Catching up with captain Brown

It’s been a couple days since Dustin Brown got named as a all-star, but I got a chance to catch up with him and ask him about it, and ask him about his thoughts on being a team captain. Here’s what Brown said about this week’s selection…

BROWN: “Well, there’s Kopi and Fro and even Quincey and Doughty… There are a lot of guys who could have represented the team, and they’re all qualified to do so. To be picked out of all of them and to be named an all-star, it’s really an honor. For this team, I think it’s important that we learn how to do things the right way. I try to show that with how I play, and if that’s what got me voted in, hopefully that will translate to more wins for this organization. From an all-star standpoint, it’s really an honor. My type of game is definitely not, per se, an all-star style, but it’s just an honor to be selected.”

Question: Obviously there aren’t really defined roles for a team captain. It’s sort of what you make of it. What have you tried to make of it so far?

BROWN: “On the ice, things haven’t really changed. I tried to lead by example with the way I play each and every night. Obviously you’re not going to play your best gave every night, but you can put the effort forth. I feel that I do that. If Oscar, Dewey (Drew Doughty) or Simmer (Wayne Simmonds) notice that and it helps them become a better player, then I feel like I’m doing my job. You see how people play, and that’s what I pride myself on, how I play each and every night. Obviously off the ice there’s a lot more responsibility. I’m learning as I go, but it’s a pretty good locker room. There are a lot of veterans, with Zeus (Michal Handzus) and OD (Sean O’Donnell) and Army (Derek Armstrong) and even Kopi and Fro. All those guys help it along. Greener (Matt Greene) especially. So it’s not like all the responsibility is on my shoulders, but I just try to lead by the way I play.”

Also, here’s what Terry Murray said about the performance of his captain…

MURRAY: “When you start to look at your leadership, your captains and, in particular, Dustin, you’re looking at how does the team respond to team play? I think the leadership, and the captains, is a big part of that, and we’re seeing pretty good stuff since the start of the year. I think we’ve taken some strides in the right direction. That’s team play, but that’s also a reflection of him as the captain of the hockey club. He sets the example on the ice. His leadership is very visible to all of us in the way he plays, hard and gritty. He tries to set the tone for our team and he carries himself with great dignity in his game. He’s got great respect around the league and I think, in the first 40 games of the year, he’s done a tremendous job in that capacity.”

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  • ian

    Love the way Brown plays, the non prima-donna type that makes me proud to support the Kings. Pretty cool to think how far he’s come with this team, ironically he’s almost the “anti-avery”, at the opposite end of the respect scale..

  • 4thlinechecker

    I’ve loved brown since day one….. It is amazing how far he has come. The guy is awesome. Gives me alot of hope to imagine what our young guys can end up becoming in a few years..

    Watch out for Simmonds, he’s got alot to learn but he will be a force in a few years, he is learning so quickly.

    Thanks again Rich/Jill, always great coverage. I appreciate the objective outlook. It is the highlight of my work day to check the new posts at about noon, and every hour after that until about midnight… Ha!

    I always wonder how many people who comment on here I walk by or sit by during the games, and have no idea.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a class act all the way. He’s worked his way up to this position in his career since he was drafted in ’03 and has shown dedication and leadership at all times. He’s had his struggles every season, but has learned to overcome each one with a determination to become an all around player. Congratulations Brownie and best of luck to you.

  • Brent

    I’m very proud of Dustin and the way he carries himself. He epitomizes a hockey player to me: tough, skilled, and respects the game and his opponents (now I sound like Andy Murray).

    4thlinechecker: About people going by you… Maybe we should have a Inside the Kings meet-up at Staples somewhere between periods. It’d be interesting to put a face with a name. Good thinking on your part. What do you think about that Rich? Can you get away during a game? Maybe before might be easier?

  • Harry
  • Duckhunter

    I posted this late on the Quacks post game thread, but it got buried, so I wanted to post it again.

    My daughter and I really enjoyed the game last night. I’m not even going to talk about players individually today. I’m going to give a shout back to Chris of Torrance and his friend, I’m going to give a shout out to Jackie, who’s a student a Hunboldt University, who brought a friend thats from China – attending her first hockey game – and a hello to Dan and his group of friends for helping me enjoy the game as a fan and not as a critic. It was a great night of fun, laughs, goal scoring and of course winning.

    Anthony, I live about 45 minutes from Staples so I was on the road when you invited everyone to you suite. Thanks for the offer and If I would have gotten it on time, we surely would have visited you. We had outstanding seats last night Anthony, you probably would have liked to come sit with us for a while. Again I appreciate the offer.

    Chris, I will not be attededing the next two games, but when I do, we’ll come and say hello. Cheers my friend.

    4thlinechecker and Brent, I just introduce myself to everybody around me and take the time to chat with each person, and if they seem to know a little about the game, I’ll just ask if they visit this site. That’s how I met Chris from Torrence mentioned above.

    Go Brown, what a poet warrior(Bravehard).

  • jediknight329


    i think that is a cool idea. of course, since we sit in the same section, one row apart, the 329’ers already have a group of 4-5 to attend this power meeting.

    brent and the rest of the 329’ers, i’ll see you tomorrow night.

    to the thread, db is quite simply a stud. no doubt about it. taking doughty under his wing, showing him the ropes and not doing what that mf’er avery did to him when he was a rookie. that’s a true professional.


    I’m very proud of Dustin and the way he carries himself. He epitomizes a hockey player to me: tough, skilled, and respects the game and his opponents (now I sound like Andy Murray).

    This part of Andy Murray’s influence is a good thing.
    Dustin represents that part well.
    I’d like to see the Kings retain that sense of sportsmanship and respect.

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