Johnson (mini-)update

Jack Johnson has been participating in full practices with his teammates this week, but he is wearing a yellow (non-contact) jersey. Johnson says nothing has changed and he won’t be back from his shoulder surgery until after the all-star break, but…I don’t know. Watching him skate, it’s hard to believe he’s going to stay out of the lineup for another two months. That’s just my opinion. Johnson said he occasionally experiences mild pain after practices, and the Kings are tentative to push his comeback because they’re concerned about what will happen the first time he takes a big hit, but it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at this situation over the next month.

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  • mrk

    I say take his time. The really good news is we’re not missing him too much. Imagine the blue line w/ this guy back.

  • Gary Livingston

    Jim Fox last night was talking about Jack and how they are going to do strength tests and as soon as his inured shoulder is 95% (maybe 90?) as strong as his good shoulder he’s good to play. He said they’ll be running tests pretty regularly now that he is back to practicing.

    Would be interesting to hear comment on whether or not hitting that magic number is when he’ll return.

  • anthony

    Get back in the line-up ASAP.
    Rid us of this Gauthier character.

  • vindogla

    My son has had 3 shoulder surguries, and the minimum healing time is not to be disregarded.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they held him out longer than what has been expected. Four months if I’m not mistaken.

    Of course, pro athletes come back quicker, yet sometimes to their own detriment.

  • typicaljs

    please dear god let him take more time than he needs. Let him come back at 110% even stronger than he came into the start of the season and like he never had a shoulder injury in his life.

    You know your just amazed at how well he can stickhandle at 80, 90 percent or whatever he’s at.

    Just like waiting for him to come out of college, let him take his sweet time. We’ll be waiting with open arms when he’s ready.

  • Josh

    i had th esame surgery…took me 6 months…however…jack johnson goes through physical therapy and conditioning daily whereas I did it 3 times a week so I don’t see why he should have any trouble when he comes back…I’m back to playing contact sports…he will be a fine addition!

  • Anze

    Please rid us of Gauthier.

  • Anonymous

    Take your time, JMFJ. We’re not gunning for the Stanley Cup this season. Two years from now, yes. But please don’t force it.

  • Anonymous

    I forgot about Johnson with Doughty in the lineup.

  • nykingfan

    I’m all for JJ taking all the time neccessary to heal 100%. Our defense is playing terrific right now and there’s no need for him to rush. When he’s ready, We’ll all welcome him back with open arms, but let the healing process run its course.
    Gauthier hasn’t been the best player I’ve seen on the blueline, but he’s a lot better than what’s been trolling around our blueline the last few years. With him being hurt, I have full confidence in Harrold to step in and do the job. Again, this is something we haven’t had in a long time…depth on defense.

  • Vicarious

    Gauthier plays hard and smart. He just lacks a crucial step (or maybe two) of speed necessary for today’s NHL. Why bash a guy for physical beats?

    If sheer effort could make people move faster, the world wld be a different place. I’m not saying Gauthier is an all-star, but I think all we can reasonably ask is for guys to try their best and it sure looks like Gauthier does that. Gives us some size at the back as well, something not to be discounted.

    Johnson likely will take Gaut’s place (easily)soon enough, but there is no sense to rushing things when serious injury is risked–as one of the others above explained from his son’s personal experience.

  • Anonymous

    By all means, take all the time that is necessary for JJ to heal 101%!!!!

    There is no reason to push it and incur risk.

    JJ should come only back at fully 100% and feeling great.

    Once he is back & in the groove, we will be awesome!!

    And that is worth waiting a little longer for.
    –Sergeir Prozacutov

  • Stick in the Mud

    So Jack misses two months of last season with a broken foot. Then misses three months of this season with a torn labrum. Is it too early to nickname him Mr. Glass?

  • Crash Davis

    Wonder if the Kings will have him do a short conditioning assignment with Ontario Reign? Maybe 2-3 games to shake the rust off? Not a bad idea when you think of it…as he will have been out 3-4 months by that point. And he doesn’t have to fly over to New Hampshire to suit up for Monarchs.

  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    Sorry, I would rather see Preissing and/or Harrold gone before Gauthier. I will cringe every time the Harrold/Preissing combo is on the ice tonight.

    Yes, he gave up the pass in the detriot game, but he’s physical, he’ll drop the gloves, he can clear the crease and he’s a solid pk’er as well. He’s 6-7 dman. No more no less. He gets the job done.

    As for JJ, he should take all the time he needs. No need to rush.

  • Anonymous


    “Wonder if the Kings will have him do a short conditioning assignment with Ontario Reign? Maybe 2-3 games to shake the rust off? Not a bad idea when you think of it…”

    Not a bad idea in the least. The Angels did it several times over the last few seasons having their players suit up in games in Rancho Cucamonga with their (way) Minor League affiliate. However, I doubt we’re gonna be that lucky.

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