Hickey to Manchester

Thomas Hickey will play for the Manchester Monarchs for the rest of their regular season. The Monarchs have seven games remaining, starting with Wednesday’s game vs. Lowell.
(CORRECTION) Hickey WOULD be able to play in the AHL playoffs, because he is a junior player already under contract, and his junior season is complete.

As a side note, thanks for all the support over the furlough week. It was fun to communicate with people through Facebook, and it’s a good outlet for promoting the blog even more.

Just to set the table going forward, there will be no more anonymous commenting. If you wish to comment, please register with a valid e-mail address. It’s no coincidence that the percentage of “problem comments” that come from anonymous people is overwhelmingly high. It will help me moderate things better and ban any problem people, and hopefully this will be the only step I need to take. Thanks again.

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  • nayagamj

    Thanks Rich! Hopefully Hickey will gain some valuable pro-hockey experience in Manchester’s remaining regular season games.

  • That’s the first I’ve heard that a junior call-up isn’t eligible for the playoffs. Is that confirmed? Because it makes no sense at all.

  • PolarBearOne

    Welcome back, Rich. Thanks for providing content on your Facebook page during last week. Also, great interview with the boys from The Hockeywood Insider.

    It will be an interesting next three months for the Kings with the season winding down and the evaluation processes involved heading towards the draft and free agency. Even with the marked improvement of this Kings team over this season, this could very well be the most important offseason for Dean Lombardi and comapny.

    There is almost going to have to be a major tweaking of the current roster going forward that will let the league and Kings fans know that L.A. will, in fact, be a legitimate contender for the playoffs in 2010. Whether this tweak comes in the form of a trade or free agent signing(s), Dean is going to have to take a fairly big leap here to really put momentum behind his movement and generate a result not ending in another lottery pick.

  • What number will he wear?

  • Ciccarelli

    Welcome back Rich. Good thing to have no more anonymous comments. It made it difficult to address comments to Anonymous and it should cut down on the attacks, hopefully.

    Good to hear Hickey will get some pro experience. Did the Kings tell you he won’t play in the playoffs, or is that your understanding?

  • PolarBearOne, re major tweaking:

    A lot of people are saying this, and I’m curious: what qualifies as a major tweaking? Because if we’re talking about a UFA signing of a top-line forward or, alternatively, a trade for same, then I agree with you; i wouldn’t be surprised if one of those two things happened.

    But, I’m just wondering, is anybody thinking there’s going to be more than that?

    Me, I think they’ll let Calder, Armstrong, Preissing and Gauthier go, bring in a top-three forward, maybe a cheap UFA defenseman, a let the prospects fight for the couple of remaining open spots.

    Or is “major tweaking” just code for the lingering fear that Frolov and/or Johnson might get dealt?

  • variable


    welcome back…!

  • Ersberg

    Bear-Yep, there will be some “tweaking”. It’s not uncommon news; It’s all over the fan sites.

    ..And welcome back, Rich.

  • src3

    Welcome back Rich,

    Just to throw a little gas on the fire………With regards to the resigning of JJ and Fro. Will there be any money left for Quincey after eventual UFA signing?? I know he has 1 year left on the cheap contract. In my humble opinion, if 2.5+mil is to be used on a D man then Q man is the deserving. All around solid top 4 guy. Should get a long term contract before JJ.

    I could easily see Fro, JJ and our first rounder+ being packaged for the likes of Heatley, kovu

  • PaulCat1969

    Welcome back Rich. Jill did a great job and it was great having the chat back for the past few games. The Nashville game had a lot of insightful commentary and was really fun talking to everyone…hopefully it’s something we can have for the rest of the season.

  • PSP

    If Frolov and Johnson are dealt for anything less than quality NHL players who can contribute immediately, you better get ready for Groundhog Day II – The Perpetual Rebuild

  • Big A

    Ersberg –

    Dood, my apology in advance ‘cuz I’m too tired this morning to tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic with “it’s all over the fan sites” lol. Now I need to ration my interwebz time carefully and I choose not to read LGK or the “HockeyForums” but if there is a particular train of thought out there wrt re-tooling I can’t see the general public being privy to it.

    But it’s quiet time for us Kings fans, so a little more speculation can’t hurt 😉

  • Ersberg


    Well, fan site=Spectors, etc. I can only relay what they’re saying. It is fun to speculate and comment on this stuff, because well, the Kings would be far better off with these additions than without them.

  • Brad

    I was almost hoping for Hickey to go all the way down to Ontario with Teubert since they were paired at the WJC. Besides, it would have been great to see two of our top defensive prospects destroy the ECHL playoffs so close to home.

  • nykingfan

    First…welcome back!
    Is JJ an RFA this summer?

  • fyzzix

    It was fun following you on Facebook for a week Rich! Keep up the great work!

  • variable

    the draft is the day and arena where most, if not all our questions will be probably answered….:

    – will d.l. package his first round pick or picks with a player(s) to receive a top flight scorer?
    the daily question every single poster asks themselves every day…maybe the draft is the day that question gets finally answered….i, personally, think it does…

    – will frolov be traded or will they attempt to re-sign him come july 1st?
    if fro is still around after draft day, chances are he stays a king, at least for the beginning of the season…then the absolute deadline day for fro’s future will be next season’s trade deadline day…i want fro to stay with the kings…my brain tells me that’s looking like an unlikely scenario…

    – jack johnson’s long-term status will be answered on draft day…how the kings draft and how many defensemen d.l. picks will be interesting…
    REMEMBER: even though we have a number of d-men in the minors chomping at the bit and looking forward to next season’s training camp, d.l. always picks what in his mind is the best player available, regardless of the needs upfront…he has said this continuously in almost every interview he has given this year…his strategy is firmly entrenched in building through the blueline…don’t be surprised if he picks more defensive men overall in the draft and tries to package a few of them in trades in lieu of getting more top line forward help….and if the deal gets done with j.j., the terms are going to be a major key and indicator as to his future w/the kings…

    – is anze kopitar a number one center?
    all this talk of getting a sniper the last few months maybe overlooking what is also a crucial need…a true number one center…
    i love anze and his game and i hope he can elevate to higher lever next season so that the aforementioned question he answers himself…but i don’t think it’s going to be necessarily handed to him next year….as much as d.l. will be trying to snare the hossa’s, gaborik’s, kovy’s of the league, he will be looking on how to get a vinny/thorton/datsyuk-type of center…this can only help the kings prospects for the cup and further help anze’s development….remember how young anze still is (23 in august)…honestly, he’s just not there yet….

    – who’s the goalie of the future?
    you have to figure somebody will get moved by next season’s start….the draft might be the day that the kings give up a top goalie prospect because j. quick is really starting to showcase his talents and offering a strong case to his candidacy…

    – are brian boyle, teddy purcell, peter harrold, davis drewiske, thomas hickey, brad richardson, colten teubert,trevor lewis,justin azevedo,vacheslav voinov, johnathon bernier and oscar moller kings next year?
    some are more obvious choices than others…but…if you are trying to make yr team better with top flight established nhl talent, yr gonna have to give up something good and promising…just who are those players remains to be seen…but, as much as some of these names have potential, what are they worth to the kings and the rest of the league…i would not be surprised if some of these top prospects are moved before training camp begins…in the case of oscar moller, it’s not a question of skill…but can this kid get bigger and stronger?

    these are just a few pressing questions i think we should have a better idea as to what the answers will be come draft day…very excited…and as fans, i think that’s the next most anticipated event in the kings immediate future for us….

  • Big A

    nykingfan –
    Check out NHLnumbers for all the answers. (but yeah, JJ is an RFA.)

    Ersberg – Spector has one of the better sites. Liked what he did a little more before Fox entered the picture haha. Guess I missed some of his recent Kings talk though so I shall do some searching.

  • AK47

    You guys really need to re-read the things you post before clicking the submit button..

    How can you even think of letting Jack Johnson go? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this kid is a keeper. No way will we ever trade him. Look at the way he’s been playing coming from an injury, and he already has more goals than he did last season playing ALOT more games last year. Give him the full year next year and you guys won’t regret keeping him, honestly. Who’d replace Johnson? Komisark? Teubert? No way, Jack Johnson’s here to STAY! ENOUGH SAID.. Stop sending these stupid comments saying we’re trading Johnson for kovy blah blah..

    Why would we give up assets for Kovalchuk when there are 3 guys we could sign, that will come cheaper than kovalchuk and might (key word) produce more than him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Gaborik, Hossa or Havlat are better than Kovalchuk, but it’s a possibility that they put up more points than him. Look at the way Gaborik’s been playing since he came back from that injury.. When this guy becomes a UFA, DL needs to sign him, as quickly as possible, I don’t even care if he’s injury prone..

    Jack Johnson is an LA King.

  • Ersberg


    Hossa is as good as Kovalchuk, just in a different way.

    “Jack Johnson is an LA King.”

    So, you’re saying that with 100% certainty? You don’t think for one minute he can be replaced? What if he gets an offer sheet from Edmonton at $5mil per? Are you still on-board with him then? If we get Komisarek, you wouldn’t even remember who JJ is by the end of next season. And what about Teubert? He could be the second coming of Scott Stevens.

    My point is, with how Dean has done business these passed couple of seasons, how could you, with a straight face, say that ANY player is without a doubt, a 100% LA King? Remember, Dean described “core” as a player that “fit” his current model and/or filled a particular “box”. If JJ is the odd man out, he’s an asset to be used as how he sees fit.

    Do I personally want to see him go? No, but you always have to look at the options.

  • Now that’s my kind of correction! Thanks, Rich!

  • 28 KINGS

    We are in NO position to be trading our 1st round draft picks as part of any deal. And your dreaming if you think we’ll trade for Ilya Kovalchuk.The price will be just too high.

  • welcome back Rich!

    and by the way AK47 your line of “You guys really need to re-read the things you post before clicking the submit button..” made me giggle. i didn’t laugh out loud, nay. i giggled. why? because the truth makes me giggle.

  • KingsFanInRI

    Sweet. I am going to the Manchester game on Sunday in Providence (2nd one in 9 days for me 🙂

    PS Welcome Back Rich.

  • number 6

    number 6 said:
    1st off welcome back Rich! Facebook was nice but it’s even nicer having you back here making this site live again (with due respect to Jill who did a very good job).

    2nd, hi Variable. Liked reading your comments. As always very well thought out.

    3rd. AK, I often find your comments interesting, but seriously guy, they Aren’t getting Hossa. I mean please, they aren’t getting Hossa. Oh, and if they do, please save this and repost it when they do and I’ll gladly feel quite sheepish. He’s ready to play for a reasonable amount less to stay in Detroit and he wants to come to LA? No, I’m sure he can get paid well more than he would in Detroit and still go to Vanc who is at the moment a more serious contender than the Kings, and once some trades go down on draft day (which could create more cap room with other teams) there could be two or three other teams which would appeal to him.
    I know there is no harm in posting this sort of thing on this site. It doesn’t offend anyone, it’s just speculation, but really not even a “semi reality based” speculation.

    Why does it frustrate me so much to keep reading these ideas?!!

  • Duckhunter

    number 6,

    Agreed, Hossa will not become a King.

    My question to everybody is why would you want him here?

    I have a little different take on Hossa. I question to a certain degree a persons character that takes the easy way out. Some say, it proves he’s a winner because he wanted to play in Detroit, instead of Pittsburgh. Well, I think of a winner as someone who would’ve stayed in Pittsburgh and helped them grow into a powerhouse that defeats the mighty Redwings, not someone who bolts somewhere because it’s easier.

    I believe Hossa turned down 9 million before signing with Detroit? How much money do you think it would take for him to sign here?….I personally feel he doesn’t have what it takes to help build a team and I get the feel he wouldn’t put forth the effort on a nightly basis to put us over the top. I feel he would be playing here for the money, and not necessarily to give an extra mile to build a championship team. Just my take…

  • We are in NO position to be trading our 1st round draft picks as part of any deal. And your dreaming if you think we’ll trade for Ilya Kovalchuk.The price will be just too high. Yes it really happens

  • We are in NO position to be trading our 1st round draft picks as part of any deal. And your dreaming if you think we’ll trade for Ilya Kovalchuk.The price will be just too high. Yes it really happens

  • We are in NO position to be trading our 1st round draft picks as part of any deal. And your dreaming if you think we’ll trade for Ilya Kovalchuk.The price will be just too high. Yes it really happens