Third jersey

Hello everyone…it’s back to work after two weeks of mildly relaxing vacation, and somewhat surprisingly, there’s not much news to report. The most interesting item of the morning comes from Howard Berger of 590-AM in Toronto, who blogged about all of the NHL teams’ upcoming third jerseys. Here’s what he had to say about the Kings’ jersey:

“The Kings will unveil a predominantly black jersey with the letters “L A” inside a pencil-point logo on the front. Broad white stripes will adorn each arm. A thin white stripe will run horizontally on each side of the jersey, just beneath the shoulder. There are no stripes at the bottom of the uniform. The color purple – widely evident in the Kings’ primary jersey – will likely be featured in the number outlines of the alternate, though the photo copy I have doesn’t clearly show it. A better idea would have been a reprise of the Kings’ original purple and gold uniforms from 1967, but the club marketers are apparently not bent on tradition.”

I have yet to see the jersey but I had been told that it would incorporate aspects of all the Kings’ previous jerseys. This is still a little hard to picture, but I’ll post pictures if I should acquire them.

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  • beingbobbyorr

    Are the Kings trying to challenge the Canucks for having the least-recognizable brand in the NHL? Screwing around with jersey designs every few years is a recipe for anonymity. You don’t see the Red Wings or the Canadiens @*&#ing with their sweaters, do you, Uncle Phil?

  • yesitscal

    Third jerseys are just a marketing ploy to try to sell more merchandise. Bring back the purple and gold with the huge crowns on the chest and let’s be done with it!

  • brianguy

    it’s hard to tell from this description, but these sound a lot like Dallas’ jerseys from last season with “Dallas” across the front. I agree it sounds pretty generic from the description. not great…

    now, speculation – hmmmmm, could THIS be it? (see #17 – Lubo? – shooting the puck from a preview of EA’s NHL’09)

    that certainly appears more likely to be the Kings than some other team. even though the description we’re given says nothing about purple shoulders.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    when is it coming out? upcoming season or the following year?

  • brianguy

    this season

  • Harry


  • anthony

    I loved the 3rd jersey they were wearing a couple of years ago. With predominantly purple colors.
    They should stick with the purple.
    No other team in the league use that color.
    They already have a black jersey.

  • Jonny

    Right off the bat, I thought that the Purple and Gold should be completely brought back. Give these players a sense of pride. The LA Kings roots. “Allright boys, these are our third jerseys. This jersey was first worn over 40 years ago, and we’re still waiting for our first cup… Let’s make it happen”

  • Quisp

    Sounds horrible.

  • Someone


    Hope the vacation was relaxing. Good to have you back. Just knowing you are back full time makes my withdrawal shakes subside.

    I’m trying to figure out a way to deliver intravenously….

  • JB

    On an unrelated note looks like some signings of RFAs have happened over the last few days w/ Svatos, Bouchard & Bouwmeester.

    I would think Svatos ($2 mil) and Bouchard ($4 mil) set the floor and ceiling for a deal w/ Sully. I would say closer to Svatos.

    Rich- For a future question to DL or the lawyer guy (sorry forgot his name) I wonder if these announcements affect their negotiations or hammering out details of a deal. Basically are the Kings and Sully’s guy, who I assume are in the middle of negoatiations, going back now and saying wait a second look the market is really____ or it’s ____?

  • Anonymous

    Another Lieweke “brilliant” marketing ploy? Little reason to buy a team jersey now when its likely the team will have an entirely new color scheme jersey when the rebuild is complete and the Kings expect to make the playoffs.

  • Quisp

    I agree with Anthony. We already have a black jersey. Really, I find the whole idea of third jerseys kind of pathetic and embarrassing. I do however like the idea of wearing “classic” old jerseys on select days. I would like to see the Kings wear the old gold, even the gold pants (!) or the Gretzky-era silver and black. I also wish they’d go back to whites for home and darks for away.

  • Mike


    Can you find out the latest on Sully’s contract? Also, any word on Harrold’s numbers? I heard it was 500K, 2- way.

  • Anonymous

    Anthonys found some cheese again.
    Good point. Already have a black.
    Stick with the purple.

  • Jonny

    I think the 3rd Jersey move might be a league wide thing. I forgot where I read it.

  • -J

    Just what we need- another thing for Kings fans to b!tch and moan about.

    How many posts before someone starts blaming DL for this?

  • zambonidude

    sounds too generic, I was hoping the new alternate would be the first original, the garish jack kent cooke purple and gold crownshirt would be a nice salute to tradition. I always found it ironic that old school kings players complained about those jerseys and other teams mocked them, but they are the same colors the Lakers still wear today and nobody derides them. Also back in those days the kings were somewhat unique in that they were the only home team to not wear white at home, gold was their primary home color, purple on the road. On that point, when is the league going to revert to white for home teams? Seems to make more sense for two reasons. First, it gives fans to see visiting teams more colorful jerseys, and second isn’t dark easier to make look clean on long road trips?

  • anthony


    You’re right J. I did forget to blame DL for this one.
    Thanks for reminding me.
    He must be behind all of this too.

  • yesitscal

    Third jerseys were brought into existence over a decade ago as purely a marketing ploy to be able to sell more merchandise. It’s all Dean Lombardi’s fault…

  • Reaper

    ANOTHER BLACK jersey?

    Go back to the Forum Blue and gold already.

  • ryan oliver

    I liked the third jersey from the 90’s which had a Kings face in the upper corner, and was white, grey and black. They had to put the “C” and the “A” on the right shoulder though, that was pretty dumb.

  • john

    deano at his worst yet again.

  • Anonymous
  • Moondoggie

    Welcome back Rich….Good to have you back!

  • ian

    re: ryan olivers comment, I can’t get Dimitri Kristich (sp?) out of my head when I think of the jerseys from that era…/

  • 28 KINGS

    I knew SOMEONE would find a way to blame AEG or specifically Lombardi for the new 3rd jersey.

  • wavesinair

    Good to have you back Rich! Hope ur vacation was awesome. Maybe Hawaii! Anyway, like you said, “there’s not much news to report.” I don’t give a crap about jerseys. However, a better ice surface… now there’s a topic!!!

  • brianguy

    I think I just stumbled upon the Kings’ new jersey logo online. wow…


    (kidding, naturally… but this is about as high as my expecations reside)

  • 28 KINGS

    “I liked the third jersey from the 90’s which had a Kings face in the upper corner, and was white, grey and black. They had to put the “C” and the “A” on the right shoulder though, that was pretty dumb.”

    Ryan, you might have been the only one. The bearded man jersey was awful, and what’s worse was someone actually signed off on the design. Sorry Anthony, you can’t blame DL for that one.

  • Anonymous

    We ought to be worried about what’s “in” the jersey rather than what’s “on” it. The Kings still have to add some veteran presence on the ble line, in my opinion.

  • Gecko

    First, that old nasty jersey you all covet is YELLOW and PURPLE…
    I don’t care if they call it Forum Blue and Gold…those are Lakers colors and don’t belong on the Kings…bury that crap FOREVER.

    I still think the new alternates are gonna be generic though…

    oh well…can’t put lipstick on a pig anyhow…what difference does it make what colors the Kings lose in once a week or so?

  • CBGB

    Welcome back – hope you are ready to get back to the whining, complaining and useless banter!

    With that said…

    1) Please, once and for all, put to rest that AEG is going to move the Kings to Kansas City – Please tell everyone the Kings don’t have an “out” or “attendance” clause in their Staples deal, that still has 11 years to go.

    2) Please, once and for all, put to rest the assinine Kopitar to _________ rumors.

    3) We all know DL admittedly needs not one, but TWO left handed defensemen. Any ideas on whom he’s “possibly” going after.

    4) The Harrold contract. How much? NHLPA is slooooow these days

    5) I’ll be the 6,789th person to ask how the PO’S negotiations are going.

    6) 9 Monday night games? How do the Kings plan on actually selling tickets opposite Monday Night Football…. let alone, it’s a MONDAY NIGHT!

    7) Any more on Danny Markov? Are they begging Norstom yet?

    8) Please, once and for all, put to rest the Khabibulin romors (even stupid Eklund will stop reporting it if its said here)

    9) Obama or McCain?

    10) Didja go snorkeling?

  • Jonny

    Rich, any chance of passing onto management the word that most people here are demanding wearing exact replicas of the Jack Kent Cooke era Jerseys. I want these players to feel some sort of pride. The Kings accomplished “a little bit” back then. We weren’t always in the cellar.

  • brianguy

    “9 Monday night games? How do the Kings plan on actually selling tickets opposite Monday Night Football…. let alone, it’s a MONDAY NIGHT!”

    you’ve got a point – maybe it’s because they’ve already planned on losing money?? hmm…

    seriously, I’ve been wondering. it seems like a shortage of Saturday and Sunday games but I could be imagining things. I’ve never heard of this many Monday nights before.

    I chose the “flex” plan this year and it sure wasn’t easy picking games.

  • brianguy

    the only good news is, the last MNF game is Dec 22. so anything after that is gravy.

    I know the Kings have a Monday President’s Day game, which is the only one that really interested me.

  • Bryan

    You can’t fault the team for trying to make money, but shouldn’t they worry about the product on the ice, as opposed to what the product is wearing?

    Just let us all pray that they’re not atrocious like the 3rd jersey brought about by FOX. Ugh…

  • Randy Manery

    Hi Rich, Man, I didn’t realize how spoiled I was until I made ten trips to the blog and found the JJ interview. Man, don’t leave for that long again! You’re not allowed!

    I would LOVE to see the Forum colors jerseys again, just going back to old school. Good idea to do a forty year retro thing. This new jersey sounds pretty bogus.

    Thanks again, Rich

  • Matt George


    I couldn’t agree more about those old colors … and it’s yellow NOT gold… UGH!


    please keep politics off this board… personally i could care less.

  • gumlegs

    Black with a white stripe. L.A. polecats?

  • Anonymous

    Forum Blue and Gold!
    Forum Blue and Gold!
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    Forum Blue and Gold!

  • dude, i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 3rd jerseys aren’t exactly some new thing dreamed up by Deano…or the Kings…or hockey….or American sports. Try watching European soccer where teams not only have 3 kits (usually…especially those in Champs league..) but they change one of them every single year…

    As far as what the Kings should wear, I’d love it if they just brought back the Silver and Black Gretzky-era home uniforms….that’s a time period that many people could connect with. I also like the old chevron logo. Plain. Simple. And actually classy. We already have the crown motif worked in with the other two current unis.

    I gotta say I love the current purple too…if they don’t go with the 90s jerseys then a largely purple top with black shorts would be great in my books…

    I guess the real question is not what the unis look like in front, but rather what Blake sees from the ice when he gets up and sees Brownie’s jersey skating away from him on October 11th…

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you know it’s July when 34 people have commented on a post about 3rd jerseys….

    I can’t say I’m a fan of purple on a hockey jersey. Even though I own two King’s jerseys I don’t think purple and black work well together. I vote that the team goes retro but swaps purple for some shade of blue. How about Royal blue to keep with the theme of the team?

    I do like the point Shakes brings up about Blake’s view from the ice though. Even though this team might lose a lot of games next year it will be nice to see some of them throw their weight around a bit more.

  • Peter Demers’ yellow sweatsuit

    Not sure if this article about the Kings needing to spend was previously mentioned but if not, here’s the link. Enjoy….

  • cristobal

    the 3rd jersey is Lombardi’s fault and it’s crap.

    I can hear the groans now. Just joking, once again, its really AEG and the marketing department that is going to WOW us. Why don’t they stuff the 3rd jersey and bring Ian Laperriere back? How’s that for a marketing idea?

  • Jonny

    How about package Ivanas and a spare winger for Boogard. Hows that? Boogaard is a bonafide duck killer.

  • Harry
  • Anonymous

    If the 3rd jersey design is really hot, can we trade the design rights to Florida for Jay Bouwmeester? This will also help keep florida get under the salary cap.

  • Daniel

    Rich, I agree with the others – would you mind putting the moving-to-KC-rumors to rest? I know you can do it. All it takes is a direct quote from Leiweke, right? šŸ™‚

    Anyway, regardless of the paranoia, there have been countless articles (ESPN, TSN, The Hockey News, etc) on the Kings good fortunes after this year. Can’t wait to see y’all at Staples!

  • jediknight329

    folks, i just read that the wild placed mark parrish on waivers. this was done as a salary cap move. he is making 2.5 mil per season for 3 more years. i wonder if dl will consider scooping him up. this gives us another scoring forward and helps us get closer to the cap floor. i only wonder if the 3 years part will scare off dl. parrish must be pissed. he left la for a 5 year deal with the wild and they dumped him after 2 seasons.

    have a good night and sleep well…

  • Jet

    Why pay 2.5M a year for 3? Who else could even afford him at 1.5M for one year? Glen M and Mark P. are only the beginning. There will be some good veterans available in the next few weeks. We should be able to sign them cheap as not many other teams can afford to jump in. If they sign with Atlanta or us, they know that they will be sent to a playoff team in Feb. A good match for players w/o families?

  • JDM


    … to Mark Parrish.

  • Matt George

    Hey RICH..

    you going to the Bruckheimer thing this weekend?

    If not I can get you in …

    I only ask cuz the blog seems to be gettin a little slow what with no news and all.

  • Daria

    Hey Rich, how was concom? Will you ask Dean what he thinks of Schneider as a King?

  • KingzzFan

    So, Valterri Filppula signed a 5 year $15 Mill deal with the Wings, maybe this will be good leverage for signing Sully. They are also over the cap, looking to get rid of Lilja to clear cap space. Big solid D-man thats good in the locker room. 1.25mm a year for the next 2 years. Seems very affordable. Thoughts?

  • cristobal

    JDM – Shame on you for saying NO to Parrish. Money doesn’t mean anything in this case and Parrish has put numbers generally equivalent to O’Sullivans over the years, he’s not young, but not too old to give up on, and he’s a competitor. There is more “potential” good in Parrish than in Calder. Team USA in LA.

  • JDM

    Parrish got his crack in L.A., I didn’t care for him then, why now? I realize he may be a minor upgrade to Calder, but we just don’t need the extra offense up front IMO. Sure we can afford him. But do we want a 3 year contract with him? I don’t.

    Him an O’Sullivan are totally different players. Parrish averages ~35 points a season, and only once topped 50 points way back in ’02. I have no problems with Calder, so long as he doesn’t make his way up to the second line. If we are going to get another winger I’d prefer Shanahan.

  • Daniel

    Cristobal – I have to admonish you (and Jedi…) for even suggesting bringing Parrish back. Not only was he one of the worst trades the Kings ever made, he is SO past his prime it is not even funny.

    I mean, if you are going to over-pay someone you may as well be getting some sort of marketing value. I would much rather see the Kings pay 80-year old Gordie Howe $10M to take a face-off just so he can say he played this decade.

  • Quisp

    I forget how waivers work. They put him on waivers. Someone scoops him up they assume the contract, right? Or half the number if it’s on “re-entry”? And do we give up a pick of some kind when taking someone off waivers? One of these days, I will learn AND RETAIN this information.

    Anyway, I agree Parrish doesn’t make sense, as we have Calder and Army already as the reigning smallish oldish scorerish forwards to plug holes in the lineup. Especially with three years left on his contract. Although if DL grabs him (this is why I asked about giving up picks) I assume he would try to move him at the deadline for picks. I guess that scenario only makes sense if Parrish (which I just mistyped as Parriah) is bought out and picked up at a discount.

  • JB

    Guys the whole us not meeting the salary floor thing is a crock and just because Spector at FSN is now on it doesn’t make it less so. I had earlier posted during the Blake thing that I didn’t understand why $ would be an issue as DL had plenty of room but I never had any doubt that he would be able to get up to the floor.

    Sully & Stoll along w/ one of the kids that will be needed on D will more than eat up that money. Plus for the cap I think they take the full potential value of the contract. So things like performance bonuses are included up front I believe.

    Not need to grab Parrish. Let the kids play this season w/ the big boys.

  • cristobal

    actually, parrish averages 43 points per season by my math. But I can see the doubts as justified. I think he’s skilled enough to get that playing with kopitar and brown if the defense is able to get the puck out of their zone. Playing him there because of a lack of speed, would put O’sullivan with Stoll and Frolov, not a bad top 2 lines, then Boyle centering the odds and ends from there. I don’t know. just trying to think of SOMETHING.

    The money is, again, not an issue for the Kings and as they’re not in the market for high priced players, all he’ll do is help fit the salary structure.

    I’d thought Karlis Skrastins was UFA, but he’s not. One more year under contract with Florida in the 2.5 mil range.

  • JonG

    I’m generally in favor of picking up experienced vets to tide us over for a year or two, but not Mark Parrish. He gave us nothing the last time around, and obviously he didn’t impress the folks in Minnesota too much. Maybe he’s better suited for the Eastern Conference.

  • cristobal

    JB – go and take a look at this site and it give every team and their actual and cap payroll.

    Who out there knows what’s going on with contract negotiations?

  • cristobal

    those of you saying Parrish didn’t give you much really should consider that 15 or 16 games with a club are not much to go by. He’s a proven asset and unless he’s injured there’s no reason to think he couldn’t contribute. Minnesota really does not seem to be making strides, in my opinion, I’d be surprised if they made the playoffs. He may not fit in with what Lemaire is doing, but if you want a younger (better?) Glenn Murray, bring him in. Give the guy a chance to make Lemaire regret his decision.

  • yesitscal

    The Kings don’t need the burden of a three-year contract on a guy who’s past his prime. They still have to sign O’Sullivan and Stoll this year, Kopitar and I think Frolov next year, and Jack Johnson in two years, so I think that Parrish’s contract would just be taking up valuable future cap space.

    Money is easy to spend when it isn’t yours…

  • pat

    Hey Rich. Are you alright? Are you free to speak? We’re ready to mobilize if you’ve been kidnapped by Lombardi and forced to take down your post from yesterday about inquiries about Hatrick O’Sullivan’s deal and also Mr. Hunter’s (aka Stoll) deal. We’ll kick in the door if you need us!

  • jediknight329

    parrish is now a ufa. he was bought out. i’d take a shot at a one year deal. is he worth it? who knows. does he want to play here? maybe – he just got laid off. a lot of teams will take a hard look at him.

    with regards to the cap floor… we are fine. the 29.5 mil we are at is only for the current nhl players and the buyouts on the roster. after we re-sign sully, stoll and richardson; sign doughty and he makes the team; bring up purcell, boyle, moulsen and harrold; and sign a vet d-man we will probably be at 42-43 mil. well above the 40.7 mil floor.

    and to answer an earlier question, if we take someone off waivers we only accept their current salary and do not have to give up anything in compensation. that’s why bryzgalov was such a steal for phx when they grabbed him up from the sucks.

    i don’t know about anyone else, but i’m ready for camp already!!!

  • cristobal

    Boy could the KINGS have used a guy like Bryzgalov

  • mike


    How come the game change entry is no longer visible on the blog’s front page?

  • yesitscal

    At the time the Ducks put Briz on waivers, the Coyotes were below the Kings in the standings and got first pick.

  • Steve Carlson

    Rich, please, no need to repost. Thought you’d enjoy the following classic movie clip. =)

  • jediknight329

    its too bad that we didn’t suck as much at the beginning of the year than the end. phx was worse than us early on. who knows where we would have been/where we would be right now had we been able to pick him up rather than phx. we are going to be fine with bernier and zatkoff, but the waiting really sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Where is Rich? What did DL do to him?

  • nykingfan

    What would having Bryzgalov have done for us last year? He didn’t get Phoenix into the playoffs. In fact he lost 4 out of the last 5 games for them. I’m not saying he isn’t a good goalie, but it wouldn’t have mattered last year for us. We had no D to protect him.
    Besides, I like the upside of guys like Bernier and Zatkoff and think they can be better goalies than Bryzgalov. Just my opinion.

  • wavesinair

    Hey Rich, everything alright? Since you’ve been back, we’ve had a net gain of -1 posts. Just checking in…

  • jediknight329

    just read that modry signed with a euro team. any thought of him coming back for another year is gone. who does that leave us with miller? markov? dl needs to trade for scheider before that option is gone as well.

  • txkingsfan

    yeah, I feel stupid checking the site 8 times a day ..and then even more stupid for reading some of these posts. Anthony, you and your friend Cristobal need to get a room and continue this “I have no idea what I’m talking about” love affair. Then again these two dimwits are doing Rich’s job for them. 60 posts about a “third jersey”? wow and it even leads into a discussion of Parrish and Bryzgalov? Please people, talk about fishing for things to talk about.

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