Injury update

Marc-Andre Cliche, the victim of a Denis Gauthier hit on Sunday, is out indefinitely with a separated shoulder. Still waiting to hear if there’s any issue with Alexander Frolov. I don’t believe there is, but I’ll find out.

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  • wavesinair

    What’s this “indefinitely” crap? Just pop it back into place Lethal Weapon style, lace ’em up and give it a go.

  • HBKF

    Frolov to Anaheim for Schneider and Bobby Ryan (I’m kidding).

  • ian

    That stinks…(

  • Rob

    I was at camp on sunday and saw the hit. The way Cliche was holding his arm and screaming after the hit I would have sworn his arm was broken. Are you sure the shoulder was the only injury Rich?

  • Frenchie

    Gauthier always injures Kings in the preseason. Get this guy out of the western conference! Visor wearing SOB.. 😛

  • Deelo

    Lots of ways to separate a shoulder and it doesn’t exactly tickle.

    Dwyane Wade had to be carted off in a wheelchair after he separated his 🙂

  • Vasquez

    A seperated shoulder is much different than a dislocated shoulder, which sometimes you can pop back in. A seperation is much more painful and takes longer to get over.

  • jet

    A seperated shoulder is more painful than a break, at least the first time.

  • Yog S’loth

    That pretty much means that Cliche’s season is done. It takes months to come back from a bad separation, and months more after that to get comfortable. He won’t be back into real game shape until next year. Horrible.

  • Not Impressed

    What do you mean “Still waiting to hear if there’s any issue with Alexander Frolov”
    Did something happen?

  • Anonymous

    Not necessarily on the shoulder separation. While is it VERY painful having had one myself, with proper re-hab…ie.. range of motion exercises and weights…swimming is the best to keep the scar tissue limited, he will be fine in about 8-10 weeks. Truly…he HAS to go hard on the rehab and he will be fine.

  • Anglophone

    Merci beaucoup, Gauthier!

    Next time, try taking out one of our promising young D-men. That way, your chances of making the team will be better.

    But seriously… Quel dommage! This sucks. What an unfortunate accident.

    Get well soon, M-A!

  • ryan oliver

    Just a thought totally unrelated to this. Is there any way that DL would hold out on POS because he realizes there is no way the Kings will make the playoffs, so why pay Sully anything. Make the team worse and get that much closer to Tavares or Hedman. I give Cristobal crap for hijacking threads, then I go and do it. But, I had this thought and saw nowhere else to say it.

  • Quisp


  • jet

    RRyan- I understand your skepticism, but I just can’t see the benefit. If POS misses 30 games then his value decreases because of loss of experience and possibly a slightly higher chance for injury. In addition, confidence may even be a more important attribute than experience at his age and his confidence will not be bolstered by sitting out.
    Finally, would 80 games with POS be enough to make the playoffs? I do not see his addition to the Kings making the difference. Our division is stacked.

    Let me also ask Rich if he can get more information on how the touch up rule is going to be called. Did the league speak with all of the teams prior to preseason games?

  • Anonymous

    Gauthier for Schneider???

  • Duckhunter

    If the Kings play to get Tavares or Hedman, DL would be gone, Kop, JJ and others would bolt as soon as possible and the fans would disappear. Seems counter productive to what DL’s trying to do. So I hope that’s not happening, for every ones sake.

  • Quisp

    First of all, it’s illegal to throw a game, to say nothing of an entire season. Second, there’s no incentive in throwing a year away merely for a chance at the number one pick, who may or may not pan out, etc.. Third, if DL really wanted to throw the season, I think he would have signed Blake and kept Crawford.

  • Pat McGroyn


    If that were the case, then DL would have resigned Cloutier…

  • Eric K

    deelo: don’t forget, D-Wade is a basketball player. =D

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this the 2nd injury for Cliche. I thought he had a shoulder problem last season, or I am thinking of someone else?

  • Anonymous

    Gauthier is just asking for some retribution.

    Let’s send Ivanans after him.

    With extreme prejudice.

    How much you wanna’ bet that’s the hardest
    Gauthier hits anybody all year!!

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