too early for this, but what else are we going to talk about? I was thinking about all the prospects out there, and who might fit where with the Kings. So let’s take a look at the depth chart, as it stands now minus unrestricted free agents and including only “established” NHL players:

First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown
Second line: Cammalleri-(BLANK)-Frolov
Third line: Calder-Handzus-(BLANK)
Fourth line: Ivanans-Armstrong-(BLANK)

First pairing: Visnovsky-Johnson
Second pairing: (BLANK)-Preissing
Third pairing: (BLANK)-(BLANK)

Goalies: (BLANK)-(BLANK)

So, how would you fill in the gaps? Free agents or prospects? Which ones? Here’s a list of potential prospects:

Forwards: Brian Boyle, Marc-Andre Cliche, Matt Ellis, Gabe Gauthier, Trevor Lewis, Oscar Moller, Matt Moulson, Brady Murray, Scott Parse, Teddy Purcell, Wayne Simmonds, Lauri Tukonen, Kevin Westgarth, John Zeiler.

Defensemen: Peter Harrold, Patrik Hersley, Thomas Hickey, Alec Martinez, Joe Piskula.

Goalies: Jonathan Bernier, Erik Ersberg, Jason LaBarbera, Jon Quick, Daniel Taylor, Jeff Zatkoff.

If you’d like to re-sign any of the Kings’ free agents, there’s Rob Blake, Kevin Dallman, Jeff Giuliano, Jon Klemm, Ladislav Nagy, Brian Willsie.

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  • PSP

    It looks like the Kings will lead the league in spending on non-producing 3rd and 4th line centers…

  • anthony

    Lord Cammi??-Boyle-Frolov
    -His Highness will not be back next season. I’ll put Purcell in his place.
    Calder-Handzus-Purcell (if Lord Cammi stays)

    Piskula-Big D-man acquired for Lord Cammi
    -DL better not re-sign Blake. If he does, I’m out of here.

    -Zatkoff and Bernier need more seasoning time in the AHL.

    Don’t sign any of our Free agents. ESPECIALLY BLAKE.
    And get rid of Armstrong too.

  • Anonymous


    moulson and purcell are interchangeable. i see both players being shuffled around quite a bit.



  • laikaloco

    Dean said three or four people coming up from Manchester…


    spares: Calder-Armstrong


    spare: Dallman


    If Cammy gets traded, move Purcell into his spot…put Calder in Purcell’s. Put the new D-man with Lubo, and move Harrold beside Blake.

  • Josh M

    First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown
    Second line: Purcell-Boyle-Frolov
    Third line: Calder-Handzus-Moulson
    Fourth line: Ivanans-Simmonds-Zeiler

    First pairing: Blake-Johnson
    Second pairing: Harrold-Visnovsky
    Third pairing: Preissing-Doughty

    Goalies: Ersberg-Babs

    If anyone gets hurt, the first call-ups should be Ellis, Moller, and Hickey. But I would definitely get rid of Lord Cammi and Armstrong.

  • Homunculous

    I wont try to break it into lines because to imply the Kings will have actual lines for more than one game next year would be absurd, but I’d give Boyle a shot at the bonus centre spot, keep Ellis up those two alone should improve both our powerplay and penalty kill respectively. I’d give Purcell a shot at the last spot and bring up Tukonen as an extra forward who could hopefully bring a little extra physicality. I also wouldnt be opposed to bringing Nagy back at a reduced salary. On D keep Harrold up, sign Commodore/Blake to play with him on the bottom pairing and keep Petoit around and play either him, Doughty, Piskula or Bagnall with Preissing someone a bit physical to compliment him. Then let LaBarbera and Ersberg duel it out in net.
    Then again I want Hedman back there with Doughty Hickey Johnson Vishnovsky and Tyler Myers(no way he drops to us with the Dallas pick so I guess we trade up ) in a few years.

  • psycho

    DL: please sign Blake! please sign Blake! I’ll throw in some cash!

  • Bolwby

    First line: Cammi-Kopitar-Brown
    Second line: Purcell-O’Sullivan-Frolov
    Third line: Calder-Handzus/Boyle-Moulson
    Fourth line: Ivanans-Handzus/Armstrong-Zeiler

    First pairing: Visnovsky-Johnson
    Second pairing: Preissing-Blake
    Third pairing: Harrold-Doughty

    Goalies: Ersberg-Babs

  • Neva

    no specifics here, as far as what line to put them on:

    Boyle on the second or third line.

    I liked Klemm so bring him back third or fourth line.

    And…….i know I’ll get a lot of crap for this but……if Blake can start where he left off this last season I wouldn’t mind seeing him back as long as the contract was reasonable. And that’s a big IF for Blake.

  • Lou

    First line:

    Second line: Purcell-Boyle-Frolov

    Third line: Calder-Handzus-Moulson

    Fourth line: IvanansArmstrong-Westgarth

    First pairing: Visnovsky- Weber (obtained in the Cammy Trade)

    Second pairing: Johnson-Mike Commodore or similar free agent tough D man

    Third pairing: Blake-Preissing

    Goalies: Whoever earns it in camp, but the kids will need more time Im thinking. So:


  • Hec27









  • gsanderson1

    Would love to see Boyle, Purcell and Moulson come up next season to fill in some holes. There’s some talk coming out of Ottawa that some people might be moved. Cammy and a pick for for Spezza? Vandemeer is a solid free agent defenseman. Re-sign Blake to get rid of Anthony. Keep Harrold up and maybe Hickey or a draft pick steps in. Let LaBarbera, Ersberg and Bernier fight it out.

  • nykingfan


    Visnovsky-1st round pick or Harrold


    As for the D…thats assuming we don’t get a D’man either in a trade or F/A

  • SuperSonic420

    Kopitar – Brown – Sully

    C – UFA/Boyle/Handzus(100%)
    RW – Frolov – Cammy/Purcell

    Boyle – Purcell – Moulson

    C – Handzus/Murray – Ellis/Calder – Ivanans

    D – UFA/Trade(Cammy)
    Visnovsky (100%)
    Blake (reduced salary)
    UFA/Draft Pick/ Harrold /

    G Ersberg

    Defensive FA – Commodore, Hainsey, Foote, Norstrom, Liles

    Thats the short list

    #2 Center – Cory Stillman, Langkow. Not flashy superstars, but will do till Boyle or Lewis are ready.

  • the voice of reasons

    Am I the only one entertained by Anthony’s unfounded hatred for two grown men? Well, I guess annoyed at times, but at this particular moment I’m just chuckling.

    Anyways, Boyle is an upgrade over any other options for the 2nd line center position. If he’s capable of putting up 40 plus points in that spot then throw him in there.

    If Cammy is traded Purcell should take his spot. I’m not sure how great a third line player he’d be at such a young age. Not much sense in taking an offensively gifted rookie and asking him to shoulder the responsibility of playing a shut down game against NHL players.

    Harrold comes up for sure.

    Blake’s situation is tricky. At the right price he is a quality defender who can teach the kids some good things. I think his presence will largely be determined by who we draft and if that player is prepared to jump straight to the NHL. That, and what FA defenseman are available for the right price. With this type of lineup the best we can hope for is to challenge for a playoff spot, so it certainly isn’t worth it to shell out a multi year deal and a NTC just cause.

    As for goaltending, Bernier should only be up the roster if he is going to see a ton of action, either as a clear cut number one, or splitting time equally with Ersberg. Either Ersberg/Bernier, or Ersberg/Labs while Bernier plays against AHL talent every night.

  • kevin

    I trade Cammy

    Sully – Kopitar – Brown
    Purcell – Boyle – Frolov
    Calder – Handzus – Moulson
    Ivanas – Armstrong – Ellis

    Vis – Johnson
    Blake – Preissing
    (d-man from Cammy) – 2nd pick


    I LOVE LANGKOW…., one could trade army, push Boyle down a spot or two, and have Langkow play 2nd line center for a year or two.

  • dominic lavoie

    First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown
    Second line: Cammalleri-Handzus-Frolov
    Third line: Calder-Armstrong-Purcell
    Fourth line: Ivanans-Boyle-Tukonen

    First pairing: Blake-Johnson
    Second pairing: Visnovski-Preissing
    Third pairing: Doughty-Harrold

    Goalies: Labarbera – Ersberg

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of signing a SKILLED second line vet forward, along the lines of Brendan Shannahan, to bring grit, leadership, and secondary scoring to a young Kings team.

  • JDM

    Frolov-TRADE FOR SOMEONE (I like Langkow too)-Purcell

    Swap out Ellis from time to time for Tukonen/Cliche/Simmonds


    Ersberg start, Labs back-up. Give Bernier a full year in Manchester.

  • Nick


    That is how the forwards will shape up I imagine unless Calder gets dealt then I see Moulson taking his spot.

    On D.

    Doughty/Bogosian/UFA/Playeracquired via trade – Jack Johnson

    Either our top picks make the team, we trade for a NHL D man or sign an UFA.

  • Quattro

    anthony said: “DL better not re-sign Blake. If he does, I’m out of here”

    This better be a promise – c’mon DL, your mandate is clear – SIGN BLAKE NOW

  • joe

    anthony you better stop posting now. I think at this point I’m willing to bet Blake comes back for at least 1 probally 2 years.

    So that leaves
    Osullivan – Kopitar – Brown (yeah thats right MC took you long enough to put together the line I was screaming for since week 3)

    Purcell/Cammy – Boyle – Frolov

    Moulson – Handzus – Calder

    Ratis – Armstrong – Ellis

    This is assuming no one makes any real improvements over summer. Tukonen could beat out Ellis or maybe even Calder with enough improvement over summer. Lewis might be able to take Armstrongs spot but I doubt that happens, I think he gets one more year in the A. Maybe Brady Murray could also beat out army but I think he gets another year developing in the AHL as well.

    First pairing: Blake-Johnson
    Second pairing: FA-Visnovsky
    Third pairing: Preissing-Harrold

    I think were likely to package up a not so physical dman(preissing) cammy and a goalie (Labarbera) for a defensive stud or another one of the top 5 men in the draft. And I’m unwilling to put doughty/bogosion or Schenn/Meyers in the kings line up already. So I think we’ll sign a Commodore like Dman thats not Commodore because he is gonna get a nice raise this summer, one that I dont think the kings would be willing to give him yet.



    Labarbera comes in as #1a with Ersberg #1b but both Bernier and Ersberg outplay Labarbera. Or the trade scenario I’m imaging goes down and he’s gone. Either way Bernier and Ersberg I think will end up splitting the season pretty fairly, kinda like the Garon Labarbera situation of a few years ago.

  • Fernando

    Put it this way
    Crosby_Malkin_Fleury, these teams are filled with their rosters with their own draft picks, which they acquired after consecutive last place finishes.

    Face it, If we want a good team we have to be bad for at least 2 more seasons. Even with all those prospects, we are still left with one scoring line. Frolov needs a proven center to achieve his full potential. Face it, next year we will still be in the running to win the lottery.
    That is my opinion and if used along with 35 cents, it will buy a pack of gum.

  • Garrett

    Why is Bud Holloway missing from the prospects list?

  • L-Box

    First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown
    Second line: Cammalleri-(Boyle)-Frolov
    Third line: Calder-Handzus-(Moulson)
    Fourth line: Ivanans-Armstrong-(Ellis)

    First pairing: Visnovsky-Johnson
    Second pairing: (Blake)-Preissing
    Third pairing: (Aaron Ward via free agency)-(Doughty)

    Goalies: (LaBabs)-(Ersberg)

  • SuperSonic420

    Thank You Rich and Don, and everyone else, for making the offseason tolerable. All I got right now is playoff hockey and this blog to keep my hockey fix going. Hopefully next years offseason will be much shorter.

    Rich, Im interested to know how you would fill in the gaps. In your opinion, what do you think the Kings will do, and if you were DL, what would you do?

  • petey




  • lblocal


    First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown

    Second line:
    (FA Demitra)-Handzus-Frolov

    Third line: Moulson-Boyle-Purcell

    Fourth line: Ivanans-Gauthier-Moller

    First pairing: Visnovsky-Johnson

    Second pairing: (RFATRADE)Bouwmeester/Suter-Preissing

    Third pairing:
    (FA Norstrom)-(FA Blake)


    Mike Cammalleri trade “RFA SIGN AND TRADE” with either Florida for Jay Boumeester or Nashville for Ryan Suter.

  • sense13

    The most obvious would be Boyle as the second line center. For those who put Boyle on the fourth line center…what you are thinking???

    Other than Boyle, I would love to see Simmonds on the fourth line with Army and Ivanans. And don’t be so quick to dismiss Simmonds. He was very impressive during camp this year and the guy can play. Besides, we need another guy who can drop the gloves other than Ivanans and Simmonds would be my choice here. He’s a better skater and player than Ivanans already and he can fight all the middle and some cruiserweights.

  • Anonymous

    1st line
    Brown/Kopitar/ a winger that can crash the net( Osullivan cant do it, Purcell cant do it, Moulson has that potential or Boyle, and why not. They can be a tough line to play against. Think of the possibilities).
    Brown/Kopitar/Boyle. Wow.
    2nd line
    If Handzus comes in shape and is physically able to play. They can be a solid second line.
    3rd line
    Moulson/Cammalleri/Purcell. A good energy line that can score some goals.
    4th line

    Defensive pairings.
    Johnson / Stuart?, Johnson still needs a Veteran to teach him the game and give his fragile ego some confidence.

    Boghosian / Visnovsky (Give Visnovsky some responsiblity, this may turn his game around)

    -Myers if we are lucky to get him with the 2nd pick-

    Harrold / Preissing (Oh well).

  • metalmaster

    This is really a waste of time and energy until we
    see exactly what moves DL
    is going to make. I do know
    if Moulson, Boyle, and/or
    Harrold do not make the roster that management has
    no faith in them and they
    are busts. I am glad DL did
    not let them play more in the NHL so they could get
    that valuable 4game playoff
    experience that they so very desperately needed
    (sarcasm). I also thing that Quick now knows where
    he stands on the totem pole.

  • Jim

    Extra: Calder (rotates with Ivanans)

    (Harrold)-(UFA: Ward, Stuart, Kalinin, Orpik)
    Extra: Dallman


  • Anonymous

    not sure if Boyle and Purcell are both ready for 2nd line roles. Why not bring in a guy like Demitra? yes, he is injury prone, but he loves LA and might be able to get handzus and visnovsky back on track. i agree with trading cammy for a d man or maybe to move up and get the #3 pick (take doughty and bogosian). also, doughty will not plaY next year, so the kings will need to go after a UFA d man if they dont trade for one. there are 2 that i like..Norstrom and Streit. i would even be willing to sign both.

  • Luis

    Line 1 – O’Sullivan/Kopitar/Brown
    Line 2 – Frolov/Boyle/Purcell
    Line 3 – Calder/Handzus/Moeller
    Line 4 – Ellis/Armstrong/Ivanans

    Doughty/Kubina or Redden**


    Lord Cammi and his one knee shot for Kubina

    or Sign Redden as a free agent

  • guzman

    I think Boyle will add a variable that the team missed last year, someone who is willing run over opposition players to enter a scrum and come out with the puck. Pencil him in the 2nd line center spot before Christmas.

    I’m so done with Blake. To paraphrase some old guy (Churchill), “never in the course of Kings history have so few given so little for so much”. I’d rather sign Marek Malik, and Orpik or Stuart, or even honest Matti Norstrom. You know guys who can still play.

    I still believe that because of the excellent core that with a few tweeks this team could make some noise. Really depends on whether Crawford pulls his head out, or his replacement motivates this talented, but confused, bunch.

    I see talent. I also see a crossroads season. A poor year could mean more endless rebuilding. A good year starts the Kings toward contention for the Cup.

  • Vahe

    For those who are saying Boyle will be the 2nd line center are wrong. He like how O’Sullivan did will have to prove that he can play on the top two lines. O’Sullivan started the year on the 3rd line and worked is way up to the 1st line. So this is how I think the lineup will look in the beginning of the season:

    First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown

    Second line: Cammalleri-Handzus-Frolov
    Third line:

    Calder-Boyle- FA Signing/ Purcell
    Fourth line:


    First pairing: Visnovsky-Johnson
    Second pairing: Blake-Preissing
    Third pairing: Doughty- FA Signing

    Goalies: Babs-Ersberg

    Kings are paying Zus 4 mill to be the 2nd line center, but if he doesn’t pan out the 1st month of the season, Boyle will be moved to the 2nd line center spot

  • tim chaney

    While we are all suffering, I’m playing NHL 08 in the dynasty mode and we just won the cup over the pens, 4-2. Key moves I made were trades to columbus with nash and zerdev coming over for o’sullivan, nagy, and moulson, and to nashville stuart and a #1 for shea webber. I paired him with jmfj and it was a desructive combo for everybody that got in their way, while nash gave us a true power forward we’ve never had… Moves have to be made, people. It might take something drastic, but this is where we have to let dl do his thing. we are not qualified, but i made my dream come true and we lifted the cup! if it were only that easy…

  • Anonymous









  • kings4life

    We will trade for the #1 Pick Overall by giving up the DAllas pick, cammalleri, calagry second round, philadephia third round pick and propect.

    first line: O’Sulivan-kopitar-brown

    second line:

    third line:

    four line:

    with Tukonen and Calder and Ellis, Purcell interchangeable

    First pairing:
    second pairing

  • ChiBoyLA

    I agree with the consensus that Cammalleri will be traded, so the Kings will need at least four forwards, who I think will be Boyle, Purcell, Ellis and whoever wins the battle in training camp amongst Zeiler/Moulson/Murray. The other Manchester forwards will see time when NHLers get injured.

    I also fully expect that DL will acquire a third/fourth line “character” vet (like Thornton, Willsie, Macauley) through free agency. I think candidates include Darren McCarty, Aaron Downey, Shean Donovan, Stu Barnes — some one like that.

    Your goalies are Labarbara and Ersberg. Bernier starts in Manchester.

    Blake will get signed, because DL has limited options. Harrold takes a fifth spot. DL must acquire a veteran for the sixth spot — no way should that spot go to anyone in Manchester or an 18 year old.

  • PowrrrPlay

    There is someone coming out of Manchester on D that is not on anybody’s radar – except Kings management.

    Have a good summer boys and girls.


  • lakingzfan

    1st line

    2nd line

    3rd line

    4th line

    1st D

    2nd D
    Lubo- FA (commodore)

    3rd D

  • Brian

    First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown

    Second line: Cammalleri- FA -Frolov

    Third line: Calder-Handzus-Boyle/Moulson

    Fourth line: Ivanans-Armstrong-Ellis/Zieler/Jeff Giuliano

    First pairing: Visnovsky-Johnson

    Second pairing: Blake (1 year 2 mill.) -FA

    Third pairing: Harrold -Priessing

    Goalies: Labs – Ersberg

    Extra forwards likely to see ice: Gabe Gauthier, Trevor Lewis, Brady Murray, Teddy Purcell, Lauri Tukonen.

    Extra Defensemen: Thomas Hickey, 2nd overall pick.

    Extra Goalies: Jonathan Bernier, Jon Quick, Daniel Taylor.

  • Anonymous

    First line: O’Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown
    Second line: (resign Nagy)-Cammalleri-Frolov
    Third line: Calder-Handzus-(Purcell)
    Fourth line: Ivanans-Armstrong-(Ellis)

    First pairing: Visnovsky-Johnson
    Second pairing: (Ward, Orpik,Commodore)-Preissing
    Third pairing: (Blake)-(#2 draft pick or Harrold)

    Goalies: (Lababs)-(Erberg)

    I say resign Nagy cause he can play a top 6 role and if cammi is traded he can fill his spot, it also helps not rush our young players into filling high roles