Richardson update

Brad Richardson won’t play tonight, and didn’t even accompany the Kings to Denver. He suffered a freak injury in practice last week, when he apparently slashed himself with his own skate blade. Richardson suffered a cut near the top of his skate boot, and while the cut isn’t particularly deep or severe, it’s in a place that prevents him from skating with aggravating the stitches in his leg.

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    Quick quesions regarding training.

    Do you see players on the bike after games and practices? Is strength training still occurring during the season?
    Do you have any idea if the team watches game film together or as directed by coaching?
    Is Frolov the strongest in an all-around sense?

    Good Day, Sir.

  • Bruce

    Wow, it’s Craig Johnson revisited. I hope he has a speedy recovery because the Kings could use him in their lineup.

  • CW

    Rich – I don’t mind some ads for you or the paper to make some money, but this Sprint ad is going to drive me away.