Lombardi July 1 quotes

OK, here are all the quotes from tonight’s interview with Dean Lombardi. I typed fast, so excuse any typos. The only thing to add is that I asked Lombardi if he had any talks with agent Don Meehan about Alexander Frolov, and Lombardi said those would take place after the free-agency stuff sorts out a little more.

Hope you enjoy the quotes…


Question: Can you go through the day, and talk about anything you might have been close to getting done?

LOMBARDI: “Obviously we went into this for wingers. Like I’ve said, it’s one of the positives of being in our situation now, as opposed to three years ago, when we were looking for everything and signing seven guys. The No. 1 guy we targeted was Hossa. I got permission to talk to Hossa at the draft. There were three teams, us and two others. Detroit gave me permission, and we started the dialogue at that time. Detroit, if he got signed, they would get compensation. We met with his agent there, at that time, and he was interested in L.A. He said he thinks we could be the next Chicago. But he said, `That’s down the road,’ and that’s fair, that’s realistic. He said it was important to go to a 100-point team. I said, `I don’t know if we can guarantee that, but you’re the type of player we’re prepared to commit to.’ He was the one player we thought was a top player. I don’t know that he’s a `mail carrier’ type guy, but he’s still a top player.

“That dialogue continued until July 1. He was throwing (contract) numbers out there, but it was very vague in terms of numbers. We talked again last night and I got the sense that this was probably going in a different direction. I said, `What would it take?’ but we never really got an answer. I think he had his eye on something else already. We thought it was Boston. He told us this morning that it was probably unlikely that he would come here. It wasn’t really the 12-year term that got us out of it. It never got to that point. Part of this is that you’re frustrated, but the other part is that you want guys like that. I’ve always said you want guys who want to win first. And you look at Chicago, where they’ve come in the last seven drafts and where they’re at. Chicago, it took six years; we’re three years in. That’s the process they went through, and then they broke through. We’re hoping that if we break through like they did, we can compete (for players) at that level. We were prepared to talk about the cash and the 12 years.

“The other guy we looked at was Mike Knuble. He’s certainly not the big name, but we knew his character inside out. That would have been a nice player to get. Obviously we knew him and Murph (Terry Murray) had him. In the end, it comes out that he wants to stay in the East. And again, he went to a top team in Washington. So those are the two guys we really targeted.”

Question: How about Gaborik and Havlat?

LOMBARDI: “We were prepared to look at Gaborik, but we were not prepared for a Hossa-type deal. We were talking first about a one(-year contract), then a two or three for Gaborik. Then they got the Rangers’ thing. You’re looking at a guy who played 17 games last year, and has a series of those. Forty-eight games, 65 games, 65 games. There’s some gray there. I didn’t have gray areas on Hossa. It might work out, but do we need to take that risk and jeopardize things right now? I don’t think so. I’ll take that risk on Hossa-type players. Will he be healthy? Maybe. We had the one(-year deal) out there and we talked about two or three, then he gave us the Rangers’ number and we said, `We’re done.’ It’s more about rolling the dice, and I don’t think we should roll the dice and jeopardize what we’re trying to do here. Same thing goes, to a degree, with Havlat. I’m not interested in rolling the dice.

“So that’s the market. If you’re looking for top wingers, who else is there that fits? You’ve got 30 teams out there and we couldn’t offer the part that some other teams could. Chicago is a contender. Washington is a contender.”

Question: Do you now start looking at trade possibilities, or do you go after some second-tier guys?

LOMBARDI: “We’re going to investigate the trades. There’s nothing there, in terms of free agency, that fits the M.O. that you’re looking at. We might look at a few things. We are at the stage where I can strike, but you have to strike for the right guy. Yeah, you’re under the gun and you’d like to do something, and that’s when you go out and do something that you really don’t like, that you regret, and then you get buyer’s remorse. You still have a lot of people who have to sign people and fit under the salary cap, and I don’t know how they’re going to do it unless they sign a bunch of guys for $500,000 (each). If (no moves take place), we’re still going to be a better team next year. Again, we’ll strike for the right guy. For us, there was one guy we were prepared to throw that 10-year deal at.”

Question: You previously mentioned the idea of going after a veteran defenseman. Is that still realistic?

LOMBARDI: “I wouldn’t mind looking at that. I wouldn’t mind it because I would like to give our kids a cushion, but I don’t want to go too far out (in terms of salary) and cut off my numbers to where I can’t get the Hossa-type guys. At this time, I don’t see a major thing out there. I wouldn’t mind a good player to buy us some time, but I’m planning on the defense maturing as a group, and then spending my money up front. I don’t see any blockbusters out there but you never know what you might stumble on later.”

Question: Did you look into Beauchemin?

LOMBARDI: “It’s fair to say we dabbled in that. We’re still dabbling, still looking around with other guys.”

Question: Looking at your forwards, how do you prioritize? Do you keep this group intact, and hope you can add to it with a trade, or do you fill in the gaps now by signing some second-tier free agents? What’s the strategy?

LOMBARDI: “All we have really lost is Calder. Out of our forwards, Calder is the only one gone. You can say Boyle, maybe, and I love (Derek Armstrong) but he was basically our 13th guy. So it’s not like we lost an impact guy or anything. One good sign is that if we look down at the next tier of guys and ask, `Is he better than what we have?’ I don’t know. I’m sure we’re going to continue to see what’s available on the free-agent route. The other thing is, some teams have to fit guys in under the cap. There are teams up against it that still have to sign some bodies. It will be interesting to see if the trade market opens up. The nice thing is, I do have some things to trade.”

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  • Chris Bond

    Well I thought he would say most of that….I see it but still just the sting is there. Hossa would have been so nice and made people open there eys to LA.

  • Cry Baby

    I am sure I’ll be crucified for this…But I get what he’s saying, I agree with his thinking based on what I read in this interview.

  • AEG rulez

    Lucky for us that we have the best GM in sports. Beautifully not played, DL.

    Looking forward to the 2014 playoffs. Victory is inevitable. Go DL! Go AEG! GO KINGS GO!

  • TeamHasHoles

    Makes sense to me…

  • JPKelly

    Dean Lombardi for governor, anyone?

  • Chris Bond

    Thanks Rich and goodnight to all….Pain killers kicking in for my broken ass. I hit the board and the Ice today hard at my game. Try to never crack a tail bone.

  • Josh

    Could DL be talking about JJ as trade bait? Hmm..ok I can get some sleep now and maybe a trade might strike when I wake up tomorrow.

  • Garrett

    Well, there you go….

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    I like that last part…

    I sincerely hope Dean makes a move. Obviously he’s looking, I mean they went after Hossa! That says a lot. A trade is probably a likely scenario. It’s very easy to look at the philly connection, can we expect something from there?

  • deedub

    i like the part where lombardi refers to gaborik as having only played seventeen games last season – does that contradict his way of thinking with his previous signings of Williams, Handzus, McCauley…am I missing anyone?

  • Lisa Lashaway

    Thanks Rich. Makes sense what he’s saying. That’s too bad about Hossa, but I can see why he’d want to go to Chicago, we’re next!

  • AK47

    What do you have to trade Dean? Jack Johnson? Alexander Frolov? You don’t want to let go of those guys.. Come on man, this is just pathetic.. How doesn’t Alex Tanguay fit the MO? He’s a left winger, 29 years old and has a Stanley Cup ring.. He fits better than Justin Williams, and you gave up O’Sullivan and a 2nd rounder for JW.. You’ve had so many opportunities in the past to sign people, but once again, you find a way to **** things up..

    Thanks DL!

  • jet

    Thanks Rich, great stuff.

    Let the kids get some experience and the top players will wan to come here.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    God, this is an important year. You can feel DL’s frustration with Hossa, but Hossa is right. This is not a 100 point team so no one is coming riding in to the rescue. You can feel the frustration of the fan base, to be so isolated and one of only two teams not to do anything.

    This is an important year. The Kings can really lose the fan base this year, the ones that have been there through thick and thin… Nothing is worse than the loss of hope.

    And, the Kings could lose the hope inside their core players, too. If they just stink out of the gate, maybe some of them will quit on the team.

    Yet I support the basic framework of DL saying ‘NO’ to the insane Cap-busting contracts…

    They say things are darkest before the dawn.

    Things look pretty dark to me.

    Hope something good can happen with this team before it implodes…


  • AK47

    And I can’t wait for the 2014 playoffs either! Thanks for the 10 year long rebuild Dean! At this rate, we’ll have a top 5 pick in the next 7 years.. Yaaaaayyyyy, I’m so excited to miss the playoffs and soon pass the Panthers for most consecutive years that we miss the playoffs

  • AK47

    And you couldn’t even look at Kopecky? Gooooooodddddddd, at least sign someone, Travis Moen?? Tanguay?? Beauchemin?? Once again, we have to settle for 2nd tier free agents, just like when we had to sign Handzus, Calder, Nagy and Preissing..

  • Marc Nathan

    You’re looking at a guy who played 17 games last year, and has a series of those. Forty-eight games, 65 games, 65 games

    Yeah, and somewhere in that “series” — say, the YEAR BEFORE LAST, he played 77 regular season games, and a handful of playoff games, so… I’m not jumping on the injury train here. Gaborik would have been an explosive figure for the Kings, and as someone who hasn’t missed many Kings games in this century, and thirty years prior, I’m pretty disgusted, because that was one guy worth the money I shell out and now I get to look forward to way too much of the same.

    Oh, and that 7 year Chicago rebuild. BUNK.

  • mrk

    I’m actually buying in on this. I’ll take some comfort in knowing that he’s willing to spend that much for a player of that caliber. Maybe next year we’ll be more marketable and maybe he’ll aim for Kovalchuk. I’m tired of this waiting. What else can you do.

  • Chris Bond
  • Chris Bond

    Heatly, LA was on the OK list…..

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Don’t you get it? None of them wanted to come to L.A.!

    You can grossly overpay if you want and drag in disaster, or you can pocket your wad and wait for the right moment before the season starts.

  • AK47

    Even Toronto were able to sign good players.. How can the Maple Leafs sign Komisarek and we weren’t able to sign ONE player

  • symbology

    Hey Deedub,

    I think that Gaborik has had more issues with injuries than the other guys you mention. He also was not opposed to signing him, but not at that cost, for that term. No real contradiction here, different situations.

  • lates

    Gee–the Kings have more cap space than the combined budget of several Third World countries, but yet again, the prime free agents are all gone and we get NOTHING! This brings to mind the famous exchange from “Casablanca;”

    “I’m shocked, simply shocked to find that there is gambling going on in here!”

    “Your winnings, sir!”

  • Anonymous

    All we can hope for is that AEG sells the kings to a real hockey fan who wants to bring the cup to LA. Maybe it will happen after they finish building LA LIVE. Since the NFL stadium is not going to be built next to the staples center, AEG will simply sell their interests in LA once the LA LIVE construction is finished.

    Yes I’m hoping.

    I’d rather have Old Bruce running the Kings once again, doing whatever it takes to bring talent to Hollywood. New York Rangers Style.

  • Chris Bond

    I think we will get Heatley….I know it at what price?DL didnt say a word about him, It is in the works, I would bet on it. Now there will be a issuie with the 4MM so we will see how this plays out. DL knows the fans are pissed.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    The Maple Leafs are the Yankees of hockey. Remember, even grand theft money couldn’t get Mark Teixiera to sign with the Angels because he wanted the Yankees.

    Even Toronto? Even the Yankees.

  • JDM


    Kopecky isn’t a 2nd tier guy Moen is top tier?


    Out of the forwards everyone except Cammy, Hossa, Gaborik and Havlat are 2nd tier and below. There were only 4 top tier options.

  • gralx

    There is your answer… heatly… ottawa i stuck and LA is the only team on the list that can afford him. The edmonton departures really didn’t seem like that much to me. But, i was never much of a Penner fan. In fact, i think edmonton overpayed for him in the first place.

  • lates

    I guess Dean is saving Phil some money to cover for those 50 Michael Jackson concerts he had to call off…

  • AK47

    Edmonton weren’t even giving good players for Heatley.. How can Bryan Murray be happy with Penner, Cogliano and Smid?

    Needless to say, if Travis Moen or Alex Tanguay or Francois Beauchemin aren’t signed by the Los Angeles Kings tomorrow, this will be a very, very, very utterly disappointing Free Agency Frenzy for us. Lots of people thought that we would make a big splash and maybe Dean would man up and finally take a risk, but I guess not.. You can throw 4 million dollars at Handzus, who is also injury prone, but you can’t give Havlat 5 million? Or Gaborik 7.5 million? I need to relax a little bit

  • JDM

    I am VERY happy to know DL was prepared to throw the farm at a player.

    I know UFA signings aren’t only up to the GM, but I was concerned DL wasn’t willing to pay the price. I am glad that he is willing to say “what’s it gonna take?” and be prepared to give them what they ask.

    Too bad Hossa never replied.

    I can rest ever so slightly easier now.

    I want a trade though.

  • aj

    i know i’m in the minority, but nobody can give me one logical reason why those 12 year contracts make any sense. How exactly are the risks that the NYI made with Yashin and Dipietro any different than with Hossa? One injury and we’re stuck with an immovable dead weight that will curse us for 12 years. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and am so happy Hossa turned us down. We would have been better off going after the Sedins than Hossa.

  • AEG rulez

    Hopefully AEG will take some of the money saved today to sign DL to a lifetime extension. DL is the answer.

  • Johnny Utah

    I think we end up with a 2-3 year deal for Tanguay. Not Deano’s ideal solution, but a high-end “bridge” player that can fill out our top 6.

  • PaulCat1969


    Yes you REALLY need to relax. Why does it have to be a free agent signing. We can land a player just as easily through a trade and I know you are stuck on what do we have to trade and the answer to that is simply a ton of picks and prospects. So many teams out there are going to have to dump some players especially when the rest of these players are signed. A move is coming and may be a defensive signing.

    Dean knows they need to make the right move for the right guy but come on serious would you honestly have given Gaborik $7.5 for 5 years based on a hope he stays healthy? You are investing in a player you have to take all variables into account. He is NOT worth that money and even if he stays healthy next year, there are never guarantees and his history is working against him.

  • Johnny Utah

    Oh…and we’re also getting Moen.

  • gretz

    Hey Chris,

    If I were you I wouldn’t bet the farm that the Kings will be getting Heatley. After hearing Hextall at the
    season seat holders meeting, they have issues with his character. I would say unless they have him wave his no trade clause like Edmonton wanted, and find out something different about his character, I don’t think
    he will be a King.

  • ziggy33

    Hossa and Knuble would have been fantastic pickups but what did most of you guys want DL to do? Put a gun to their head and make them sign with the Kings? At least he is targeting the right type of players. Let the rangers give ridiculous money to gaborik, and the leafs spend money like it is water. What has that gotten them? Last year they gave Jeff Finger a lucrative deal. The Kings are still in a good spot with cap money and trade assets. I really think Lombardi is trying to make the team better but its not his fault if the players he wanted decided to play for teams who have a better chance of winning the cup.

  • steve baric

    typical BS from lombardi. More excuses the part that really pisses me off is the it “took Chicago 7 drafts and we are only at 3.”

    That is total BS. They have had five drafts. Starting when DT drafted Kopitar and Quick in 05. (remember jack was in that draft aswell.) Dumbardi cant get it done and be creative. And I am not focused on FA’s – no trades nothing

    Look the Ducks, Murray has turned that team around in the space of 6 months

  • knight of the realm

    Not signing Gaborik was a mistake. Do something to regain my interest and confidence DL.

  • jmiller

    anyone see this from columbus?

    From Eric Smith…
    The other and most important thing for this organization is to sign Rick Nash to a contract extension. The Blue Jackets put forth their first offer and after Nash and his agent reviewed it, they were none too please.

    According to the Dispatch, Nash was very disappointed.

    Things didnt line up the way I anticipated them lining up, Nash said. I thought we had a solid chance of getting (a contract) done, especially with all the interest they said they had going into this.

    If this doesnt happen in the next week, and we cant hit a number where were both satisfied and we both feel its fair if they want me that bad, theyll get it done.

    The Dispatch also learned that the contract was for 5 years.

    The statement reported in the Dispatch that sent Blue Jacket fans running to their phones to call their therapist was when Nash said, There were tons of teams throwing some pretty big money around (yesterday). If this doesnt get done, Im sure I wont have a problem getting signed by somebody next summer.

  • ziggy33

    Beauchemin and tanguay would help ease the fans frustration in my opinion.

  • PaulCat1969

    Good Lord Steve….how dense can you possibly be? First of all, what has Murray turned around? They traded their best defenseman….they are losing another to free agency and they still have scoring issues? I am not sure how they are better but I am sure you have an opinion.

    Second, You can bring a Dave Taylor draft enter into Lombardi’s occasion. He has signed Kopitar, Brown, drafted Simmonds, Doughty and Moller, traded for Jack Johnson, Greene, Stoll and Justin Williams. He has keep the Kings financially without allowing them to make it impossible to sign our core to future deals by not investing in overpriced free agents. Signing Gaborik is the equivalent to signing a pitcher in baseball coming off Tommy John surgery. Sure he has a world of talent but what good is it if in those 5 years he only plays in half the games. This is only the first day of the off season. Let time pass and bitch all you want at the start of the season.

    For now, just let Dean do his job and support the fact that he did blow a huge dollar amount on players who don’t deserve it.

  • speedy

    Forget it guys all day you have jumped on the next posible deal its not going to happen.. Heatley is not comming to the kings. think about it do we really want that headcase. hoping teams with cap issues are going to give us something that just hope it not going to happen either. wake up this team is not going anywhere soon

  • jcharris99

    Thanks, Rich, for all the hard work.

    Read you loud and clear, Dean. Stick to the plan…ignore the whine.

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    Trade for Gagne ??

  • steve


    dense… you must be new to hockey. Murray traded a 34 year old with one year left on his contract for a guy who has scored 30 goals multiple times, a young defensemen who had a great rookie year and two number 1’s. That is an amazing deal. Compare for example, Lombardi trading Cammalari as he is entering his prime for a mid first round pick. That is a mediocre deal.

    You obviously missed the point of my post. My beef with Lombardi is not that he didnt sign anyone today. My problem with him is that he does not appear to have the ability to come up with the creative deal to take this team to the next level. You cite the Justin Williams deal – but that seems like a major risk to me,also it appears that year after year we are waiting for that great deal because of another teams cap issues. But that never seems to pan out. If you want to continue to wait will lombardi’s 10 year plan plays out that’s great. I for one will not be buying any tickets any time soon. And I can promise you that after this clowns shit off season, the Kings will be luckily to average 10,000

  • Jason

    What a disappointing day, feels eerily similar to last couple of years. All the hype and nothing to show for it. If the Kings don’t make a move in the days/weeks ahead to get the team “over the hump”, what is the point in going to any games this year. To see the same “promising” third tier team that may make the playoffs in a year or two? In fact, if they don’t make a move, we should all boycott all AEG films, events, etc. All 10k of us, that will teach them a thing or two 😉

  • EJ

    There are a few too many guys here who were only interested in a sexy acquisition today for the Kings. They don’t give a rodent’s posterior for the health of the club. All they wanted was a fireworks show. Those people are not hockey fans.

  • Eric W

    For those of you who think DL is incorrect about the 7 drafts it took Chicago to build their team..

    2002- Duncan Keith, James Wisniewski (traded for Pahlsson)
    2003- Brent Seabrook, Dustin Byfuglien
    2004- Cam Barker, Dave Bolland, Troy Brouwer
    2005- No one significant so far
    2006- Jonathan Toews
    2007- Patrick Kane
    2008- no one up yet

    Sure looks like it started 7 years ago to me…

    I sense the frustration around here, but ponder these facts. It did take Chicago 7 drafts to get where they are. Keep in mind prior to this year, Chicago went to the playoffs once since 1997-1998. Look how they did it in the above drafts. Back end first, then forwards. This is very similar to what the Kings are doing. It’s no fun not being wanted by free agents, but the Kings are doing it correctly and are turning the corner. Unlike Chicago did, however, the Kings have plenty of assets to deal to accelerate the process. We’ll see if they do.

  • PaulCat1969


    You said the Ducks have turned it around. I agree the deal with the Flyers was a hose job but that hasn’t resulted in wins for the Ducks. Lupul is an average player at best and time will tell about Sibisa and the rest of the picks. For now though, their defense is worse and they still need help scoring.

    I have no problem with you not investing in the Kings future. This team missed the playoffs but were 4 points out in March. 31 games with Labarbara at the start of the season. I will take Quick for the entire season with our more experienced defense and better work ethic from our forwards who are bound to play better hockey along with a healthy Justin Williams who is a better $3.5 million investment than a player making 6 who has an equally bad history of injuries.

  • son of earl

    Dean tried and u are all still pissed. Gabby is a amazing player when he can play a full season, but he is not worth lossing Doughty Moller Simmonds ect… Be happy Dean is smart enough to know how to build this team to be a contender for a decade not 3 years or 4 years then you start to lose your core young players.

  • Primakov

    AK47 said: “Even Toronto were able to sign good players.. How can the Maple Leafs sign Komisarek and we weren’t able to sign ONE player”

    Since you brought up Komisarek specifically as an example I have to ask, what would he have contributed to the team at $4.5 million that Matt Greene doesn’t already provide at $2.95 million? Yes, Komisarek is the more recognizable name player, but when you look at some of the stat categories for a defensive defenseman like hits and blocks you’ll notice that the difference between them is very marginal except the price tag.

    The bigger idea I’m hinting at is that the Kings are pretty set in goal and the defense for the most is very solid, to the point where adding a veteran top-four defender would be a bonus rather than fulfilling a need. That ultimately left the forward ranks as the only big area of concern, so it limited the scope of what they went into the market looking for.

    The problem of course was that the free agent depth outside a top-tier that consisted of Hossa, Gaborik, Havlat, and the Sedin twins was scarce. After the team whiffed on the guys they targeted I think the question quickly became, is it really worth it to invest in middle-tier people you aren’t all that confident will meaningfully impact your roster next season. Lombardi says he’s still kicking some tires, but his attention appears to now be turned towards the trade market.

    So if the reason he’s not signing anyone now is because he’s already switching gears and making calls to facilitate trades for players that he thinks are better than the second and third-tier guys left floating in the market then I can live with that. Personally speaking, I think it would upset me more if he wasted money on sub-standard players in a token gesture of fan appeasement at this point. If it ever came down to a choice I would be happier seeing a roster of young, homegrown talent being put out on the ice than the next wave of Calder and Nagy.

  • anthonyy

    As I said, more pitiful excuses from the worst GM ever.
    Find a new career Mr. Genius.
    Hockey just aint yo thang.

  • JonG

    Great stuff Rich. Thanks as always.

    I understand Lombardi’s approach and deep down I may agree with it, but this sure is frustrating. Everyone else in the league is trying to get better now and we’re just waiting and waiting and waiting.

  • Cynic

    Take note Dancing Barry…

    This is EXACTLY why I RESPECT Dean Lombardi. He doesn’t owe the fans 1/2 the explanation he just gave. I don’t have to agree with everything he says, and there are a few things I think he is timid on, but then again, I’m not even close to being in his shoes and in the throws of the deals. Let’s not forget the fact that I won’t lose my job for my opinions on how to run this team. Look at the detail in his explanation of what happened today people. Some of you call him ‘Dumbardi’. (I’ll speak for Dean here since it would be bad PR for him to do it) LOOK IN THE F-N MIRROR JACKHOLE!!!!! Would you rather have a Bob Gainey who’s about a tight-lipped to the public as they come? Tell me which GM’s are more OPEN about their dealings. I’m sure there might be one or two, but if you can’t name at least 15…COUNT YOUR DAMN BLESSINGS!!!

    Again, you may not agree with everything Deano says, I don’t, but you MUST respect and appreciate the respect he has been showing YOU, the casual fan. Dean has made mistakes, you all have let him know about them quite frequently. I’d say from this explanation, he’s learned quite a bit from them. Isn’t that what you all want?!?!

    Did I want to see a signing today, HELL YES! Do I think we should have made one based on this info? HELL FREAKIN NO! Bummed about Hossa, so Hossa can kill my Forum Blue A$$ about his decision. He sure made a great choice leaving Pittsburgh last year, didn’t he? So what’s to say this choice to lock himself up in Chicago is a better one? I think it’s one he’ll regret. What I DO like is Dean is FULLY ADMITTING that he and his team were prepared for the 10 year megacash deal. So it fell through. At least I know now, straight from the source, that he’s got the nad to do a deal. Hossa just doesn’t have the nad to be the go-to guy. C’est la Vie Marian. Good Luck to you.

    Would I have loved Gabby & Havs here. Absolutely. At no more than 3 years each. Quisp and I mentioned that at the chat. Any more than that jacks up the cap for the next tier of (hopefully) superstars (Doughty, Kopi, Brownie, Quick, etc.) 5 years is too much. Enjoy NY & Minn.

    Investigating trades is a good thing. Toronto did nicely with Exelby & Stuart today for Kubina & change saving them about 2mil in cap space as well. Hopefully Deano can do something there. Wouldn’t mind Byfuglien out of Chicago as rumors are flying he’s available to make room under the cap. Would be a nice addition to the 3rd line with Zeus & Sims.

    I kind of hope we let the kids stay on D-. Martinez & Drewiskie deserve shots. Maybe even Piskula, I mean we gave him a few games 2 years ago didn’t we?

    Anyway, again, APPRECIATE WHAT THE F YOU ALL HAVE HERE. It may not be perfect, but it’s damn good.

    Dean – Thank you for being so transparent with all this. Please continue to do so. As a fan, I NEED this and it makes it easier to appreciate what you do.

    Rich – Thanks for getting this to us TONIGHT! I will sleep better having read this. You get thanked a lot…as well you should!

    /End Lecture

  • drew

    2 thoughts:

    – Chicago has greatly improved ever since a new exec (John McDonough) came in from another Chicago pro sports team and realized the team needed some new blood in all areas. Ever since then, the Hawks are huge in Chicago. We get Leiweke as our main corporate point guy, and his hockey knowledge is as limited as his humility.

    – It is all well and good for Lombardi to make a moral stand not to pay what he feels are inflated salaries, but the market has dictated that those salaries are what it takes to compete in today’s game. DL can rest smugly on his island if he were to be in this all by himself, but in a team concept all his moral superiority will do is get him a round of applause from AEG while his team falls further behind the pack.

  • Moondoggie

    Like most of you, I admire DL for not having sold his soul or the team for a scoring forward. He told us all along, if the deal wasn’t there, they’d move forward. And he’s right about Chicago, it took them six, seven years? We’re at year three and much further ahead at this point than the Hawks were. All is good in LaLa land everyone and DL will turn this team into a winner. We’re on the right track everyone, stay the course, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!!!


  • King4 life

    I saw DL tonight in his office at El Segundo around 9. He was leaning back in his chair looking exhausted talking to Hextall. I feel for DL. He is paying for all of the horrible mistakes that Kings previous GM’s have made to give them the stigma of always sucking. I personally believe in DL and that when the time is right he will make a move. I know its hard always waiting for next year, but next year is better than never….I guess.

  • variable

    i guess i was right for a change…:)

  • jleung

    Having read that Lombardi at least made an effort to go for Hossa, I’m ok with the events that transpired today. The Gaborik and Havlat deals would have given me ulcers.

    Tanguay is not a bad 3rd option. There is not a whole lot of money left out there now, so he may have to sign at less than what he made before. I’d be ok with Tanguay at under 4M/yr for a few years.

  • Kevin Allen


    Let me help you out here:

    Offer Tanguay – 4 years/ $16.8 mil

    Offer Beauchemin – 4 years/ $14.4 mil

    Offer Moen – 3 years/ 9.3 mil

    Offer to ATL:
    Frolov, JJ, Handzus, 2010 1st and 2nd Round picks for Kovalchuk and a 4th rounder.

    You’re welcome.

  • WTF

    Why are you all obsessed with Tanguay? He is 5 foot nothing 180 soaking wet and has been invisible when not playing with some of the best players in the world (which we do not have).

    It would be moronic to sign him.

    As much as it it sucks to hear, the Kings will be a crap team for years. Get used to it. Pens, Hawks, Caps, all sucked ass for years. Those guys got dragged out of the cellar by lucky draft years (and a rigged Crosby lottery).

    If you can not handle that, stop being a fan and come back in 2-3 years.

    My only complaint is we do not suck enough. Every year we find a way to screw ourselves out of the 1st pick overall winning 1 or 2 pointless games against some other bottom feeding team that probably let us win.

  • 28 KINGS

    “anthonyy said:

    As I said, more pitiful excuses from the worst GM ever.
    Find a new career Mr. Genius.
    Hockey just aint yo thang.”

    Care to elaborate…oh that’s right, it easier to throw rocks from the overpass isn’t it.

    The man spells it out for IN NICE BIG WORDS and that’s the best you got. Reading comprehension just ain’t yo thang.

  • uknojata

    all im saying is spend the f_ing $. as long as its 1-3 years its a no brainer if its going to make us better. to his credit deano does make it all sound great. the guy can talk and it really makes sense, BUT its like the chicken before the egg thing. to attract those “hossa-like players” you need to contend. sucks for us cause we’re not a 100 point team. so what i want to hear from deano is how we’re going to LAND a top tier player. just chasing them isn’t ever going to get you anywhere.

  • MacSwede

    I Think DL has motivated well his behaviour or lack of it at the free agent frenzy.

    BUT…we alla say we should go after Kovi next year, but how is that going to be possible? We went hard for Hossa this year, but he didnt want to play here, and why would kovi?

    After playing for sucky Atlanta all his career, dont you think Kovi rather go to a contender? At least some team that will guarantee a playoff spot?

    IF we shall have a possibility to land Kovi after next season, I think we MUST make the playoffs this year. Therefore, I think we shall sign some bridgeplayers at the left wing. Maybe Moen isnt such a bad thing after all, or Tanguay. Or maybe a trade..

    If we can continue to make progress this year, and make the playoffs. Then maybe Kovi is interested to come here… I think he would love to play with Kopitar, Brown, Doughty and Frolov rather than his current teammates. But there are 29 other teams that are interested too..

  • MacSwede

    Matthew Barry on Hockeybuzz said it: (yeah I know its hockeybuzz, but still its true)

    “So for those Kings fans that are whipped into a frenzy, the Kings are in great shape. They could still easily trade for Marco Sturm. They could still easily sign filler players for one or two years, and if Ilya Kovalchuk or Rick Nash decide to test the free agent waters next season, guess who will be one of a handful of teams who will be able to AFFORD one of these silly 12 year deals.”

    I totally agree!!!! We have this in our hand folks! But we need to sign some “filler” players, and I think it would be easy and cheap because of the many big signings that has been made the latest 24 hours..

  • Brad M

    There is still 3 players that could help the Kings for next season.

    #1 Ville Koistinen – this guy plays a similar game to Jack Johnson, and I bet the Kings could lock him up for 5 years for 7 to 10 million. Then unload Johnson for that 1st line winger, such as Shane Doan? Hmmm.

    #2 Nik Antropov – he looked great for the Rangers, and would be a true 2nd line center the Kings could use. He’s 6’6 and weighs 230 and can score!! Then they could try to unload Handzus, he’s just going to get hurt again.

    #3 Mathieu Schneider – who else to play on the power play with Doughty than one of the best. Try to get him for one year, and have him teach Doughty how to run a power play, O’Donnell can’t do that.

    Doan – Kopitar – Brown
    Frolov – Antropov – Moller
    Simmonds – Stoll – Williams
    Ivanans – Lewis – Purcell

    Doughty – Schneider
    Quincey – O’Donnell
    Koistinen – Greene

  • andre norway

    Thanks for the good work Rich. And thank to Mr. Lombardi for taking his time to sit down with you. So to all you Lombardi haters out there. He went after Hossa but Hossa decided he wanted to play for a contender right away and that is fare. Regarding Gaborik, LOmbardi wanted to give him 1 to 3 year not five as the rangers did and Gaborik chosed the rangers – thats fare. Mike Knuble wanted to stay in the east and thats fare and Lombardi did not want to spend 5 years for Havlat. Do we need another d-man?? maybe, maybe not as LOmbardi said :he wants the d corps to grow together and then use the money up front. Its a long time until the season starts and as Mr. Lombardi said: we maybe go for a trade.
    And Mr Lombardi, please bring back Army, we need him as our 12-13th guy and as a lockerroom leader and teacher for the younger guys.

    Go Kings Go


    I don’t get it.

    No one wants to come to LA but Tampa, Islander, Toronto signed pretty big names.

    And heres where Dean loses me…So he DOESN’T want to sign big contracts, but he’ll TRADE those big contracts for our FUTURE. So instead of just getting the player through FA he’ll wait till someone pays the player and then give them assests for it. What a Dumbardi

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I’m just glad we have an intelligent GM who wasn’t prepared to handicap his franchise for the next 10 years with the wrong contract.

    I do believe he’ll find a top 6 winger to trade for this summer. Whether it be Kessel or Gagne or someone else, I think he’ll find someone and pull the trigger.

  • MacSwede

    I understand what you mean WWAMD. But at least he can choose which player to trade for, and thereby which contract to trade for.

    He DIDNT trade for Vinny or Heatley because of their BIG contracts, which is smart.

    And also, he said he were WILLING to give Hossa a BIG contract, he just didnt want to play here (why I dont know, I agree with you on that).

    So it is just not so simply as you described it..

    Finally, are you the european version of Anthonyy, or are you just up early? 😉

  • number 6

    Variable, you Were right…. but not just for a change.
    Regarding Marion Gaborik, for everyone disappointed to have not outbid the Rangers…. I live in NY and listened to the chat shows last night. Even the Ranger fans who called in (and the moderator) felt that what they were paying him was a big gamble! That from the team who got him. So what was DL gonna do to get him… outbid the Rangers?
    I’m no more happy than a lot of the people about this but agree w Dean. I mean what are you gonna do if players don’t wanna come to LA at this point. Not a whole lot to do other than be creative and try and find other solutions.

  • MacSwede

    Latest rumour..

    Kings have made a bid for Martin Biron! Could that mean that Dean has some trade package including Bernier??

    Kings have made a bid for Alexei Kovalev! Kopitars favourite player, and a fellow countryman to Fro..

    Frolov – Kopitar – Kovalev

    What a line..

  • MacSwede

    Speculation, speculation speculation…

    Frolov to Atlanta together with Bernier and some more prospect/picks for Ilya Kovalchuk!

    Kovi – Kopi – Kovalev

    Ko-line…haha..just joking, but interesting thought 🙂

  • number 6

    What the heck would they want w Biron?? That would start to not look too good. Especially if trading Bernier. He was DL’s first first rd pick w Kings and heralded to be the future goalkeeper. Don’t think we can afford to give him up until Quick proves himself. While looking v good at times he didn’t definitively prove himself last season as “the guy”.

  • number 6

    MacSwede do you actually have evidence for this stuff or are you just speculatiing?

  • nykingfan

    DL showed once again why he’s one of the smartest GM’s in the league.
    He went hard after the player he thought was the best available and would help the Kings the most. The guy chose to go elsewhere…What more was DL to do? He asked for and was willing to give compensation just for the right to speak to him and sign him.
    So because you lose out on your top guy, some of you say…well go get the next best thing and overpay for him…no matter.
    Gaborik comes up. We all said he’d be a great acquisition at 2 years. I don’t recall any of the naysayers saying sign him at 5 years and $7 mil per. Where were you when we were all having the discussions about him?
    Monday morning QB’ing is pathetic…especially when you didn’t have the balls to put it out there before.
    The Rangers completely overpaid for the guy. He’s never put together 3 seasons in a row of being healthy…the Rangers invested 5 years in him. What happens in year 3 or 4 when he completely breaks down or that shouldn’t be expected?

    I still have complete confidence in this team as we are presently constructed. Our young guys improved a lot last year and I expect further improvements. We’re not that far off from being playoff contenders. We have a ton of young talent that will continue to get better.

    Maybe next year when guys like Nash are out there and LA is right on the cusp of being a solid team, we can be major players for those guys. Heck, we may be the only one’s with the cap room to get a guy like that.

    Also the trade market will open up and there will be deals to be had for some very goosd players. Maybe not huge name guys, but good players. Teams like Montreal, Chicago, Rangers are all going to have cap issues…now and in the future. Especially a team like Chicago…they have a ton of young talent…Kane, Sharp, Toews, Versteeg…they can’t sign all of them to the contracts they’ll be looking for. Again, its the teams that are smart enough not to overspend for marginal talent or guys with question marks that will be able to get the next set of players that become available.
    DL has made sure the Kings have the room to sign his own guys and be able to afford top talent in the future.

  • AK47

    MacSwede said:
    Matthew Barry on Hockeybuzz said it: (yeah I know its hockeybuzz, but still its true)

    “So for those Kings fans that are whipped into a frenzy, the Kings are in great shape. They could still easily trade for Marco Sturm. They could still easily sign filler players for one or two years, and if Ilya Kovalchuk or Rick Nash decide to test the free agent waters next season, guess who will be one of a handful of teams who will be able to AFFORD one of these silly 12 year deals.”

    I totally agree!!!! We have this in our hand folks! But we need to sign some “filler” players, and I think it would be easy and cheap because of the many big signings that has been made the latest 24 hours..

    I disagree.. Next years UFAs won’t want to sign in LA just like Hossa didn’t want to. Rick Nash and Ilya Kovalchuk are just going to sign with a team other than the Los Angeles Kings because our GM is so damn hard headed. If we don’t make a significant trade or sign a big player by october, I will be severely disappointed and we’ll be drafting Loktionov’s ex-teammate from Windsor with the 1st pick overall, Taylor Hall..

    And the whole 7 years to rebuild Chicago is also crap, come on guys. We’ve been rebuilding for what, 4 years now? I mean, I’m sure Chicago signed ONE player on July 1st during that rebuild, or made GOOD trades at the deadline.. He keeps comparing us to the Chicago Blackhawks, but that’s not us, we’re the Los Angeles Kings.. Who’s their Drew Doughty? Cam Barker? No way man.. Deano, you’re nowhere near the man Dale Tallon is, he has the ***** to throw money at Brian Campbell, money at Huet, money at Hossa AND KOPECKY.. The funniest part is, all of you think they won’t be able to keep Toews and Kane, pfft he’ll find a way, that’s how good Tallon is.. They’ll take a discount to play with Hossa, for sure. He’ll deal Patrick Sharp away..

    God, I really thought this was the year we would actually spend some money instead of just window shopping.. I think that’s my new nickname for Dean Lombardi, “The Window Shopper”..

  • number 6

    NYkingfan…. very well put indeed. Only one thing to add. While many are saying how well situated we will be wrt the Cap next year, one thing became very clear to me in these last few days… regardless of how a team is situated (w maybe a few exceptions) if a team wants a Kovi or Nash they will start to get creative w trades or whatever to create that space in order to go after a player. Everyone (myself included) said the Rangers were stuffed last trade deadline in spite of their financial situation. Well, they moved pieces and got guys at the trade deadline and then yesterday picked up a very expensive piece… so I’m not convinced it’s as simple as being the best situated relative to the cap…. unfortunately…. though even a member of the Red Wings brass (can’t remember who) said that Chicago will be in a problematic situation next year.

  • Bernie9

    “WWAMD said:
    I don’t get it.

    And heres where Dean loses me…he DOESN’T want to sign big contracts”

    It was HOSSA that didn’t want to sign the big contract to play here, not Dean Lombardi. Please re-read the top of this page.

  • anonandonanon

    All Lombardi did yesterday was dance.

    He got no players for the team. Smile, “I tried!”, shrug. He made no commitments. He danced around with Rich giving answers to questions, I mean the guy still has to off a couple of season ticket packages.

    Now while I can’t say everything he does is wrong I know anything he does is not necessarily right. The contracts handed out yesterday were off the scale of reality. (My opinion – the only one that was half right was the Sedins. They ended up under scale). He should not have targeted the high end of the group. He should have had a plan B. Skunked again.

    The rebuild got at least 1 year longer. Note for all the guys that compare us to Chicago, the BH’s signed free agents once they were close, we have not. They were known as a “cheap team”. What’s that make us? Cap conscious. Sweet!. That’s not a ticket sales tool. I’ve even seen people excited about finally breaking out of the bottom 5 in 2012! Sad. Not why I’d buy into this stuff with my cash.

  • anthonyy

    Oh Brilliant.
    Just Brilliant.
    Lets sign Kovalev to a big contract.
    A 36 year old who gets benched for playing with no heart and passion.
    If you guys thought POS had a chip on his shoulder, this guy has a building on his.
    I hope this wasn’t DL’s secret weapon. If it is, put him on unemployment.

    KOVALEV IS BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave in Torrance

    Good morning guys. Wide ranging sentiments, huh? I’m coming down on the side of DL. I’m bummed that we were unable to sign any of the big guns that were out there, but I understand the reasoning and respect him for sticking with his plan, his idea of the type of player he wanted and the type of money and years he was looking for. I am still going to hold out some hope that we can still land a scoring foward. Be it a bridge player or a trade for a still to be determined winger. Everyone knows we need help offensively, and Dean knows it too. I’m still anxious, and I hope that we don’t go through this period empty handed. I’m still drinking the Kool Aid, I just hope Dean adds a little sugar to the mix. Lets see what happens today.

  • macdup

    I think this is the heart of it for me. Players do not want to play here! Why? High price of real estate? Traffic? Tight wad owners? Lack of media attention? I blame the 110 and 405 freeways! Maybe the players need more wives like Prongers who wanted to leave Edmonton because of the weather (and other reasons). Gretzky liked it here because he was NOT the biggest celebrity in the neighborhood.

    I feel like I am back in high school when you ask the hot girl to prom but she says she is already going with the quarterback. Damn you Hossa! We have lots of good restaurants here! You like Korean BBQ? haha

  • MacSwede

    number 6.

    I am not speculating unless I say so, like I did with Bernier trade for Kovalchuk.

    But IT is a legit ruomur that Kings have made a bid for Biron, and Kovalev, I am not just making that up, have I ever done that?

  • Dan H.

    I keep missing something. I hear Travis Moen a lot around here the past few days and we all know we’re looking for a SCORING left winger. Someone wants to pay dude 3+ million a year.

    The BEST goal scoring year for this guy was 11 in 2006 with the quacks.

    He’s a CHECKING winger guys. We have an abundance of that kind of player. I think we saw 6 from Manchester last year doing that role.

    Keep your eye on the ball and lets not toss money away just because we have cap space. I wish we would have picked up someone to help too but lets see what we can do with Williams healthy (supposedly) and our team with Quick as the backstop for a whole season.

    I think they can make the playoffs and cause some fits. I guess we’ll see.

  • Bernie9

    Dan H. – the signing of Moen would create a KILLER checking line with Zeus-Simmonds.

  • number 6

    MacSwede, sorry for misunderstanding. I really wasn’t inferring anything. It was just a question is all.
    Dan, as for the playoffs, well I’m not gonna write the Kings off but am also leaning towards realism. St. L gets back a healthy Kariya and Eric Johnson (1st overall pick in 06) so they are definitely ahead of the Kings. Also CBJ I read that w return of Broussard they are now four deep at center plus they have Rookie of Yr goaltender.
    W the givens of Det, Chi, Vanc, SJ, adn probably the Ducks, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of spaces available to make the PO’s. That leaves open one space for Calg,Nash, Dal, Minn and the Kings. I have no expectations, I will say that.

  • Bernie9

    Oh and Moen would be that Calder upgrade DL has talked about – he’d come pretty cheap.

  • JB

    Well at least he tried. Glad to hear we were in running for Hossa and we weren’t like Rich kind of suggested gun shy because of some guys that may be RFAs in 2 years.

    All you can do now is stick to the plan.

  • jimmyzaflow


    It won’t happen. Think about it, the Kings are a third rate team and management likes having a SOULLESS tool like “MR LOMBARDI” running the show. It a shame that the team I love with a passion will always suck. I love how they put on this nice Hollywood show at thier town hall meetings talking about how there will be changes and they’re commited to putting out a great team this up comming season. The only thing they’re commited to is building up Down Town LA, to make money that way. Owning the Kings was just a ploy to get thier foot in the door! People, we’re getting ripped off! Last year I went to 23 games, I spent lots of money during that 23 game span and look where my money is going to. It’s going to nothing. Actually some of it went to an un-stable / washed up pop singer who’s dead (oh I’m sorry….. is it too early, WELL I DON’T CARE!!!).

    As long as these A$$ CLOWNS are running the show, we’ll always be doomed to be cheering for a bunch of losers. Plain and simple, as much as I hate to say this, the Kings are the Clippers and the Ducks are the Lakers of Southern California hockey and that will never change as long as there SOULLESS BA$TARD$ are running the show.

    Please stop going to the games and stop spending your on the team. Watch’em on TV but please lets stop giving AEG our money. Investing our money into this team is like HOW AEG invested thier money into Michael Jackson, THERE IS NO FUTURE IN IT!

  • Bryan


    Dude think about what you are saying. I wanted a big UFA too, but the more I think about what Dean is doing the more I start to like it. Do you want a team that is good for a year or two, or do you want something similar to what Detroit has.

    Just enjoy the ride. We will be one of the top teams soon enough and everyone under the sun will want to play here in LA.

  • AK47

    I’m honestly thinking that DL keeps feeding us **** and all we do is take it.. I think it’s time we step up and show that we’re no longer patient with this rebuild. Honestly, he’s not doing anything, it’s actually scary because every team in the West is getting better (including Phoenix) and all DL and his boys are doing is just sitting back, having a coffee, doing their thing and if we finish last in the West (again), it won’t be a big deal because we’re still rebuilding.. That’s the way he looks at it and i’m sick of it.. Next year is a playoff year and if that doesn’t happen, both DL and that loser TM are fired, I hope so anyways. You can’t just sit back and watch teams in your conference and division get better, while you’re still excited about drafting Brayden Schenn and Kyle Clifford the Big Red Dog.. As a matter of fact, Dean Lombardi has probably one of the easiest jobs..

    1) Sit back and countdown the days until the draft because that’s all I’m good at..

    2) Feed all the fans %#&* and tell them what our needs are (scoring LW), but never address those needs since we’ll finish in last place and I’ll tell them “It’s a part of the rebuild”. We had chances at several scoring wingers and young ones too (Hossa, Gaborik, Havlat, Heatley), but either they didn’t want to sign with us, I didn’t make a big run at Gaborik or Havlat (don’t know why..) and Heatley was just a red flag, although he’s a left winger and knows how to put the puck in the net (2 time 50 goal scorer)..

    DL, grow a pair and start using that money, this is getting embarrassing.. Not only did us Kings fans think that you would open your wallet during this free agency, but the whole hockey nation, just go read http://www.hfboards.com.. Biggest surprise for me on July 1st wasn’t the Blackhawks giving Hossa 12 years, or the Islanders signing Roloson to 2 years or even Heatley rejecting the offer to Edmonton, it was the Los Angeles Kings being one of 3 teams to make absolutely not ONE signing.. I wonder what this genius is going to do with that hole on the left side of both the 2nd and 3rd line..

    Frolov – Kopitar – Williams
    Ivanans – Stoll – Brown
    Westgarth – Handzus – Simmonds
    Clune – Lewis- Harrold

    Stanley Cup Bound
    The funny part is, TM would probably put a line out like this

  • AK47

    He better be preparing an offer sheet for Phil Kessel or Ryan Callahan

  • s2

    Quoting the brilliant Helene Elliott, “We’re poised to strike for the right guy,” he said, a refrain that’s getting older, staler and less believable by the minute.

  • number 6

    I get that there are a lot of furious people out there, but how did they not “open the wallet” when in fact he Did open the wallet but a player wanted to go somewhere else?
    WRT Heatley, almost everyone w/o exception in the press, the radio stations etc is fed up with this guy…. me included. They spoke of the repercussions of his (Heatley’s) actions on nhl radio and it looked even worse than what I had already thought…. and you want that guy? … and then who do you blame when he decides he wants to be traded in a year and a half?

    Is it frustrating that the Ducks have managed the turnaround that they have while the Kings have struggled? Yes. Personally I am inclined to hold the previous two Kings GM’s more accountable for the current state of the team than Dean Lombardi. At least Lombardi has a clear point of view and he’s sticking to it.

  • nykingfan

    Number 6
    You’re right, For every bad contract, there’s a team stupid enough to take it off their hands…a la Montreal taking Gomez from the Rangers.
    But if many GM’s are correct and the cap does drop next year and the year after, young players just coming into RFA or UFA cannot possibly fit under those teams cap.
    Young players like Dubinsky will become available. I wouldn’t mind getting a guy like that.
    I think the Rangers have proved over the years that just because you sign the biggest name, doesn’t make you a better team.

    Plan B has yet to be played out. Plan B may have been to target guys via trade. Teams need to assess what they have and how much they need to move to fit under the cap.
    It seems that most of these teams made the big ticket moves this year feel they are close enough now to win the cup this year. Many of them are fooling themselves…(NYR. Montreal)
    I’m not sure we were 1 player away from being a cup contender.
    In my opinion, it didn’t make sense to throw stupid money at guys just to get a guy. It has to make sense long term so that we have no issues signing guys like Doughty, Moller, Simmonds, etc.

    Also, did anyone notice that Detroit stayed quiet this year? Perhaps they realized that the $$ being thrown at some of these guys wasn’t worth it.

  • Scott Pearson

    Dustin Brown was drafted in 2003 and Frolov was drafted in 2000. We are NOT three years into this.

  • AK47

    Antropov signs with Atlana, 4 years, 4 million per.. Similar to the deal we signed Handzus to..

  • Bernie9

    Let me ask one question of the brain-dead, infantile, belly aching crowd:

    What are you going do, say and feel this season and going forward when The Plan bears fruit & we’re a perenial Cup contender???

    “oh my bad” won’t be good enough! It’s bad enough to live through the agony of 40 years, but you guys make it INFINITELY worse!!! Lombardi is a GODSEND for this franchise & you need to wake up to that fact!

  • maraudking

    As most Kings fans, I am disappointed that we didn’t land a top flight guy. But it is reliving to know that DL was offering some big numbers to Hossa. You can not fault DL for Hossa not signing here. As for the other guys, I can’t really blame him either for not giving as much for two guys that have only ONE FULL SEASON between the two.

    So I ask these questions to my fellow fans.
    1) Why are so many people open to trading JJ? He has only played about a season and a half! How can anyone say he is a bust? I think he is anything but, he proved that in the WC’s this year. Besides if you trade him, this leaves a SERIOUS void on the blue line. He is good, He will be fine this season.
    2) Knowing that the cap will be coming down next season. As a smart business person, why would it make sense to over pay a Gaborik, or Havlat to a 5+ year deal, knowing full well of their tendency to be injured. Yes, both of these guys are highly talented. But I can see why DL isn’t so open for the deals they received.
    3) What happens to Hickey, Teubert, VV, Schenn when/if they make the roster? THEY NEED TO BE SIGNED…. WITH MONEY!

    Any GM worth his salt that in the current NHL, you simply can not jeopardize the future of your team by overpaying GM’s Again, look at the current blueprint for NHL success, Detroit. They have not once recently gave up on future picks/prospects (Legit ones anyway) to land short-term, high paying contracts for FA’s.
    Championships are built though the draft. We are not far behind the Hawks, maybe next season… Nash, IK, Kane, Towes….

  • TB

    Reading all these posts is great stuff!!!

    seriously though, I’m on the side that supports DL’s restraint yesterday. Simply put, the cost was too much for plan B (Gabbs), and Hossa said no even though DL ponied up a major offer. I don’t see anything wrong with what DL did. Truthfully, there are so many players left out there that can be acquired via trade of free agency that leaves me happy with our position…for now.

    What I’m having a hard time understanding is how some of you guys are putting the blame on DL when he clearly made his pitch to the top guys available. He even got exclusive negotiating rights for Hossa before 7/1. He made a serious push…I agree that Gabbs was a chance to show us some commitment, but forget about us fans for a minute. Our egos are getting in the way of the rational thinking needed to see the benefit of not getting too excited yesterday. As DL put it…he’s trying to avoid buyer’s remorse (i.e. Philadelphia right now). Come training camp, as I’ve always said, it will be a fair time to evaluate DL’s performance. Until then, theres a lot of scenarios that can still play out. But ultimately the best part about yesterday was not having a ball and chain attached to our one good leg.

    Now if it were my call…I’d press ridiculously hard for Nash. But I would not let go of JJ. Frolov…again the ego thing as a fan gets in the way…its a business. His contract is up, and he is replaceable. Want proof that he’s replaceable?…the Oilers traded Gretz and won the cup two years after the fact. In more recent times, Thornton traded from the B’s…and it paid off in spades as they won the eastern conference title this year. We can afford to move Fro so long as it is a good deal. I love Frolov, but I love winning more.

    Don’t fail us now Deanno…you have all the potential of making a huge impact still. Best part, it is possible to acquire some serious talent and possibly do it without taking on too much against the cap by shedding some of our payroll in the process. This could actually work out even better than getting Gabbs or Havalat. Hossa…not so mcuh. There’s no B.S. to rationalize the missed opportunity. But it certainly wasn’t DL’s fault. He put the money out there…and thats all we’ve wanted from the guy.

  • macdup


    This was the funniest post I have read. I know you are angry and serious but my co-worker (Ducks bandwagoner) was saying the same this about the Ducks = Lakers, Kings = Clippers. So I joked that you are him.

    So this brings me to another topic:

    Why are we Kings fans? Why are people supporters of teams no matter what? My mom stopped rooting for the Kings in the early part of this decade because she thought the same, ownership does not want to do what it takes to put a winner on the ice. She really like old school checking game, so she starting liking the Ducks because they were playing that style.

    I have not been this excited about being a Kings fan since the Deadmarsh days. Yesterday was painful because you realize the Kings are not yet a desired destination for other players in the league. That works against DL and the team. When does that happen? When we have proven goal tending? When we make the playoffs? When we win a playoff round?

    I have to go wipe that kool-aid smile off.

    Smokey: “No sugar? Damn. Y’all ain’t never got two things that match. Either y’all got Kool-aid, no sugar. Peanut butter, no jelly. Ham, no burger. Daaamn.”

  • -J

    There are four teams that find themselves in a tight space with the cap right now (#’s courtesy of nhlscap)

    Current Cap hit: 54.5 mil
    Players needed to complete 22 man roster: 4
    Avg $ left per player needed: 0.6 mil
    Key players still to be signed: Kessel, Matt Hunwick
    Players that might be traded to free cap space: Marco Sturm @ 3.5 mil/yr

    Current Cap hit: 55.5 mil
    Players needed to complete 22 man roster: 3
    Avg $ left per player needed: 0.4 mil
    Key players still to be signed: need a top 6 forward
    Players that might be traded to free cap space: Corey Sarich, 3.5 mil/yr, Robyn Regehr, 4 mil/yr

    Current Cap hit: 55 mil
    Players needed to complete 22 man roster: 3
    Avg $ left per player needed: 0.6
    Key players still to be signed: no “key” players, but the roster needs to be completed
    Players that might be traded to free cap space: Daniel Briere, 6.5 mil/yr, Simon Gagne, 5 mil/yr

    San Jose
    Current Cap hit: 52 mil
    Players needed to complete 22 man roster: 7
    Avg $ left per player needed: 0.7 mil
    Key players still to be signed: Ryan Clowe, a 2nd goaltender, almost entire 3rd and 4th lines
    Players that might be traded to free cap space: Patrick Marleau, 6.3 mil/yr, J. Cheecho, 3 mil/yr, Christian Ehrhoff, 3.1 mil/yr

    So yeah, teams are getting themselves in to cap trouble already and are going to have to move players.

    On another note, I’m glad DL is demonstrating a hell of a lot more faith in our young core than most of you “fans”.

  • TB

    nykingfan…Re: The Wings…Ken Holland has enough of a problem keeping the team under the cap and woo’ing Samuelsson into resigning. He stated a couple days ago that their M.O. would be to retain rather than to acquire talent. They just can’t afford anyone in the top teir. Like the Kings, I see a trade coming for them. Perhaps 2nd or 3rd tier type deal. Expect them to be in the hunt for Moen.

  • jim

    We need a scorng LW simple as that. Kings are you listening. LW….. if it doesn’t happen I lose all faith in this guy. One guy that’s all…. That’s what everyone said we needed. If we can’t make it happen we fall farther behind in the west and no one will want to come here. Forget FA next year we need to make a step forward this year or I’m done. I look at clippers fans ( with no respect ) I think what’s up with you how can bleed for such a sht team is it the cheap seats did you ride to school on the short bus come on man come to a lakers game that’s a team to watch and follow. Now back to me and my kings are duck fans looking at me the same way? I’am I the clipper fan I’am I blinded by my love for this team I’am I a joke because if we don’t land a big player and we can’t. Lock up fro and I here the same bs about money I’m done. 26 years waisted on this team.

  • David

    Wow, Helene Elliott just nailed Lombardi to the wall.

    “the Kings watched and wondered when players they consider the “right” fit would consider them the “right” team to play for. Judging by Wednesday’s festivities, the answer is never.”

    “The Kings, who have about $14 million in cap space and a burning need for a scorer, had promised fans they’d be active but emerged empty-handed, a result that’s tediously familiar.”

    “Same old story. When will it have a different ending?”

    “”We’re poised to strike for the right guy,” he said, a refrain that’s getting older, staler and less believable by the minute.”

  • number 6

    On nhl radio they were discussing winners and losers and counted the kings as possible winners for not just going after someone just for the sake of it. They targeted Hossa, didn’t get him so they said that it was smart to not just go after the next person on the list.
    Also compared the way free agency played out like musical chairs where players just seemed to land wherever there seemed to be money left w/o thought as to how the particular player might work out.

  • -J

    AK- i think you should take a day or two off to get well and reflect, it looks you might be becoming one of the trinity.

  • anonandonanon

    Plan B in free agency should be able to net someone without giving up someone. A real smart guy should be able to engineer something. Should, not must, of course. Never Plan A at those prices.

    While there are some of our guys in the line-up I could live without, you still have to give up something to get something. Deano is not great at free agency, Handzus being the most notable exception to a long line of really questionable pick-ups, but he has had some real stinko trades. He’s at least neutral in FA’s. I’m worried he will continue to have good reasons to rid himself of the producing youth for middle of the pack guys who end up with pretty good paydays themselves. Little or no gain in the results on the scoreboard.

    BTW blaming DT for the pickle that “the plan” has created mystifies me. You guys do realize the vast majority of the guys Dean has dumped are still in the league and playing for better teams than ours right? This malaise is part of Deans plan and has been bought into by many fans. I understand the loyalty to the sweater, I love the sweater too. I wanted Lombo to replace DT when DT was fired. I keep seeing less reason to wait when this thing keeps getting dragged out. I am less convinced than ever that A) the plan is viable B) the execution is top drawer and C) someone else wouldn’t do it better. This process of questioning the actions of the GM must be continuous. Blind faith is never the best and brightest strategy for a fan.


    It’s been said already but I’ll say it again, it isn’t that we didn’t sign anyone we wanted to – it’s that we couldn’t because they didn’t want to come to a loser team. So, the question becomes how are we going to improve and become a playoff team and have UFA’s want to come here? Same problem we’ve had since DL got here.

    I don’t see our current roster really improving us by more than 10 points next year, maybe 15 if we are very fortunate and that still puts us at 89-94 points, maybe and that’s a big maybe, into the 8th spot in the playoffs and then thumped by a Detroit or Chicago or Calgary in the first round. If I’m Nash or Kovalchuk I don’t sign with the Kings for the same reason we saw yesterday. We aren’t even close to being a 100 point team.

    Who on our current roster is going to ‘step up?’ Frolov is going to become a 40 goal scorer – no. Brown is going to start being a 35+ goal scorer on a consistent basis – no. Kopitar will start to produce at a point per game – maybe. JW will not get injured and score 30+ goals – maybe. DL wants Koptiar to get it and respond, how many times do they need to talk with Frolov? Who’s going to improve? The answer is – we don’t know and it’s just as likely that we don’t improve without adding something better. Time to take the next step.

    Results – not excuses!

  • Irish Pat

    Excellent post. One of the best I’ve read. Cheers.

    I hope Dean doesn’t sign Tanguay. He’s overrated. He’s been over-hyped ever since he scored the game winning goal in game 7 for Colorado in 2001. He’s apparently a moody little ____ in the locker room too. I hope Dean stays the course and doesn’t over-react like most of the shotgun GMs posting on here.

  • AK47

    Ok, ok.. It’s time I settle down here.. I look at who’s left in free agency and there’s maybe 2 or 3 guys that pop out, Moen, Tanguay, maybe Samuelsson and maybe Beauchemin.. I don’t see DL using the money to sign one of these guys, so really the only way I see us improving is via trade or offer sheets.. We know how Dean feels about the offers sheets, so forget that..

    Who would available on the trade market? I wouldn’t mind seeing Phil Kessel in a King uniform or maybe Ryan Callahan, heck Dany Heatley would look nice in a Kings uniform, but none of that is realistic.. Being realistic with Dean Lombardi is trading for guys HE likes, guys HE’S connected to, like Simon Gagne, Daniel Briere, Marco Sturm, Jonathan Cheechoo.. Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind if he signed Marcel Goc, I would definitely feel like we actually did something.. Some teams (ex: Washington Capitals) came out and said that they weren’t going to spending money on July 1st and THEY still did more than us, signing Mike Knuble.. Ok, I’ve got to keep relaxing, at least this post wasn’t ALL negative, it had some positive stuff in it, right?

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Helene Elliott is an idiot.

    There is nothing more comical than a newspaper hack allowed to write no more than five off-season articles proceeding to use one of her precious bullets to give a GM an untimatum:

    Either buy an expensive free agent… or you are incompetent and a liar.

    What a joke. Did Helene modulate her thoughts at all? No. She is just another Anthonyy-style Flamer who wants it all now. The only part of her discussion based in thought is the part about the Kings’ history of failure. Did she mention that buying an expensive free agent has been tried before? We all know what success that strategy has achieved.

    It is NOT the obligation of the GM of any sports team in any town to spend the money of his owner just so the fan base can feel better about its insecure self. It IS the obligation of the GM to SUCCEED and bring a winner to his owner and his fan base by the end of his contract. Does Helene say anything in her screed about what would happen if purchasing an expensive free agent FAILED? Or, would that occurence simply write her next occasional article, next January?

    Unbelievable. And all of you Flamers consider yourselves KINGS FANS…

  • Bruin26

    Not sure why people are frustrated with Dean. Heck he was one of 3 teams that negotiated the rights to talk to Hossa starting at the draft and was prepared to discuss the same type of contract he got with Chicago. The player picked the better team at this time. That isn’t a shock and isn’t Dean’s fault. He has been trying to build the team from the bottom up and now we finally have some structure. I think it is great that he tried hard with Hossa, but was hesitant on guys like Gaborik and Havlet. Gaborik’s deal is too much for our team with the risk he is. Sure if he doesn’t get hurt in New York everyone is going to complain, but the chances of him not getting hurt our low until he can prove he is healthy for a full year. all these people saying just sign someone or he fails are probably the same people that were ticked off at the Calder and other contracts from a couple off seasons ago. Isn’t that what he did then? And that was just to bridge a gap until some young guys were ready for a spot. At most we need maybe a bridge D-man and maybe a forward. Sure we need a great forward, but like others said, you can’t put a gun to Hossa’s head and the other guys could have hurt the team in the future.

  • number 6

    Bako, that’s a good reminder. I remember when they signed Steve Duchene as a free agent from St. L and that was a total bust…. and for a lot of money.

    AK47 said: heck Dany Heatley would look nice in a Kings uniform.
    That’s one school of thought, but there are a lot of very knowledgeable hockey people out there (Gm’s, press, etc.) who right now don’t think he’d look very good in any uniform at all.
    As for my personal opinion I certainly wouldn’t give up any of our young players who could develop Or any assets i.e. draft picks to get that guy.

  • Garrett

    – J

    Great work… wanna come work for my company lol….

  • Dave in Torrance

    Hey AK, nice moderation. I would be all right with Gagne or Sturm. Briere is a wuss and Cheechoo, well, I don’t know, how about we can’t take him because he’s an Eskimo, or Inuit, or whatever. But that was a pretty sick goal he scored in the playoffs.

  • Pat McGroyn


    Let me just throw a trade proposal out there and you all tell me if it’s even plausible, because I think it would be beneficial for both teams. Quincey, Zatkoff/Ersberg, and a 2nd rounder to Boston for Phil Kessel.

    Too much? Too little?

  • Baumgartner22


    you wrote “Not only did us Kings fans think that you would open your wallet during this free agency, but the whole hockey nation, just go read http://www.hfboards.com.”

    um…rich did a pretty good job preparing “us kings fans” that DL would not be making a big slash in the UFA market. specifically in the line…

    “Lombardi took over and joked that he wanted fans ‘to think about this on July 2nd and 3rd,’ referencing what would happen if the Kings didn’t sign a big free agent on July 1.”


    i don’t know how much more DL and rich could have spelled this out for you. why are you so surprised?

  • Dan H.

    Macdup…your mom jumping to the Ducks in the early part of this decade is what you call a bandwagon hopper. Is it a coincidence that’s when they won the cup? no. Likes a checking style game. then she’d love the Kings last year since that’s all it was!

    As for Helene Elliott…is there anyone left wondering how our Rich gets all the good interviews on super busy days like draft day and the first day of free agency and she doesn’t?

    I’ll be more pissed if we trade Fro or JMFJ now. If you trade fro there better be TWO guys that can score 30 coming back because you just gave one up.

  • -J

    Ak- I’d hope for Gagne out of all those players. Not only is he an elite LW, which the kings A1 priority, Sturm is coming off a major injury, Cheechoo is a right shot when we need a left (and he’s been disappointing the last couple of years), Callahan is also a right shot and relatively unproven, Goc is a 3rd liner at best, Briere, don’t need him, Heatley, ehhhh, too much baggage, Kessel, a second ehhhh.

    Who knows what the flyers will want but i imagine it’ll cost the kings a good prospect or two (philly is in no position to take on much salary) and some of the kings 6 picks in the first 3 rounds of next year’s draft. Gagne would also have to waive his NTC, which as a lifelong flyer he might not do (it might depend on his rapport with DL and TM when they all worked together)

  • AK47

    The worst part about all of this is that once we’re in the 11th place of the Western Conference next year and we’re approaching the trade deadline, people will be saying “Trade Alexander Frolov at the deadline”.. That’s what bothers me, we need to be contenders so that we won’t feel obligated to deal Frolov away.. I hope we re-sign him LONG TERM, he deserves it..

  • -J

    so that begs the question, ak, for how much and how long do the kings sign for for?

  • -J

    oops, meant “fro for”

  • ike

    DL did fine by me. We don’t need centers or dmen. We are week on the wings. Hossa wasn’t in the cards and the other two are made of glass. It is about filling out the boxes. DL has said it time and time again. The deal has to make sense.

  • KevinWestgarth


    The Kings will be in the Playoffs next year, barring injuries. Keep in mind that there were many reasons why the Kings missed the playoffs, and I think those problems are fixed.

    First of all, Lebarbara was the starter. We all know that if J-Quick was the starter, or even Ersberg, the Kings would have won many games that Lebarbara single handendly lost.

    Second, Kopitar really sucked last year. Judging by the way DL is ridiculing Kopi, I really believe he will not only be in shape, but he will be very motivated.

    Third, Experience. All the young players last season will have more experience: Doughty, JJ, Quick, Simmonds, Moller, etc.

    Fourth, toughness. The Kings will hopefully have some team toughness and not be intimidated by certain teams/players.

    Fifth, JW. Justin Williams will be healthy and will produce. Forget POS, we have JW.

    The current line-up, barring acquisitions, is a playoff team:

    We’ll find out-Stoll-Brown
    We’ll find out-Handzus-Simmonds



  • AK47

    In my opinion, Frolov deserves a Kopitar-like contract, if not more..

    6 years, 6 million each year, and that’s taking a home town discount.. He can make 7.5 on the market, no doubt..

  • TB

    -J and AK…

    If I can take a stab at it…(because I agree that Gagne is a great option)

    Send Purcell, Our first next year, and Teubert (he fits the flyers mold of gritty D-man).

    Inexpensive against the cap, and plenty o-potential for the Flyers to benefit down the road from it. A fair deal if you ask me. What do you guys think?

  • Quisp

    re Helene Elliott —

    Venerable. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t do any reporting anymore on the Kings, just opinion pieces. Regardless of the story, her opinion appears always to be as follows:

    1) The fans deserve better. (can’t argue with that; however, see pandering.
    2) Players good. She seems especially biased in favor of the cute ones.
    3) Doesn’t like Lombardi.

    I get it.

    I don’t like her. I know lots of people do. To me, she’s (perhaps exactly) the sports reporter equivalent of Rob Blake. Only I’m not old enough to remember when she was ever any good. One of my big problems with her is not something that she has cornered the market on; it’s pervasive in bad sports writing, and possibly a requirement for op-ed type sports writers: a petulant, pouty sense of entitlement.

    If I ask my five year old for investment advice, he’s going to tell me to put it all in Legos. And when I don’t do what he says, he will stomp up and down and tell me I NEVER EVER buy him Legos.

    I don’t think Helene Elliott is a five-year old. I think she is cynically pandering to the five-year-old part of our lizard brains, the part of us that wants everything for Christmas and we want it in July.

  • variable

    i’m thinking we are going to make a tremendous trade offer to the thrash for kovy…

    and i’m also willing to got out on a limb and say that there is better than a 50% chance that he will be a king before all-star break, 2010…

    it’s going to be kovy, folks…i’m convinced of it…d.l. will make a serious offer probably sometime at the beginning of next season when the thrash bomb right out of the gate…

    d.l.’s willingness to wait it out will pay off…

  • Pat McGroyn


    I like your rationale, but I think that including a first rounder might be a bit too much. Maybe throw in Zatkoff or that kid Jones from the Calgary Hitmen instead. I would love to see Gagne in a Kings sweater, though…

  • Quisp

    TB –

    Too much to give up. How about:

    From LA: 2010 1st and Zatkoff (seen Philly’s goalies lately?)
    From PHI: Gagne, 2010 3rd, 2010 4th.

    Take a look at the cap figures. I’m about to make a list of all the teams who can afford to take on $5-6MM in cap hit without giving salary back. I don’t think it’s more than 6 teams.

  • vicarious

    Helene Eliot is a hall of fame writer, a professional, and extremely well respected. However, that does not mean she is ALWAYS right. At the moment, the big FA’s do not want to play in LA, and I believe its because the Kings overall team is not strong enough–the FA’s have better options signing elsewhere and are not stupid enough to be swayed by a sales pitch. The players are not stupid. So if they are one of the strong FA who are going to go to a weaker team, then they want commeasurate dollars–lie the Cammy deal in Montreal. On the good side, that Hossa even was willing to TALK to the Kings shows we might hv something here, a strong team I mean, fairly soon.

    Seems to me the Kings need some luck with maybe Schenn being a NHL player to be a top tier team. Kings need 1-2 more strong forwards for that. Without being a top tier team, the Kings’ll hv to sign a 2nd or 3rd tier FA and hope for the best.

    As a fan, my plan is to modulate my expectations according to the relative strength of the team, have some patience, and then suck it up–without whining because Hossa et al declined offers from the Kings. If johnson leaves–and I hope he stays–good bye and good riddance.

  • number 6

    Var…. hi there. Bravo to you. I think you’ve been very “zen” the last few days and stayed out of the fray. Well done. I’ve taken your advice and stayed pretty steady (for the most part) myself. I don’t know what DL will do but now that the dust is settling I think that he’s most certainly bidding his time and not doing anything silly.
    It’s not the easiest path to walk down, but sometimes the hardest path can be the most rewarding in the end.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    The only part about signing Frolov I fear is:
    Will Frolov really WANT to sign with us?

    If there is anything management needs to do now, it’s DO THE SELL JOB WITH FRO… NOW!

  • -J

    Ak, compared to what the sedins got, i think that’s high. I see him in the 4.5-5 range for that length of contract.

    TB, i wouldn’t want to give up purcell, but i think that i might take a young probable roster player like him to get it done. I’d probably do that.

    Pat McGroyn, Kessel would be a nice pick up for sure, assuming there are no lingering character concerns with him. Even though he’s a right shot, he plays extremely well on the left side and can play both center and wing. He’s got a hell of a shot. I think BOS would want at least a young roster forward in the deal, since they still need a few, and a 1st round pick. If the kings were at all interested, i’m sure DL looked into it at the draft and knows what the price is.

  • PaulCat1969


    I would be ok with that or perhaps a little less to make it Hartnell.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    That HE hit piece is the funniest thing you have ever written!

    AMEN, brother!

  • -J

    Guys, Gagne is absoulely going to cost a first round pick and he’s worth it. Not that this was a balanced trade, but Pronger just went for basically 4 first round picks (lupul, 7th overall, Sbisa, 19th overall, ’09 1st and ’10 1st). Heck, even Cammilleri went for a first round pick a few years back, and he was no where close to what Gagne is, then or now.

    He’s a Phi guy through and through so they are not going to part with him cheap just because of the cap (even if it forces them to move him)

  • It’s funny, you can almost clearly draw the line on who is a DL supporter/DL hater. Same thing in politics–Obama supporter/Obama hater. Things can’t happen fast enough in LA!

    For me, it’s important to know that the GM tried to go after what the team needed–too bad Hossa thinks he has a better chance to win in Chitown and not here–and what about Detroit? Other than Hossa himself, they only lost Conklin and Kopecky…Let’s say Hossa DID decide LA was right and we sign him to that 12-year deal…probably more cash to move out here to a marginal team. We barely make the 09-10 Playoff’s, and probably lose in four to Detroit, Chicago or even worse San Jose in the first round. How does Hossa feel now? He’s thinking, “Darn, I should have stayed in Detroit or taken that offer for Chitown!” Now we’re screwed! We have 11 years left with $60+ MM left to pay to someone who wants to bail.

    Okay let’s try something else…we trade–because that’s the only way we can get a marquee player, BUT we have to trade away a few good assets in say Fro and JJ, maybe even a few prospects–we go after and get Kovi. Maybe a risk that Kovi coming in doesn’t perform to expectations (i.e. Drury, Gomez), or maybe he does, but now we’ve essentially replaced one scoring winger with another and lost a D-man and some prospects. So now we’re still back to one scoring line (Kovi-Kopi-JW) and 2 checking lines (Simmonds-Handzus-Moller/Brown-Stoll-xx) and a 4th enforcer line. Will that get us to the next level or have we regressed back a few years? Let’s take if further, Brown and Kopi are now frustrated, and want out. DL gets fired and we’re rebuilding again with a new GM!

    What I think is that DL has 2 years left…let’s where he takes us and see what happens. Let’s see what we are all saying in 2012 and who’s on the roster. Remember…there are 29 other teams that want to win the Cup, too. Not only do we need to be better than those 29 other teams, we need to be LUCKIER!

    As a fan, I just want a team that can compete every night against every other team…with the hope that someday soon we make the playoffs, and eventually the CUP!


  • AK47

    Isn’t Simon Gagne injury prone? Maybe Scott Hartnell would fit better than Gagne..

  • Orphios


    There is just no reason to be frustrated with Lombardi. Two things he has stated over the years tells us he intends to stay the course and have a master plan. First, he stated that he was going to build the team from scratch through the draft. Second, he is following the Blackhwak plan.

    Guys..if you are building through the draft it must be assumed it is going to take 3-4 draft classes to build a full team. It isnt like you hit with every pick. Now, if we give Dean 4 drafts to do this right, the next thing we must consider is development. This isnt basketball or football where picks often play right away. Drafting a kid at 18 usually means 2 years of juniors and 2 years of ahl AFTER he is drafted. This means that the first draft class generally wont be with the team for until the fifth year and then likely requires 2 years (age 24) on the big club to be leaders or top 6/top4 performers with typical #’s. Now, if we do this for four classes, it means the fourth class wont be even be up until year 8 I believe. Given this time, this is year 3 of a likely 6-8 year plan. Frustrating, ofcourse but Dean has clearly said he isnt going to create a team through FA like the Rangers or other big market clubs. You may disagree with or criticise his plan (definetly our right as fans) but don’t think he is an idiot for not deviating from the plan.

    To the issue of his past FA choices…guys, there are two types of FA’s one considers – transitional and core. Transitional guys are guys on 1-2 year contracts to hold a spot until your kid is ready…(i.e. O’Donnell/Nagy) until say Hickey or Lewis are ready. These are rarely top tier guys and, as such, many are mediocre in terms of the league (they would still kick our butts in a game of one on one as they are elite athletes). The transitional guys arent that big of a deal because they are only keeping spots warm. As for his choice of core guys…well how many has be brought in? These are the decisions that must be critiqued. I would consider Handzus one given the 4 years…didnt love the sign for the money but he had a nice second year and is a quality 3rd line center. Preissing was a pick that didnt work…happens to all franchises…personally, I didnt love the Sullivan/Williams trade but I am willing to see if it works…lets see what the next big move is…if his next core guy is a 3rd liner put on the first line then I will evaluate that decision within the context of his overall master plan…we shall see.

    On an aside, can we agree to officially ignore Anthony…no matter what he posts just ignore it…dont respond even if a gun is to your head 🙂 Don’t feed his lust for idiocy


  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    When the cheese hits the fan in 4 months-1 year, people are going to realize that the cheese tastes bad.

    The consequences of being far over the cap are going to be painful when there are more teams selling than there are buying. It will be painful this year for 4-6 teams; it will be painful for 10-12 teams next year. Not only that, there will be less tit-for-tat trades in a year, like the NYR-MON trade with Gomez, simply because such a trade WILL NOT HELP either team!

    The longer DL waits, the more leverage he will have. People get caught up in the chaos, and get lost looking for the path. DL is going to stay on his path–and succeed or fail.

    PHI is one of the teams that will get hit this year. Watch them fold down their trade demands, like Oragami, when the cheese hits the fan.

  • Quisp

    re Frolov –

    Remember his end of the year comments. They were remarkable for their definitive non-wishy-washiness. He said he ABSOLUTELY WANTS TO BE HERE. He wasn’t hedging his bets. Resist the urge to project one’s own feelings onto Frolov.

    Also, as far as what he will earn as a UFA, if he’s not locked up: it’s up to him. It’s a contract year. If he scores 50 goals, then he’s looking at $8MM, I think. 40 goals = 6MM. 30 goals…$4.5MM? Numbers are obviously pulled out of my a**, but you get the idea.

    And of course if he’s injured and plays only 17 games, he’ll get a huge contract from the Rangers.

  • -J

    Absolutely Bako. I wonder at the mental faculties of those who don’t believe in what DL (and many others not affiliated with the kings) is saying about the cap, when even this year there are a few teams that are in trouble. Even if you think DL is blowing smoke up our @sses, the numbers don’t lie.

  • variable

    QUISPY, PAULCAT, -J, TB, others…

    i think philly would be asking for at least the following in return for gagne…:

    – a first rounder, either 2010 or 2011
    – a second-line center w/potential to be a first-liner
    – one bonafide prospect
    – draft pick(s) depth…mid to late round assets within the next 3 seasons

    the problem would be giving up a top 6 forward/top 2 team center…we have plenty of 3rd and 4th line pivots to go around…and maybe if we were to put an extra one in there to sweeten the deal…cool…

    but why not make a deal for kovy who would be a bigger game-changer than simone at almost the same trade cost…?

    i like gagne, but i like kovy more…

    NUMBER 6…

    hey, buddy…

    well, sometimes i get it right…thanks for the feedback…nervous time is almost over…let’s see what fro is asking for and then we can figure out that situation…have a slice of new york’s finest, sit back w/a cold one and watch it all take shape…:)


    we can now officially promote the RESPECT THE FRO campaign…get yr sign ready…

    i’m in portland, taking in the city…
    tonight, i would expect this team to look relatively the same as it did when i posted this…

    there might be a minor move, though…

  • Pat McGroyn

    J- Appreciate your feedback. I say next year’s first round pick should not be involved with any trade with Boston or Philly. Lord knows that it will be another top-5 pick again next season. However, instead of the first, we give those teams a second and their choice of Ersberg, Zatkoff or Jones.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Too bad I can’t spell: Origami.

    There is a caviat here about the Cap. The thing I fear about this the most is, when the Toronto Maple Leafs blow their cap to shreds next year, and after a much improved performance have to explain to their fans why they have to blow up the team in order to come in under the cap, I fear that the NHL and Betteman will change the rules, to make it better for their poor, beloved Leafs.

    Both the NHL and the Players Association want the cap to go UP, not down. Despite all the evidence that the cap should go down next year, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t. I was taught one rule as a child: When the forces that run the system don’t get what they want, they change the system. The Leafs are like a Canadian force of nature, and with BB in charge the question is, will the NHL let 5-6 teams have to give away fan-favorite assets in order to comply with the rules. It is always so much easier to change the rules.

    That would really screw DL and us Kings fans, but who cares? We are not forces of nature. The Kings must proceed carefully this year, because the Ayatollah may not like the results of the election he just held.

    Of course, that would make the strike and the reasoning behind the lockout completely moot. But, who cares? The Force of Hockey will have spoken!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Did it again…


  • lorenzoV

    Isn’t it easy to say who you went after? We will never know what is really true, will we?

    Now, Deano, maybe a look at RFAs is in order:

    Boston’s Phil Kessel
    Detroit’s Jiri Hudler
    Ranger’s Nikolai Zerdov

    Also, how much could FA Todd Bertuzzi cost. One would think he could make room for Moller, Frolov, etc. around the net.

    Instead of trying to use big words in your interviews, why not actually use big ideas to improve our club?

  • Highliner

    Why is it that nobody wants to come play for the Kings? This has been a frequent complaint by Lombardi since he has been on the job. It is the ownership. Nobody wants to play for owners who do not care about winning. Teams get reputations amoung players in the league. I am sure that the Kings are thought of as cheap, long time losers.

    Why will the Kings be a perenial loser always looking ahead as the rebuilding continues? Because as has already been demonstrated, when these young talented “core” players develop they want more money. They get moved out as part of stupid trades (Cammalleri one of the lamest trades ever).

    Ownership’s penny pinching will force Lombardi to get rid of valuable players like Taylor was forced to (Blake, Schneider, Boucher, etc).

    If by some miracle this team ever makes it to and deep into the playoffs, hang on to your wallets. Seat prices will go through the roof.

  • PaulCat1969


    I agree Kovy would be great but it ain’t happening. My issue with your request is that in theory this is supposed to be a salary dump for Philly. If they are desperate to shed salary, and I stress “IF”” then our return to them may not need to be as great as you have it laid out.


    Fro should get about 5 mil a year.

    The NHL is heading in a bad direction and has been since the Rangers won the cup. I can see real problems for the league should the cap come down next year. Might be the end to Bettman.

  • Captain Material

    “Instead of trying to use big words in your interviews, why not actually use big ideas to improve our club?”

    Funny thing, that’s exactly what he’s doing. I find it hard to believe critics here have much perspective on the history of this club and where it was when DL took over. I don’t know what to say to people if they look at where we were and have been historically compared to where we are today and come to the conclusion no progress has been made.

    The big idea is building the club to be a contender the right way through the draft and patience and not succumbing to the temptation for high risk quick fixs.

    I can understand people not caring about that and wanting instant gratification and/or simply not seeing that big idea no matter how clearly presented it is. I’m just very happy those people aren’t ownership or management.

    It’s just silly how any people here are complaining that nothing was done, even if the only things to do would not have been the right things.

  • Pat McGroyn

    I’ve got a feeling that Deano’s “Big Offseason Splash” (B.O.S.) is going to be the signing of Ruslan Fedotenko or Tyler Pyatt. Oh well, I’ll still root for the lovable losers…

  • -J

    Here’s another idea of why people may not want to come to the kings- they WANT to play somewhere else. Look at doughty, he was a fan of the kings growing up, happy the kings drafted him. Or duchene, big fan of Colorado growing up, happy they drafted him. For all we know, some of these guys may have been fans of the teams they sign with for years. On the flip side, maybe they didn’t like the kings in years past and it has nothing to do with DL or the kings current state. Just a thought.

    Or maybe they don’t want to move their families to the west coast, especially if their career has been primarily in the east.

    Or maybe they don’t like the travel demands of the western conference over that of the east, where most of the cities are only an hour or so by plane from each other.

    Highliner- don’t the signings of kopitar and brown, you know young talented core players, dispute your cammalleri point completely?

    Pat McGroyn- given that Bos wanted Kaberle, a 4 time all star defenceman, and Toronto’s 7th overall pick, I don’t think they would ever go for that trade. Kessel is 21, already a 35+ goal scorer- he’s gone to cost.

  • nykingfan


    I thought the exact same thing last night.
    There will be so many “big market” teams affected by the squeezing of the cap that I fully expect Bettman to do something to relieve their burden instead of having his big teams languish near the bottom of the standings.
    He’s such a shady guy, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he did something.
    If he did, we would be no better than WWE Wrestling and he’d be the new vince McMahon.

    On Frolov…AK you really believe he’s worth the same amount as Kopitar? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.
    If there was a player out on the market who scored 20+ goals a season but took stretches of games off that was noticeable to the point of being benched by the coaches and being spoken to about it numerous times, would you be willing to invest 6 years in that guy?
    Fro’s an amazing talent, but he’s under-performed to his talent level.

  • -J

    Bako- I know what you’re saying, and i’m no lawyer, but i don’t think they can just change a labor contract that easily or quickly. The current CBA expires at the start of the 11-12 season (unless the player’s union votes to extend it another year); that’s only two seasons away, so that is when any changes to the cap structure would likely be made.

    I’ve read that there are options that could make what you suggest plausible, but i don’t think the cap coming down a couple of mil and putting some teams in trouble is going to be enough to garner enough league-wide support to terminate the current CBA, which might be what it’d take to enact such a change. But as i said, i’m not a labor lawyer nor am i cba expert, so i guess anything is possible.

  • jet

    -J – Good cap ananlysis earlier. Some of those teams also have FAs still to sign also. this is off THN:

    Chicago Blackhawks
    Hey Hawks fans, who do you like better: Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews? Because after this season, youll very likely only have one of them in your lineup. Kane, Toews and Duncan Keith, the teams best defenseman and another must-keep, are all RFAs next summer and each will be looking for a significant raise, somewhere in the $5-6 million range.

    With the cap likely going down after 2009-10, theres not going to be a whole lot of room to spare after Marian Hossas deal this summer and Brian Campbells in 2008. Never mind the fact you still have RFAs Cam Barker, Kris Versteeg, Ben Eager, Troy Brouwer and Corey Crawford to re-sign with a little less than $9 million to deal with this off-season. Good luck, GM Dale Tallon youll need it.

  • Westchester Kid

    Only appropriate that the California team gives the fans an IOU.

  • knight of the realm

    Will be funny if Chicago trades Campbell ala NYR trading Gomez next Summer, huh?

  • AK47

    What about Blair Betts? Would be a perfect 4th line center

    Frolov – Kopitar – Williams
    ?? – Stoll – Brown
    Lewis – Handzus – Simmonds
    Moen – Betts – Richardson/Ivanans

    Hopefully the questions marks are Phil Kessel or Tanguay, even Simon Gagne..

  • number 6


    This was an article on the Puck Daddy site Rich mentioned yesterday: basically saying it’s not true that the Hawks will have difficulty signing their key players… that they actually have it all figured out and will be able to do it, perhaps making someone like Dustin Byfuglien expendable is all. So there are clearly varying opinions on this matter.

  • Rob

    Some interesting reading from Strickland……..

    Rink Rats!

    Worst Signing so far- Brian Gionta , 5 yrs $25 mill? Seriously?

    Best deal so far- John Madden, 1 yr $2.75 to Chicago. Great signing.

    Great signing by Mike Gillis in Vancouver to lock up the Sedins. He stood firm and didnt go crazy with one of these absurd 10-15 year deals either.

    The What is He Thinking Award goes to Glen Sather.This guy gives Donald Brashear nearly $3 million dollars when he could have signed Brian McGrattan for far less money.

    It gets worse

    Marian Gaborik- 5 yrs at $7.5? I dont get how and why teams just change players all the time. The Rangers get rid of Scott Gomez and then they sign Gaborik.

    Im told there are several GMs upset at Gainey for letting Sather and the Rangers off the hook.

    Are some of these General Managers trying to win hockey games or trying to win the press conference. These guys in pressure cities like Montreal panic and feel like they have to make the splash and make irresponsible signings. We saw plenty of Gms panic on day one of free agency

    Why did we even have the lockout? When will teams stop spending money they really dont have???

    Wasnt it Calgary who mismanaged the cap last season and could only keep 19 players on the roster late in the year?

    There will be some very good goaltenders playing in Europe this season with guys like Martin Biron, Antero Nittymaki, Brent Johnson, Manny Legace, Kevin Weekes, and Manny Fernandez still floating out there.

    Can Mattias Ohlund even play for three more years let alone seven? Many people in hockey believe his best days are way behind him.

  • Garrett

    OK…. we’re on the board!

  • AK47


    That’s confirmation

  • Quisp

    I ran some cap figures. Doesn’t include the Scuderi news I see from AK. But take a look if you’re interested and tell me which of these teams’ players we should be targeting.


  • jet

    #6 – I saw that article and I tried to figure it out. I had Kane down to 2.8M per to make it work. I just do not see how that will work out.
    Maybe they can buyout Campbell?

  • Quisp

    they’ll have to give campbell away. but to whom?

    if the scuderi thing is true, and it looks true — and unless anybody thinks he’s going to play on the third pair, I think Jack Johnson is going to get traded.

  • mrbrett7

    Helene Eliot is an idiot. I don’t want to sound sexist, but I’m going to anyway, so feel free to sling the mud my way.

    She is in the HOF simply because she is a female sportswriter. Yes, I do know how that sounds…sometimes the truth hurts.

    Seriously read her articles…her facts aren’t even correct. I just got back from lunch, and read her article today, in which she states that the Kings PROMISED their fans they would be active in the free agent market.

    Really? Care to actually QUOTE someone Helene? I do not recall those words. I do recall them saying that they wanted to be active, and were going to attempt to upgrade the roster through either free agency or a trade. Where in that do you get your crap?

    Sorry Rich…I know this isn’t from the Daily News…I’m very glad it isn’t. I think the Times must have fired their fact checker.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Quispie, that was great!

    “Meanwhile, in Salary Dump Land (indicated by orange and red), there are eight teams who are up against the cap and will have to populate this years roster with a huge number of entry level contracts. Whats extra delightful about that is these teams are also among the worst ranked teams in terms of prospects, per Hockeys Future, so where they are going to get these entry-level players is (1) either from their depleted prospect ranks, or (2) from the teams at the top of the list, the Kings, the Blues, etc.. The teams with all the tasty prospects.

    The teams in Salary Dump Land are: the Caps (ironic name, that), Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Calgary, Boston, San Jose and the mayors of Salary Dump Land Philadelphia.

    The other thing I notice about this list is that there are eight motivated sellers and seven healthy, available buyers. The other potential buyers are ones who if they buy will put themselves in a dangerous position, either of become one of the citizens of the red and orange zones, or of being caught with their pants down with the cap drops several million next June.

    So I come back to: seven buyers, eight sellers.

    Last point: one of the four advantaged buyers is Columbus. They are currently looking at UFA Nash contract hell. So their ability to buy at this point is compromised. Because, as of this mornings Nash not happy with Columbus offer headlines, Nash is in play.”

    My answer to your question: Nash.

    Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash, Nash.

  • -J

    great breakdown once again quisp. not that it’ll move them out of cap trouble, but do your numbers for phi include the cap “relief” they’ll get from rathje being on ltr (3.5 mil)?

  • AK47

    Ya Scuderi is true and I think Jack is getting traded for a guy like Phil Kessel..
    But Greene can play on the 3rd pairing with O’Donnell, no? IMO Matt Greene should be on the 3rd pairing

    Doughty – Johnson
    Quincey – Scuderi
    O’Donnell – Scuderi

  • Quisp

    It’s apparently done. 4 years, 3.4 per.



    Johnson, Drewiske, Hickey, Voynov…

    Jack Johnson is not a third pair d-man. What does this say?

  • -J

    mrbrett7- i thought the same thing re: the promise.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Funny. Look at the Rob Scuderi NHL.com player card.

    Over and over: There goes Alexander Ovetchin, blowing by Rob Scuderi, scoring a spectacular goal…

    I know, I know. Don’t say it.

  • jet

    Quisp – great list, but you have left off the RFAs that teams must sign. and most of those will not fit into the 1.2M avg. category. The situation is actually much worse for many teams. The powers will have to dump more than scraps this year.

  • AK47

    Doughty – Johnson
    Quincey – Scuderi
    O’Donnell – Greene

    This makes sense, now frankly I don’t know if this is what DL wants.. We’re throwing lots of money at Scuderi, 3.4 per year, yeesh.. I think Johnson gets dealt, soon, unfortunately.. Probably to Boston for Phil Kessel

  • AK47

    And there’s so many guys left on the market that haven’t been signed.. Alex Tanguay, Andrew Alberts, Todd Bertuzzi, Travis Moen, Chad LaRose.. Hmm, maybe Dean actually pulls some other moves off today

  • -J

    I’m not sold that JJ is the odd man out and not quincy, if any are even going to be moved this year.


    Quincey was great at the beginning of the year but definitely plateaud toward the end. I’m not sure the Kings are yet sold on him being a top 4 (at this point it time) and might rather give him more time to develop.

    The only problem in that top 6, there is one too many Left shots. Also, i wouldn’t be surprised to see SOD adopt more of a 7th defenceman/mentor this year, even more so than last, meaning a young guy will be kept on the roster. Of the likely candidates to win a spot out of camp, Voynov and Harrold are right shots, Hickey and Drewiske are left.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Quincey had serious back issues late in the season, played half of it hurt.

  • AK47


    Exactly.. So I don’t see Jacko moving since O’Donnell will be more of a leader in the locker room then a leader on the ice.. He’ll be like Chelios, play some days and be a healthy scratch on other days, making room for a young kid like Drewiskie or Hickey

  • -J

    That’s right Bako, i forget about that.

  • anonandonanon

    Q had Surgery and last I heard he was recovering well. Probably why Detroit released him to begin with.

    Portland Huh? there’s a place called the Tugboat. tiny, no food, downtown, cash only. Very high quality “nano” brews, I hear new ones every night. Artisan. Might be worth a look. Cervesa mmmhmmm

  • mrbrett7

    Thank you J…I’m glad someone else noticed that.

    As for the defense:

    IF JJ is still here.


    Extra: Probably Drewiske, with guys like Voinov and Hickey pushing him. Depending upon how things are going, SOD or Quincy could get dealt to make room for one of the kids.

    I personally am not sold on Quincy. Yes, I know he was playing hurt (which I admire), but…I’m still not sold on him. He had a hell of a start, but beyond that…

  • variable

    as predicted, i knew there would be a minor move today…well..maybe a bit more than minor…hehe…

    scuderi is a great fit for this team and helps alleviate a jmfj departure…

    oh…yeah…i think jmmmfffj is gone by the end of the month, if not sooner…

  • Die Hard #9

    I am glad that we picked up Smith and Scuderi and I agree with Lombardi’s handling of the potential Hossa deal. However I think trading Brain Boyle will prove to be a big mistake. I think he is prime for a breakout season and I am bummed that it won’t be with the Kings. Had we been able to get more than just a 3rd round pick in 2010 for him, I wouldn’t be as disappointed. I just feel like Lombardi gave Boyle away for no grand purpose or plan. Other then that, I can’t wait for next year. Die Hard section!

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