Postgame “incident”

Seth Rorabaugh, who maintains a fantastic Penguins blog on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, made mention of a brief postgame incident last night that was apparently in response to Malkin’s hit on Wayne Simmonds:

“We almost had a scuffle at center ice after the game. A few Kings bumped a Penguin on their way to the locker room. A few of the Penguins immediately went over and seemed to challenge the offending Kings players. Guerin, ever the veteran stepped in and quickly defused the situation by acting as a peacemaker.”

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  • Dominic Lavoie

    He also says Malkin deserves a suspension but that it won’t happen with the NBC Game of the Week coming up tomorrow. Pens are playing…

  • MstrB

    Once Malkin headed off the ice, it was over unless they wanted to follow him to the locker room. What’s Terry’s (and Dean’s) take on this, seems to be back to the issue of not standing up for teammates.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Variable–thanks for your reply on another thread…

    As far as the offensiveness of the hit, I’d have to agree that it mirrors the Goat hit, but this hit was at mid-ice, at the end of the game, and clearly was a message hit. That makes this hit far worse. What it interesting is that the hit was shown on the NHL Channel but NOT COMMENTED ON. That means the fix is in, it was Malkin with a big TV game coming up on Sunday, and there won’t be any reaction until tonight at the earliest. That guarantees NO SUSPENSION until Monday at the earliest, gives them the big name on the TV game, and even gives them something to talk about DURING THE TELECAST (talk about hypocrisy!). Even worse, the Pens-Flyers game REPLACED the Kings-Blackhawks telecast nationally. Of course, now they have a reason to give highlights of the Kings game during the telecast, especially if Simmonds plays and/or doesn’t play.


    As far as your comments, Variable, I disagree; no line changes would’ve occured if the guys had been clicking offensively from the beginning of the season. Of course, the most obvious reason for poor 5-on-5 performance is LACK OF SCORING SKILL… But, we have the last few years as evidence against that.

    My theory on this is a bit different. What’s interesting to note is that the Kings are in the top five in eliciting penalties. That implies either: a) a team of floppers (I don’t believe that for a minute); or b) a team of hard working blue-collar type players on the puck drawing holding/hooking/interference penalties. I prefer the latter, despite what people say in this blog.

    You know, the Kings are a relatively well-liked team by Home Ice/ SiriusXM commentators, by opposing announcers, by newspaper columnists. Considering this team seems headed for a 13th place finish, that is pretty amazing. Their arguments seem subjective but have this merit–the Kings are a good, up-and-coming YOUNG team, making young team mistakes; and the Kings are a relatively talent-free but hard-working team. Certainly, they are NOT a highlight-frequenting team, unless it is post-game scrums or Goat-style dirty hits.

    So, the Kings are a young, hard-working, relatively well-coached (not outstanding) team getting better–not an over-paid, underachieving mess (see the Seantors, Avalanche, Lightning). I think the Kings can be BORING, even when they are winning. The culture of, ‘Gee, we played really well but just lost’ is slowly being replaced with, ‘God, we absolutely should NOT have lost that game!’

    In short, the Kings are short on offensive 5-on-5 skill but are developing a true blue-collar hard-working mentality, getting better defensively and at goalie every game. Give this team the end-to-end rush top-5 scoring sniper, and they will be HOT, IMHO…

  • Paul from Oxnard

    What Kings fans seem to be quick to forget is that Malkin was the one retaliating. Earlier in the game, after Pittsburgh scored a goal and were celebrating, Simmonds skated over to their pow wow and started a bit of a scuffle. All Geno did was get him back for disturbing their celebration.

    Now, does he deserve a suspension for that hit? Absolutely. Will he get one? Absolutely not.

  • Baumgartner22

    at least the NHL had a hearing on it…

  • MagicArc

    Its crap, if that was Gauthier on one of our guys he woulda have been tarred and feather and then eaten alive…not to mention a 3 game suspension. I dont care if Malkin is MVP or not, going at one of our stars is crap. I bet it was cuz Simmonds is black!! Call the NAACP!

  • Rob

    Campbell: Hi Geno, Its Colin

    Malkin: Hi Colin. How are you doing?

    Campbell: Not bad, not bad. Well the reason I’m calling Geno is that wonderful hit last night on Simmonds.

    Malkin: Oh ok. It was a nice hit wasn’t it?

    Campbell: Yes it was. Remember Geno, you are our shining star so keep up the good work. I just needed to have a call log showing that we talked today so I will let you get back to your day. Bye

    Malkin: Thanks, bye

  • KQ949

    I did notice in the video that Malkin gave up the puck to make the hit on Simmonds. He chose not to hang on to the puck, but give the blow to the head instead.

  • HBfan13

    We need someone to respond to hits like this they way Wendell Clark responded to the Mcsorley hit on Gilmour in game one of the 1993 conference finals. I’m not as big of a hater of Ivanans as some on this site, but if your gonna play that guy every game, he needs just attack Malkin in that situation without hesitation and regardless of the consequences.

  • tron

    Haven”t seen much of Malkin but he’s bad ass! Made Jack(no longer MF) Johnson
    look like Lady Byng earlier in the game. Yeah some body should have gone after
    Malkin, but heavy fines and suspensions allowed for easy escape.

  • Lisa

    Fantastic blog is right!! Play by play and pretty non biased report actually. Malkin should be suspended, but won’t I’m sure. Should have put Ersberg in there and what the hell is going on with Frolov…I don’t get why JJ, Gauthier screw up and get put right back out there but Frolov is benched like some little unproductive kid. Stupid.

  • metalmaster

    Malkin is a badass now to be known as EMFM. I actually think that he will be suspended a game for the hit. It was a cheapshot given the circumstances but pales in comparison to some of the hits that i have seen this year.

  • Vasquez

    Idk but I did not see one penguin challengivanans on their way out. Sounds like a bit of a homer blog

  • Vicarious

    the pitt blog said Malkin should clearly be suspended for a dirty hit. But guessed–in a disgusted way–he wld not be suspended b\c the nhl wld do not want to suspend Malkin before a nationally televised game. This country is turning into a 3rd world banana republic

    The pitt blog has a photo of Doughty captioned him as a super rookie.

    (pitt fans are usually tough but gentlemen, football fans anyway, not like say raider or cleveland fans)

  • Dave

    You know what really cracks me up? Is none of mentioned the fact that our captain, (Dustin Brown), was on the Ice, and did absolutley nothing. Instead of whining about the hit, you should be discussing why our captain was invisable.

    But, I’m sure the LGK’rs on this board see nothing wrong with our captain not sticking up for a fellow team mate that was cheap shotted at the end of a game..

  • khanon81

    Ivanans should have cracked some skulls after the game. Who cares if he gets suspended, we have Westgarth to fill in very nicely.