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Here’s how the Jason LaBarbera trade story played up in Vancouver… With the Canucks facing back-to-back games Thursday and Friday, LaBarbera will get a start soon.

“I’m ecstatic,” LaBarbera told the Vancouver Sun. “It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, being from the Lower Mainland. It’s huge for me. It’s going to be a lot different than playing in L.A., that’s for sure.”

LaBarbera thrilled to join Canucks

B.C.’s very own comes home

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  • Nick

    Sounds like he really feels insulted…

    Good luck Labs.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy,he’s happy, we’re happy …its a win win situation..but 7th round pick??thats the best we could get??? wow! good luck labs, at least your name wasnt dan cloutier

  • Harry

    Will you boo JLB if he is in net and the kings are hosting the canucks?

  • anjae11eden

    Well he’s very right, it WILL be a lot different playing
    in Vancouver.
    For starters, his inconsistency and sub-NHL level goaltending will be the talk of the town and be scrutinized by the Canadian media.
    No longer will he be able to let in 3 goals on 9 shots and not take any heat the way he has living in the Hockey obscurity of LA.
    But I’m happy with the trade and I’m glad he’s happy. I won’t miss holding the opponent to only 3,4, or 5 shots in a period only to end the period tied or behind. That had to frustration and demoralizing to the rest of the team.

  • Anonymous

    Booing him?? Why? Gees, he’s not an a-hole like Blake was

  • Danny

    What is he supposed to say..”um,I wish I could be on the bench in LA some more, those were some great seats”. I’m sure everyone feels insulted when they are traded, especially in the situation he was in. He really is better off this way. It was his last year here anyway and now other teams can see him play some games with a team that has a legit playoff run chance. I’m sure he is over it already unlike us.

  • Pat McGroyn

    I certainly won’t boo Barbie when he comes back to Staples. Unlike Inspector Cloutier, Barbie worked his ass off to be the Kings #1 goalie, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m happy that the Kings are going forward with Quick and Ersberg, but I wish Barbie all the best while playing for his hometown Canucks.

  • Rob

    For Jason’s sake, I hope the change of scenery does him some good. Going home may be just what he needs

  • BRS

    Jason LaBarbera was probably the nicest person on the Kings. I talked to him last year at Tip-A-King. He was admiring the view he had up on the hill there. He told me he live in Manhattan Beach – not on the beach though, but inland. He asked questions to my son & was an all around nice & caring guy. This year during pre-season practices, he came off the ice after their grueling skate around, with all his goalie gear on & sweating & stopped for everyones autographs & spoke & took pictures with everybody. He asked “Anybody Else?” before he lumbered off in all that gear. And again, just this past Sunday after practice, while the other players also sign autographs, it’s always Justin who asks the fans how their day was or how they are doing.And these are just my stories. I have heard many others. What a class guy. We all know he’s not one of the best goalies, but he is one of the best people. Thanks Justin.

  • Danny

    I agree. Nice story. He was by far my favorite on the team because of who he was. I was one of his biggest supporters, but this just wasn’t the place from him I guess. I know with his attitude he will be fine whatever happens and where his career takes him. Hope nothing but the best from him.

  • Me

    You mean Jason, right BRS? You got it right half the time.

    But yea, I agree with you. He’s a classy, nice guy. I wish him well.

  • Anonymous

    The Nucks put Sanford on IR with a groin pull, so JLB will get an immediate opportunity.

  • Harry

    and his chick just got him a new customized metallica helmet matching the Kings colors…

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is I’m bummed they don’t play the Canucks til March.

  • Buck

    Everyone seems to be happy! Win-Win is right. Good luck to Jason. At least he got to meet Metallica before he was moved…

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a big Labs fan, but he wasn’t the only weak spot on the team. This team has some of the best young talent in the NHL IMO, but they are not running on all cylinders yet. I don’t know if it’s the line combinations or chemistry or what. I do know that when you’ve got guys like Brown, Kopi, Sully, Fro, Doughty, Etc., there has got to be more scoring to support the goalie on those off nights. Now, Labs had some good games this year and saved this teams ass a couple of times, but the offense didn’t hold up its end of the deal. Brownie is second in the league in shots so far this year and many of those shots are on goal but very few of those that result in rebounds are even touched by the other two forwards on the ice. My question is why? The same goes for Sully and Kopi. What the hell does it take to crash the net or stop at the net instead of just skating by and take some swipes at the loose puck? Make the frigging goalie do some scrambling or make the defense do something that results in a penalty. There are teams out there such as the Redwings that almost score goals at will. Is it because they are far superior to the Kings? I don’t think so, I just think they are taught how to play the slot and crease areas better. IMO opinion, this team will become more successful when they become a stronger presence around the net.

  • wavesinair

    “It’s going to be a lot different than playing in L.A., that’s for sure.”

    Nice little swipe on the way out! Sounds like Labs will have much more to say about his stay here (and not all of it will be pretty). Can’t wait! I’d like to see some passion from the guy…even if it’s from vancouver.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rich,

    Now that Antonio is gone, who is your favorite King to interview now?

  • Duckhunter

    Anonymous at 10:07, agreed. I posted this on another thread, but wanted to put it here also to go with your point.

    I’m going to change things up a bit and run with JDM’s last sentence of one of his post in which he says “Here’s to one issue being acceptable. Now about that offense…”

    Here’s a little breakdown of our top guys

    Kopitar Goals 10 = 93rd Assists 19 = 48th Points 29 = 55th
    -empty nets G 8 = 140th A 19 = 48th P 27 = 69th

    Brown Goals 13 = 49th Assists 13 = 134th Points 26 = 78th

    POS Goals 9 = 119th Assists 14 = 113th Points 23 = 119th

    Frolov Goals 16 = 23rd Assists 9 = 221st Points 25 = 90th

    Holy smokes, I knew we weren’t doing so hot but look at these numbers. Do we need a top tier player or do our top guys need to MAN UP and start producing. We have one guy that’s in the TOP 70. I don’t know guys, I expect a lot more out of our boys.

  • wavesinair

    Anonymous (sign in buddy!) ultimately youre right, we do need a stronger presence around the net. But I think you answered your own question as to why this isnt happening nowbecause theyre not running on all cylinders yet. Meaning this: our current defense first system = offensive difficulties. So in time, as the team defense settles and gels, then we will see more balance on the scoring side of things. I see you just posted duckhunter. So wouldnt you both agree? Lets not forget the system from last year. Our D was crap. Id much rather have this system than that one, even if it means some more growing pains. Our games with the jackets really shine a light on this. Its no wonder that the team who scored first won all the games.

  • tantrum4

    Danny said: What is he supposed to say..”um,I wish I could be on the bench in LA some more, those were some great seats”.

    What do you think he’s going to be doing in Vancouver once Luongo gets back?? He won’t even see the ice more than 2 or 3 times the rest of the season. Trust me, he doesn’t feel insulted, and if he does, who cares? It’s not like the Kings owe this guy anything…did you not think Doughty felt insulted by him when he let in the overtime goal against the Rangers and he looked at Doughty like it was his fault??..glad to see beachball #2 gone, and hope he’s in net the next time we play Vancouver, at least we know it’s a guaranteed 2 points.

  • mrk

    Someone had compared this team to the Red Wings. I have to say, I believe our skaters are skilled enough. They just can’t find ways to win. We’ve had great comebacks but we can’t seem to get anything going when bounces aren’t going our way. That really is the difference between a Datsyuk and a Kopitar. Our teams are much too young and inexperienced to “find ways to win”. This is probably when you can argue that we need a top scoring vet to get this team going.

    In any case, I’m sure that having some playoff experience will do nothing but improve our players attitude towards winning. However, I don’t think we’ll make it to the playoff this year let alone get THE cup and I’m not too upset about it. Give it 2 more years guys. I believe we’ll eventually get there.

  • Beavis

    Funny how nobody said what a “nice guy” JLB was last week when he was getting ripped apart. I could care less how nice a player is as long as they don’t act like Avery and piss off their team mates and management. JLB had more than his fair share of opportunities here and he blew it, especially in the SO, so bye-bye Jason I hope you rot in BC (bench, press box or at home)the LA Kings just improved two-fold now that you’re gone.
    To every else…Happy New Year!

  • Duckhunter

    Wavesinair, yes I like TM’s system a hell of a lot more than Crawfish’s. I agree, they had to learn how to play defense and also agree that hurts the offense a bit. It is now close to the half way mark and I’m going to expect the boys to take their offense to another level. I’m not expecting miracles, but I do believe they are better than they are showing.

  • Danny

    Yes he’ll be on the bench with a top goalie like Luongo, but not now. Doesn’t sound like they have a lot of confidence in Sanford (who has also injured his groin) and who know how long Roberto will be out for. When he comes back, I doubt they will run into the ground right away either and play him for a month straight again. Labs may get 2-3 games by next the week, and who knows how many more after depending on what he gives them in net. It a good situation for him and for us.
    As far as looking at Doughty after an overtime goal insulting him, that’s pretty far fetched. I’m sure he was ticked that the goal went in but these pros don’t point fingers at every little thing that goes wrong blaming each other. That can’t make for a good locker room and these guys know it, beside that pros are typically hardest on themselves. Doughty saves these goalies butts WAY more than he hurts them and they know it and no doubt appreciate it.

  • i think a decent backup goalie got traded and we should just move on.

    – Jason is going to obviously say he’s thrilled b/c he’s going home and he may have a better chance of getting more starts until Luongo is back
    – The Kings “only” got a 7th round pick b/c he is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. There’s not a lot of bargaining that can be had
    – At least he’s going to a decent team.

    I think the King’s organization has a lot of good goalies in the system and ultimately this gives everyone a chance to get more minutes as opposed to living game-by-game. That’s why I actually applauded TM for giving JLB 10 games straight. A goalie who is constantly forced to look over their shoulder is going to try not to lose as opposed to trying to win. It applies in hockey…it applies in normal jobs too.

  • crash

    Good luck Jason. You had some really amazing games. Then some not so amazing. Not all of it can be blamed on you when a team is in complete rebuild mode. Good luck with the Canucks.

  • Al

    Okay, the Jason Labarbra era is over and now we can move on to other pressing items… like why is our top line of last season Brownie, Sully and Kopitar not even close this season. It seems that when Sully, someone else and Brownie play on the same line they’re ok or when Sully, Kopitar and someone else play on the same line, they’re ok. What is the one thread that runs through the three of them that wasn’t there last season???? Two of the three had been touted for it and the other probably could have cared less. The three together are not scoring like last season, but only one seems lack luster, while the other two are in fact busting their butts no matter who they play with. There’s body language going on out there. Oh, the one thread, some will scoff at this, but think about it and what you are seeing……… The Captaincy.

  • Anonymous

    Al, I have to say there is a bit of agreement on my part about the Captaincy issue. The only thing I have to say about it is that if that’s what the underlying issue is, then Kopi and Sully need to grow up, plain and simple. First of all, Brownie spent the entire summer in LA and committed himself to the team. He is the elder startesman of the three of these guys and has earned that C on his chest. Sully was a holdout and missed the entire pre-season and IMO doesn’t deserve an A let alone the C. Kopi is in his second year with the team and should not EXPECT anything. What the two of them should be doing is busting their asses like Brownie has and earn everything, especially Kopi with the huge contract he got. If anyone should be bitching, in my book it would be Fro, but after the way he has been scoring, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. If this is what the problem is, then TM should sit these BOYS down and tell them to act like MEN.

  • Al

    Anymouse, Sully looks to me as though he is hustling and hitting, Brownie seems to be more of a shooter than before but then again if you don’t get the puck on goal there are no chances for the follow-up guy to get a rebound. Kopitar seems to have gone some where and only he knows, He isn’t hustling near what he did last year, he’s not hitting, he’s not going into the corners, him and Brownie when they’re on the same line aren’t passing to each other and Kopitar doesn’t dig at all, it’s like down the ice once and to the bench. Hell maybe he has “Mono”. But he needs to be motivated otherwise I’d send him to the Thrashers for Ilya with no problem. Ilya wants to win and when the game is on the line, he wants the puck. Dosen’t look that way with our top three from last year.

  • mac!

    Guess it was a move that was bound to happen sooner or later… all the best with your new team Jason.

  • Dolly

    Here is something from January 24, 2008 after the Kings and LaBarbera beat the Anaheim Ducks 3-1 right before the all-star break: Any time you beat a team like that and a rival, its huge, said LaBarbera, who has now stopped 177 out of his last 187 shots in his last five wins (.947 save percentage). Its a great way to go into the break.”

    LaBarbera’s career in LA may have ended on a somewhat sour note, but for moments like that, I will remember him with respect. I wish him all the best of luck in Vancouver. I believe he has more talent than his recent performances. Hear is to Jason LaBarbera. Thanks for the 2 shutouts this year. Thanks for all the conditioning in the off season. Thanks for all the times you beat the Ducks! I hope you get your game and your confidence back, especially in the shootout. Best wishes to you for much success (against everyone but the Kings, of course!)

  • le_serge

    As a Kings fan living near Vancouver, I looked on this trade with interest. Nice to see him pick up the win in his first game last night for sure!

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