Q&A: Robitaille’s most underrated

I asked Luc Robitaille, who played with countless Kings, who he thought his most underrated teammates were. I thought it was a good question for Luc, and I think it’s worth opening up for debate among those of you who have watched the Kings for years, maybe even decades decades. Who is your most underrated Kings player?

ROBITAILLE: “With the Kings there were a lot of guys who were kind of under the radar. Right away, the first name that probably comes to mind is Mike Donnelly. Mike Donnelly, the year we went to the Stanley Cup Finals, scored 30 goals and never played on the power play once. If you go back and look at his stats, he doesn’t have a power-play goal that year. To me, to get 30 goals without seeing a minute on the power play, that’s truly amazing. I thought he was an underrated player. Tomas Sandstrom was even better. I know we all thought he was good, but he was better than that, because he was a pure game-breaker. He was a very special player. I thought Mark Hardy, when he was with the Kings, was underrated, because he was a much better player than people gave him credit for. Probably one that I never saw until he left, and never realized how good he was, was Jay Wells. He was an underrated fighter too. I’m not sure everybody knew just how tough he was.”

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