Hickey to Manchester

Thomas Hickey will play for the Manchester Monarchs for the rest of their regular season. The Monarchs have seven games remaining, starting with Wednesday’s game vs. Lowell.
(CORRECTION) Hickey WOULD be able to play in the AHL playoffs, because he is a junior player already under contract, and his junior season is complete.

As a side note, thanks for all the support over the furlough week. It was fun to communicate with people through Facebook, and it’s a good outlet for promoting the blog even more.

Just to set the table going forward, there will be no more anonymous commenting. If you wish to comment, please register with a valid e-mail address. It’s no coincidence that the percentage of “problem comments” that come from anonymous people is overwhelmingly high. It will help me moderate things better and ban any problem people, and hopefully this will be the only step I need to take. Thanks again.

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