Quick practice update

O’Sullivan will indeed be back on the top line, as he switches spots with Calder. Moulson will skate on the fourth line as the right wing in place of Richardson.

LaBarbera is back in goal tomorrow.

It seems likely that Oscar Moller will stay with the Kings, a decision that must be made before Saturday.

More to come, including stuff from O’Sullivan, Kopitar, Stoll, Boyle and O’Donnell…

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  • Zak

    Terry Murray has done a great job with the Kings but…


  • Chirs Bond

    So what is lines now?? Do you have a break down?

  • afx114

    What about Simmonds, is he staying?

  • andre norway

    I just wonder if there is a good decision to let Moller stay with the kings. he has proven he can play at this level but since he cant go down to manchester I think its a big risk having him up the whole year. Simmonds is old enough so he can go back and forth between la and manchester.
    the lines will be kopi,sully and brown, frolov, zuz,simmonds- stoll,calder and moller – moulson,army and raitis

  • taz42

    Labs starting again? What the hell is going on with that?

  • nykingfan

    off the subject for a moment
    Is the Kings game on NHL Network in US on Saturday night? It’s not on centre Ice package.

  • Anonymous

    NY KIng Fan,

    if you have NHL Network it will be on there.

    As for Moller, I am psyched that he has made the team and I hope that Simmonds will also be staying. They have both earned their places in the NHL and should both contribute at the NHL level for some time to come. Congrats to both of them.

  • Mike in Oregon

    Yo, NY Kingsfan. I have the NHL package and checked for you. It seems that they only post for the month showing the various coverages. So, I think it won’t be posted until they do the month of November. I really like this package from NHL.com. You can watch while accessing all kinds of stats and see up to four games at a time. They also always broadcast the home team feed, so the Montreal games are in French, which is pretty cool. My guess is that they will broadcast that game. If they do black it out, it is usually from the viewer being too close to the market in which the games are broadcast on various other TV outlets like in the NFL. I have only encountered two blackouts this season from the whole schedule. The package is $19 a month.

    Last night DL was interviewed on HNIC. The interview is posted on Kings site. A typical DL interview, he doesn’t say much. But, reading between the lines it sounds like they are keeping Moller and definitely keeping Simmonds.

  • Scott

    I hope that Calder can get some chemestry going with Stoll and Moller…both of them have been playing pretty decently.

    Calder should give those guys some grit on the second line.

  • mrbrett7

    Moller should be fine. I’m sure there will be a drop off with him eventually, but there is no point in him going back to Juniors.

    Simmonds isn’t going anywhere but back to Manchester if that ever happens (which I don’t see happening). I’ve never seen a kid his age do all the little things so well!

  • nykingfan

    Thanks guys..I appreciate it

  • Marty

    Sully will wake up Kopi and Brown and all will attain a higher level of play now ,mark my words.
    With Fro ,Handy and Simmonds set as a unit,the question is who makes up a 3rd unit? I think Moller should stay up with the big club.How about Purcell with Stoll and Moller.Leaving Ivanans with Richardson and Army? What about Moulsen Boyle Cliche Clune maybe atrade is in order for quality?

  • Marty

    NY Kingsfan ,I have the Sat Calgary game showing on Center Ice as the second game on Hockey Night In Canada.The boys always play good on those nights.