Murray, on making mistakes

Here’s Terry Murray, as quoted on the Kings’ website, talking about last night’s game and some of the mistakes the Kings could have avoided…

“The first period, I thought we did some good things…getting pucks to the net, we were not over-analyzing things and trying to make plays that were not there, we were keeping it pretty simple and that’s the kind of game we needed to follow through with.

“And unfortunately, we made some plays through the middle of the ice as we get into the second period, and gave a lot of momentum back to the Red Wings through turnovers.

“We knew they were going to come out there… They’re the Stanley Cup champions and they’re going to change things, make adjustments and come with an up-tempo style of a game. But I thought that even with that, knowing that, we still had the puck several times through the middle, and instead of just getting it in and continue with what we were doing in the first, we gave them the opportunity to transition and they came at us pretty hard.”

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