Doughty’s condition

Drew Doughty is not feeling well and has flu-like symptoms, according to a Kings spokesman. If it’s just the flu, that’s much better for the Kings than an injury since they just lost defenseman Jack Johnson for 2-3 months.

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  • ryan oliver

    lets all pray thats all it is. He looked like a 15 year vet out there.

  • B

    Lets hope this doesn’t turn into concussion-like symptoms.

  • Zak

    Doughty has looked amazing out there so far, especially for an 18 year old! Hopefully he turns out to be a legend. He’s already one of my favorite Kings. Its pretty sweet that the Kings were his favorite team groing up as well.

  • Brent

    Thanks for getting the information and posting it quickly. I was at the game and refreshing the blog and was able to relay the information to our section because of you. Sincere thanks for a job well done.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    I predict that by the time that “JMFJ” returns, Drew Doughty will be running the power play to rave reviews, and will still have a better +/- rating than will JJ. Might as well trade JJ for a bag of pucks to some crappy Eastern Conference team like Tampa (for example), because Drew Doughty is gonna be a star, baby, period.

  • Mark

    Whats this I hear of possible concussion???

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