• Winsomemore

    Happy New Year Rich!

    You are the best thing to happen to the Los Angeles Kings and their fans in a long time.

  • JDM

    Happy New Year Rich!

    Thanks for making ’08 that much better.

    And Happy New Year fellow BlogoKingfanatichockey freaks,

    Thanks for making the year lively with shared joys, smart debate, and hilarious and fun lambastings, outrages and pleasant unpleasantries. It’s all good in hockeyhood. Wow, that was bad.

    Here’s to 2009 being a great year, on and off the ice!

  • anthony

    Happy New Year Rich and to all my fellow Kings fans,
    Here’s to a successful 2009 season where the team finally makes the Playoffs.

    I’ll drink to that and I’ll drink to all my fellow fans.
    To show some love, I’ll drink to DL too.

  • Cynic

    Did you people hear what I just heard????

    John Tavares on the NHL Network: “My favorite players growing up were: Mario Lemieux, Mike Modano, and PATRICK O’SULLIVAN?!?!?!?!?!”


    Talk about something coming outta left field! I like seeing the next #1 pick lumping Sully with 2 guys like that!

    Now if Sully could just lob Tavares a phone call about how nice it is to play in LA……


  • john

    happy new year to rich, all the posters here, and the kings!

    been a .. great… year!

  • Moondoggie

    Happy New Year Rich and to all Los Angeles Kings fans and the family of friends on this blog…You are da best!

  • Anonymous

    cynic I heard the same thing and was somewhat suprised how Patty O got thrown in there.

  • Decker

    Happy New Year to Rich and all the kings fans out there. Be safe & have fun out there.

  • KIngRU

    Happy New Year Rich and everyone out there!

    2008 had some awesome Kings coverage thanks to Rich and I look forward to 2009 and so on because we all know the Kings are on the right track! Thanks Rich and Kings fans for making this that much more fun!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR..

    ps. this is the last year we can wear those 200? glasses….sucks! lol

  • Bob Bobson

    Happy New Years to you all ! Thanks for giving a long-suffering Kings fan people to commiserate with and especially to Rich for coverage I never dreamed possible for hockey in LA !

  • Marty

    Tavares watched Sully many a night playing in the OHL juniors.Sully has also worked with him in the summers since he was 12 years old. Sam Gagner in Edmonton used to say the same thing when he played in London,and in fact wore the same # as Sully.Sully is highly skilled and helps them all out with advice and practice.

  • Quattro

    Happy New Year, Rich and Kings fans everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I don’t know what to say, I ve been away for 2 days and it’s taken me 2 hours to catch up with all the threads. what to say.

    first. Happy new years, it’s 12:17 and why am I here??? You guys rock. good and bad>

    So many responces> First
    EAT: Please. you putting down Americans as if they are not hockey fans is ??? Don’t know how to say it. Look I’m an american. My dad was part of the Seals organization, I’ved been involved with hockey my whole life. i know hockey from the player side (I played) and from the front office side ( had no choice) but your ranting as if you are the athority is killing me. Do you know for a fact that JLB had no choice where he went? do you know for a fact that the kings did not discuss this with him? these are things that teams do when dealing with players like JLB. You can throw the bomb in the fire to get us fans all fired up for responces that you can bag on but PLEASE, you are just looking like an ??? I dare to say it because I love what Rich has built here>

    I was one of the few last year that praised JLB and said he was our future. I love the guy. BUT… this is just business and I wish him all the success he deserves, trades happen and to say we were disrespectful is??? well… again I hold my toung. Sorry spelling is crappy. been bringing in the new year.

    As for the Kings, over the last few weeks everybody has been asking for this. it happened. It really is a win win. good for JLB he has a chance to proove himself.

    What we do over the next few months may not be popular but it’s part of our plan. everybody has there opinions and I respect that, but do not bash anybody because of their opinion. that’s what this site is all about.

    JLB’s gone, Boyle is up, moller is hurt. EE is #1, are you kidding me. I gave up my seats this year and Im kicking myself now. I have never been more excited about Kings Hockey as I am now. Like I’ve been saying. I like the roller Coaster…

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year Every one!

    Latest 2009 news will be Gaborik to LA for a long term…….


  • Arron

    Happy New Year Rich and Jill. Thanks so much for all you do for us Kings fans!

    Happy New Year to my fellow Kings fans. Cheers to a joyful and prosperous 2009!

  • Happy New Year Rich and everyone.

  • Rob


    This link has an article from TSN about Thomas Hickey; his history – why he is under rated. Gives Kings Fans something to read on a day when all there is on TV is some Detroit vs. Chicago game.

  • Arron

    So I have been doing some thinking. If we finish well and get a draft position of somewhere from 8th – 16th, what would you think of sending two of our prospects, Martinez, Hickey, Teubert or Voynov, maybe a player on our roster, and a swap of draft positions for 1st pick overall and Jonathon Taveres?


  • Duckhunter

    Rich and Jill, Happy New Year and continued success on you’re coverage of our beloved Kings and in your profession.

    To all my “call name” buddies and posters Happy New Year, for good times is on its way.

  • Big A

    @ Aaron –
    Pretty sure that Tavares would cost a fair bit more than just a couple of prospects, “maybe a player’ and a swapped draft pick. He has been anointed as the next great one for several years now and is going to be a box office draw for whatever team drafts him.

    I’d love to see him here, but it’s very unlikely given his play this year.

  • Matt George

    Hey gang

    I just wanted to chime in and say Happy New Year to all you as well.

    Fortunately for me I only shared ONE bottle of champagne last night so the hangover is minimal.

    RE: Tavares … i think it’s WAY too early for us to be going anywhere near that possibility…too much hockey left and I personally don’t wanna go through the same drama with the draft that I did last year ….

    man was I pissed when tampa got the no 1 …

  • Deano Lombardo


  • Quisp

    Eat, Craig Conroy turned into Dwight King and another pick (2nd round 2008) which got subsumed into some other deal I can’t remember.

    Norstrom turned into Oscar Moller, Bryan Cameron and Geordie Wudrick and a first rounder in ’08 which, later, along with…

    …Cammy…turned into Colten Teubert.

    Sopel turned into Wayne Simmonds and a 4th rounder in ’08 that got folded into another deal I lost track of.

    Tukonen turned into Clune.

    Stuart turned into Brad Richardson and an upcoming 4th in 2009.

    Avery turned into Marc-Andre Cliche, Josh Turnbull and Andrew Campbell.

    Garon, Corvo and Miller left via free agency, so we got nothing for them.

    You left off Demitra, who turned into Patrick O’Sullivan and Trevor Lewis.

    I would say that O’Sullivan, Moller, Simmonds, Lewis and Teubert are likely to be an important part of the core of this team for years to come. Cliche, if he’s ever not hurt, could actually make this team next year. Same with Clune. Wudrick, Campbell, Cameron, farther off in development, but hey Cameron is only a couple of points behind that Tavares guy who some people think doesn’t suck.

    [this is a double post from another thread, which got lost in the shuffle of WJC madness…]

  • Arron

    Big A,

    Do you think that Taveres would cost that much more? I would think that a team that finishes last would really need defense? Also would it not be scary if Tampa Bay got Taveres, especially after the article in The Hockey News that said “Hey LA stay bad”



    I saw this post earlier, but it seems we’ve only gotten prospects from most of our trades of NHL talent. I’m more encouraged by seeing Purcell and Lewis, but it still seems like we’ve given away, or up, on a lot of guys in the NHL right now while we’re struggling to find NHLers to replace them.
    I think letting Garon and Corvo walk away is bad business.
    Those guys have value and Corvo was traded for Commodore if I’m not mistaken.
    Brad Richardson looks like a waste of our time because he gets little chance to even fit in with the team.
    Cliche was acquired how long ago?
    I’ve never seen him play yet.
    Clune may never play in the NHL even if he’s not hurt, but I haven’t seen him either so I may be way off on that.
    If Sopel became Simmonds it’s a good deal, I can live with 2nd rounders sometimes.
    The Cammy trade has yet to prove successful and will probably always be difficult to define.
    Should we have gone for Tyler Myers anyway? I thought he was WAY better than Teubert last night, but I realize Teubert is still growing and learning.
    There’s a lot to be decided still, but you’ve encouraged me with some of this pointed out.
    Thanks for outlining it, by the way.
    I agree that it seems like Lombardi is building a pretty solid core of good young players, but I also temper that with the realization that we’ve only got so many spots open. Before too long Lombardi will have to prove that he’s good at dealing with other GM’s. I don’t know his reputation around the league and whether he is considered “one of the boys.” It seems there is an OBN (old boys network) that newbie’s must be able to work around.
    I’ve become a partial believer in Lombardi, I’m just waiting to see if he’s just been lucky lately with some of his acquisitions, or whether he’ll continue to build this team into something significant.
    Don’t forget, there may be a part of Lombardi that would like to work with a more “hockey-interested” owner who will give him freer reign instead of tightening the purse strings and instituting internal caps.
    Hopefully, Lombardi can have success quietly, because if he makes a lot of waves, other teams will come lure him away before he gets LA where they want to go (or where we want them to go).




    Would you do it if Doughty was part of the trade going from LA?
    If the Islanders would take Doughty and Frolov and swap 1sts, I think it may work, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.
    Tavares would make AEG a ton of money, but would the team be better for it?
    I guess it’s always great to have a bonafide game changer, but I don’t know if Tavares really is yet.
    Sure he’s knocked in some very Robataille-goals from the side of the net, but I don’t think he controlled last night’s game.
    I guess the scouts will know a lot more about him than I do, however.
    It’s a shame we’re only now getting to see these youth tournaments and that we don’t get ANY canadian jr. access.
    I’d like to see college hockey become a better source for elite level hockey.
    The NCAA is like a bunch of slave-traders, however, and they’re not going to let the golden goose of college sports slip from their grasp without a fight.
    It would be nice if USAHockey did and end around and took the non-NHL game back by building up a great american jr. system.
    But if it’s not NFL or NBA related in this country, nobody cares.
    In the US, for the most part, we have to be able to say we’re the best at it, even if we’re the only ones that play it.

  • Quisp




    Of the people we gave up, you’ve got one guy in his prime, two guys past their primes, one utterly self-destructive poisonous guy, three iffy defensemen, one retiree, a decent goalie and a first round bust.

    What we got in return was 16 picks or prospects. None of them are anywhere near their prime. We can of course discuss the potential and quality of each guy. But there are entire websites for that, and we’ve done it before anyway. So let’s just focus on this:

    Five years from now, very few of the players we gave up will still be in the league, and most of the players we acquired will be. I happen to think a handful of them will be franchise players. But what’s far more certain is that many of them (say 8 or 9 of them) are very, very likely to make it to the NHL and have careers. That’s what rebuilding is about.

    And my two cents is that Teubert is defensively much more sound than Tyler Myers, a much better passer, and a better checker; though obviously they are both blue-chip prospects and only time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    I can agree that some of these prospects may become great players, but I’ve never seen many of them and don’t know.
    You leave out Labs, Modry, and totally discount Tukonen as a bust but he’s not as old as Purcell or Moulson, or even Boyle.
    You also leave out Belanger and Gleason, which may better support your claims.
    If Quick had been dropped he would very likely never have gotten a shot in the NHL. So we can’t leave out all the prospects and his own draft picks that have already NOT worked, like Joey Ryan.
    Plus, we let Kanko rot in Manchester, and Harrold may never have gotten the opportunity if Preissing weren’t disappointing. (although I think I’m losing the plot on this one now).

    Let me just say I’m behind Lombardi now, even though it may not seem like it sometimes.

    I disagree (based solely on last night) about Myers/Teubert. Actually, when I consider we could have just drafted Myers and KEPT Cammy or traded him this year, Teubert actually looks like a bad trade. I though Myers was dominant and a much better passer. Plus, he made some anticipatory plays that I don’t know if Teubert has the capacity to make. To me, Myers is very much like a Bouwmeester. I realize Teubert will not look anything like the finished product right now, however.
    And I’m basing this on one game, primarily.


  • JDM

    Myers has surprisingly great wheels for such a huge guy. He sure doesn’t really play his size, though he is no wuss. Having just seen these two guys for 3 games now (I didn’t bother watching the 15-0 Khazakstan massacre), I must say Myers has stood out more.

    Tube Steak has lost his coverage several times and seems to be watching the play a little too much. I also know hoever that per his style, you aren’t going to notice all the little things he does until you see him play for a while. I can tell Tube Steak is a smart player, and a nasty one. However, with all these young guys flying around, and me only starting to identify the players by their numbers, I have been paying much more attention to Eberle, Subban, Ellis, Tavares and Hogdson on Canada… and Cormier (sp?) and Delroverasshole or whatever his name is, but you can’t help but notice big stains on otherwise nice, clean clothes.

    I have hope for Teubert, but my starry eyes were dashed a little by his uninspiring play so far. But again, he could also be getting lost in the shuffle. I know he isn’t there to score, which makes getting +’s harder for him, but I really want to see more jump in his step now that the medal rounds are starting.

    Hickey on the other hand, that is one hell of a smart defenseman. Not sure I see huge offensive upside, but he’s like Doughty, just a guy who hustles his ass off and makes smart plays 90% of the time. He’s got a lot of heart, that’s for sure, and he’s pretty keen on keeping the puck in the zone during the PP. I’ve heard about his passing, and I think that’s what stands out the most about Hickey, is that his first breakout passes are incredibly slick and constant.


    I posted something in response Quisp, but think it was while logged out, so it won’t show up til tomorrow.
    But I have to say I agree with JDM on Myers.
    I think he’s been one of he best defensemen, and we could have gotten him without trading Cammy.
    Myers has been the better passer and defender, and I said this in the other post, but he reminds me of Bouwmeester.
    Teubert may turn into that nasty Pronger-type who is ultimately a better fit in LA, but I’m wondering if Myers would be here NOW if we’d taken him.
    Too few times I’ve watched them both play, though.
    I also have to say that I’ve not been highly impressed with Hickey, but again, very few looks I’ve had and on this team he may not be required to do as much, as Canada is deep on defense.
    I really wish we’d have drafted Tangredi, Hoeffel, Shattenkirk, Fairchild, or McDonagh, though…
    I like the upside of those players from what I’ve seen.

  • Quisp

    We could NOT have gotten Myers without trading Cammalleri. The Cammalleri trade got us to 12 from 17/28. We then traded DOWN to take Teubert, but that was a separate trade from the Cammalleri trade.

    Neither Myers or Teubert are playing in the NHL now, nor would Myers be if LA had picked him. He’s not ready.

    They’re both elite prospects. But I think it’s kind of, well, nuts, to judge either of them based on one game that had virtually no defense in it (not to mention the previous games which required none at all). At least wait till the medal games have been played.

    As far as Hickey: well, everyone knows DL wanted to trade down to take Hickey later but could find no takers, so he took him anyway. Hickey was ranked ahead of everyone you mentioned. You think Anaheim is happy they took Tangredi instead of Moller? How about New Jersey taking Hoeffel instead of Simmonds? And as for Fairchild, I’m going to assume since you like him more than Hickey, you also like him more than Moller, Simmonds, Cameron and Martinez, all of whom we picked before Fairchild was selected in the fourth round.

  • rjc76

    Happy New Year Rich, Jill, and all my fellow Kings Fans!

  • JDM

    Well, we actually still would have had to trade Cammy to draft Myers. We actually traded Cammy for the pick that we then swapped with Buffalo who was one back. They used the original pick we got from Calgary on Myers if I’m not mistaken.

    I’ve been most impressed with PK Subban by far. Maybe its just all the flash in his game, but he is a threat every time he’s on the ice.

    McDonagh hasn’t done too much to impress me honestly. Tangredi has been solid, Hoeffel is ok, Shattenkirk has one hell of a shot and Fairchild is a smart player, but Blum is the cream of the crop for USA’s D. He is extremely impressive, a smart passer.

    I don’t think Myers would be here now if we had drafted him. His game is very rough, but he definately has talent, and I think if he were here he’d get the Boyle treatment in the sense that he doesn’t really play 6’7″ or whatever he is, he certainly doesn’t really look 6’7″ out there. And for some perspective on Hickey, he was neck and neck with Doughty in training camp and was the last player cut if I’m not mistaken. When I saw them paired together at Frozen Fury this year, I was actually more impressed with Hickey than I was Doughty. Doughty had more flash, but Hickey was more defensively responsible.

    I really can’t wait to see Voinov play. Everything I’ve heard has been extremely positive.

  • Steven

    Happy new Year LoLBarbera!


  • Cynic


    Thanks for the explanation. I had no idea. Pretty cool. He was a pro before he was a pro.

  • dmh012

    In regards to Lombardi being an elite guy as GM. If I am not mistaken the only reason the Sharks are any good is because he stole Thornton away from Boston. To me that is the deal of this decade. It took Boston some time to recover from it and they are doing well now. The Sharks have been a west power house from the day they got Thornton. I trust Dean and I think he has done a wonderful job. He has a tough road ahead though, deciding which prospects are great NHL’ers and which will not be worth the invested long term future.

    GO KINGS!!!

  • neil

    Labs only gives up one goal and gets a win tonight…..Cant wait to hear all the comments!!!!!!



    I DID say that I haven’t seen enough to judge these guys and there still not fully formed anyway. How did you miss that?
    I disagree that Myers, if drafted by us, would not make it. I guess we can’t say for sure, but he looked ready to me. Again, just basing that on last night.
    Maybe I’m wrong that we couldn’t have gotten there without trading Cammy, but maybe I’m not. We’ll never know what may have been possible that day.
    Funny to bring up that nobody would trade with DL in the Hickey case. Especially the way he just helped out Vancouver.
    The other players about which I said it’s a shame we don’t have were never meant to be INSTEAD OF dreams. I just like those players and wish they were ours.
    Last night I was more impressed by Fairchild, Shat, McDonagh than either Hickey/Teubert, but I acknowledged that it was only one game.
    I actually thought Blum had a horrible game and couldn’t do the basics well.
    The USA will need him to play much better to move through the medal rounds.

    I can’t even tell if you watched the game. Did you?
    There was plenty of defense played in the game.
    The entire 3rd period tilted because Canada’s team D was able to stall the US long enough. Of course the USA D was victimized by team fatigue, but still held Canada at bay until the empties.
    We’ll see how the rest works out but in my opinion the USA was the stronger team last night. They were simply taken off their game by what was going on. If Della Rovere had been ejected from the game like he should have been at 3-2 USA, along with a 5 minute major, the Canadians would have been toast.



    I’m sure you’ll get flooded with comments, but since I’m the first one, Lombardi wasn’t in San Jose when they got Thornton. People try to credit him with drafting San Jose’s goalies as well, but not so. He was there as Asst. GM when the Sharks drafted, Kipper, Nabokov, and Toskala.
    He’s also often credited with the Sharks current success, which is debatable, but not a real solid argument other than in regards to Cheechoo and Marleau, although Marleau, like Doughty, was pretty much due to finishing bad enough to get the No. 2 pick that year.

    Labs gives up 1 in a victory. Looks like their GM knows how to find a bargain. Maybe we can draft a goallie with our 7th rounder that will eventually, after years of investment, win an NHL game, but I doubt it.

  • jet

    Eat – Are you saying that we should have taken Myers instead of Doughty and kept Cammalleri? I tend to believe Doughty is a once in a lifetime kind of player. He is an 18 year old who leads his team in ice time most nights. He is one of the few players in the league who can consistently take the puck goal line to goal line. He makes his share of mistakes, but he is often matched up against the top forwards in the league.
    I also would never put him in a deal to get Tavares, not even straight up, let alone with Fro and a number 5 or 6 overall in a deep draft.
    You may be underestimating Doughtys value.

    Thanks to Rich, Jill and to everyone who posts here for making it fun to be a Kings fan again. A special thanks to Quisp for making a 5-0 loss sound like we are driving a Ferrari and just missed a shift.

    Here is hoping 2009 will bring:

    A quick recovery for Moeller
    A full recovery EE
    A timely recovery for Richardson
    A patient recovery for JJ
    TMs continued commitment to the rookies even if we fall in the standings
    DLs commitment to patience, good scouting and another big haul in June
    We can finally see a light that will last more than a season or two. Thank you

  • -J

    dmh012- hate to throw a wrench in your assessment of Lombardi, but he didn’t make that trade for thornton- he was out of san jose a few years before that trade went down.

    Happy New Years everybody!

    One thing I’m looking forward to this year is hearing this: With the 2nd pick, the Kings organization is pleased to select John Tavares from the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League. (BTW- Hedman goes first overall to Tampa or Atlanta and the Kings trade/win the lottery to get up to 2nd)


    Maybe we can get Tavares, and Ribiero, then they can celebrate goals in tandem: One puts his finger to his lips to hush the crowd, one goes to the opposition and cups his ear waiting to hear the silence.

    That’s golden.

  • Scott

    Kings fan in Nashville, here. Went to the Preds, Canucks game. Good for Labs, but don’t look too much into it. Vancouver played strong defense. They were bigger and more physical, and Nashville had more quantity than quality of shots. Labs gave up his usual fat rebounds, and the puck almost trickled into the net that he somehow saved at the last second. The Preds just didn’t take advantage.

    Gotta remember that Labs is capable of playing a strong game, but it’s always that easy shot that he lets in that’s his Achilles heel and what lets his team down… Well, also, if the game goes to a shootout, may as well write it up as a Loss before the first shot. His lateral movement is the same as if he were moving through mud.

    I like the guy, but I’m glad he can’t hurt the Kings anymore. Good luck staying in the league and becoming Luongo’s backup, Jason.

  • Quisp

    Yes, I watched the game. It was a good game I thought. Fun. Lots of nerves on both sides. At one point there were 9 goals on a total of 30 shots, so that’s what I’m referring to about no defense. It was a little wild and crazy. It will only get more intense when the chips are down. And then I think (hope) you will see why Quinn has Teubert and Hickey as their number one defensive pair. Myers is, if such a thing is possible for someone ranked so high, still a bit of a project. That’s okay. I am willing to bet he will have a long career in the NHL.

    I would just add to the mix the following thought: the reason that character assessment is a big part of scouting is not because NHL want good people on their rosters. It’s because when you are promoted to the highest level of competition on the planet, nearly everyone has elite skills, and what separates the so-called men from the boys is, to revert to the cliches, “mental toughness,” “hockey sense,” “leadership,” “courage.” One of the things I like about DL is that he appears to be much less flexible across the board, with prospects and veterans alike, about what kind of bullshit he will tolerate. I cite his comment about “people who want to come here to live at the beach,” his willingness to let Blake and Cammalleri go (though I’m not really up to debating those points again — that’s why Rich has archives!), and most persuasively, picking Hickey at #4. Hickey is the embodiment of the aforementioned cliches, the things you can’t teach. In five years, he will still have those qualities, but he will also be a grown-up.

    I assume that DL made the same assessment about Teubert. He saw who he wanted and he went for it. He could have had Tyler Myers. He didn’t want Tyler Myers. I personally have nothing against Myers. Like I said, I assume he will be a name we hear for the next decade and then some. But I’m willing to trust that DL used the same rubric he used to pick Hickey (Moller, Simmonds…) to pick Teubert. I also assume that Pat Quinn put Hickey and Teubert together as his #1 for a reason, and NOT because they will both play someday for the LA Kings. Pat Quinn wants to win gold. Also, maybe apropos of nothing, he was a mean sonofabitch. If you haven’t seen his check on Bobby Orr, youtube it.

    Anyway, I notice you have stopped signing off with your signature.

    Congrats to JLB on his win. I watched most of the game. I was worried for him when there were only five shots against in the first period. He was very good.

  • Anonymous

    Can I please ask…what the Heck is going on with the playmate double D -Playboy girls and Luc Robitaille? WHAT???

    Isn’t this a family game. What are you thinking. I am NOT…I REPEAT ‘NOT’ bringing my children to the tailgate party now…we as parents should all be very angry about this.

  • Matt George

    Anon .. i don’t know what you’re referring to but my imagination fills in nicely



    By the way … I don’t have kids yet but every time I go to a game and they drop the gloves, I wonder just how “family friendly” this sport is anyway

    Luc please be advised that unless you throw a Playboy Party for the Inside The Kings faithful, we will be forced to exact upon you a wine lecture from Foxy!

    CMON Luc … throw us a breastbone!

  • Matt George

    And did I just read your post right?

    ” I am NOT…I REPEAT ‘NOT’ bringing my children to the tailgate party now.”

    So the drunken swearing is not enough? How family friendly is that?

  • wavesinair

    Classic. It’s ok to bring your children to the very tough and often violent game of ice hockey, but if they see a beautiful, sexy woman…OMG! Alert! Sex! Help! Stop these people! Terrible influence! We’ll be scared forever! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Not to mention the fact that it’s at a tailgate party and not even the game game itself, which by the way, displays on the ice extremely HOT babes dressed in practically nothing every commercial break. Gotta love the ice girls! Of course, a vocal few will probably try to put a stop to that as well.

    This fear-of-sex attitude is one of the most hypocritical, pervasive and destructive mindsets that exists today in this country as evidenced by the repeated busts of the very same people that proclaim a higher morality.

    Go tailgate party. Go Kings. Go Luc!

    Lighten up and enjoy life. Really, it’s ok.

  • Rich Hammond

    Let’s try to keep this above seventh-grade level. Give it a shot.

  • KingzzFan

    Wow, been out of the loop for a few days and all I can say is wow… The Greatest Fans ever.

    Happy new Year Rich

    EAT: I don’t think Doughty will ever be on the Block for trade, this kid is exactly what DL is looking for. a King thru and thru. Now I can see Fro, Hickey and our first, but it may take a bit more like a 2nd or a young player/prospect like Simmonds, Moller or Boyle to get that first over all pick, but we certainly have the tools available to possibly make it happen.

    Either way, this is all starting to get really exciting.

    Happy New Year to you all

  • Matt George



    movin on

  • JDM

    Sorry Rich, I have to weigh in on this, so I’ll keep it quick and mature.

    Hockey is simply not your typical family game. Sure, it can be enjoyed by all ages and I don’t think there is anything in hockey to sheild your children from, so long as there is an adult around to explain that its all just a game and that kind of violence isn’t acceptable in the outside world.

    That said, I totally am on board with waves and Matt. In regards to hockey, I will never understand why people are ok with their children watching fist fights and bone rattling hits on the ice, but cursing and some woman skin are too much and unnacceptable. If you are going to have principles, please be consistent and truly sit down and prioritize what is truly harmful to a child or a person.

    This problem goes far beyond hockey in this country, as waves mentioned and its utterly ridiculous in my view, but its also not really about hockey, so with respect to Rich I’ll say no more.

    Going back to Kings stuff, has anyone been to these tailgate parties? Is there on tomorrow? I’ve never been and have wondered if its worth it to head out to Staples earlier. Any insight from someone who has been to one?

  • Matt George

    Okay. Um.

    Anon. I understand your concern and find it intriguing. The fact that violence is so persuasive in our sport (on a practically daily basis) and most fans find it acceptable to bring children to sets an interesting standard.

    I don’t personally care for the “ice girls” as I find them as a tool for the management to pander to what they perceive as their “base” audience. It feels cheap, so like I said, I understand your concern. However to not say anything about them and then suddenly have a problem with Luc standing with some women (again as I said I didnt see it so I really dont know what it looked like) comes across as slightly dishonest and hypocritical.

    Just wondering how you made the leap.

    Old enough for you Rich?


    I think some of you would do well to rent a movie called “Green Street Hooligans.”

    It’s cheesy as all hell (imagine Elijah Wood trying to act tough) but shows what “supporters” are like outside of the USA. I’m not saying we should be like that, but it’s not middle school anymore. Sports is a business, but if you’ve ever been to see boxing live, you’ll understand that this is a professional sport for MEN.

  • JDM

    hmm… another random sign out. EAT, my ‘anonymous’ comment on that movie will appear at some time or another.



    Where is that thing mentioned above?

  • JDM

    Hm… no idea. Basically I just said that I enjoyed the movie, and see how it illustrates your point about passion in fandom, but not so sure it is the most positive endorsement of the point.

    Also, Elija Wood is hilarious getting in brawls.


    Isn’t he?
    My point was that sports have been built by MEN playing and watching the game. It’s not supposed to be PG. Pro-sports have changed a lot in the past 20 years and the organizations that are now running them are interested in profits. But that doesn’t mean we have to make it PG. Nor, however, do we need T&A to sell the game. I’m pretty sure guys have been playing games for centuries because they want some time away from the house.
    It is ironic, though, that AEG is run by a bible-thumper but he’s using sex to sell his product.
    Good Times.

  • JDM

    Irony often makes the world tolerable.
    I agree though, sports don’t need to be PG and in most cases shouldn’t be.

    You can only sell a product properly if you embrace its strengths.

    Hockey itself is not a family sport, but it can be when peoples children play it and drive their children to and from the rink every day.

    I know this is a different argument, but it made me think that the best way to make hockey more popular here has little to nothing to do with anything to Kings do, but rather the existance (or lack thereof) of midget and pee-wee leagues and better ice rinks.

    Bring a kid to the ice rink a few times and he/she is going to drop some bucks to watch professional games later on in life.

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