An end, a beginning, a new home

Hey everyone… This note marks the start of a new, exciting venture. Beginning next Thursday, Oct. 1, I will no longer write and blog for the Los Angeles Daily News. I will be taking my trade to I understand that this will raise some immediate, significant questions, so I’m here to explain, but also to express my excitement about this exciting change in my career.

To put it as plainly and simply as possible, I will draw a salary from the Kings, but none of the stories and/or blogs I write will be reviewed for approval by any member of the Kings’ staff. Topics will not need approval and interviews will not have any additional supervision. I have been hired to blog, write stories — including coverage of home and road games — and produce other content for the website. This is not public relations. I have been told, pointedly, by the highest levels of Kings management, that I should continue to report and write as normal.

Be certain of two things: I will not “go easy” on the Kings out of any fear of retribution, just as I will not take gratuitous shots at the team and the organization simply because I have retained the right to be critical. Things will continue on course. Praise and criticism, to the extent I feel either is warranted, will continue to be distributed fairly.

That’s out of the way. Now let me tell you what to expect. I can say, with complete confidence, that you will have better, more comprehensive Kings coverage than ever before. When the team is away on its 10-day road trip next month — and on all of its road trips — I will be there, giving up-to-the-minute updates on the blog and writing stories for the website. For the first time ever in my career, I will be able to dedicate every working hour to covering the Kings.

I hope that you will be as excited about this as I am. It’s been four years since I’ve been able to travel with the team and truly cover a beat the way a reporter should. That’s certainly not a knock on the Daily News. My editors here have been fantastic and have always supported my desire to cover the Kings. The Daily News, I’m certain, will continue to do its best to provide quality coverage of the Kings, but I feel that this opportunity gives me a better chance to follow my passion, and I’m looking forward to the challenge. The look of the coverage will be different, and we’ll have to adjust to a new home, but it will be all positive.

Most of all, I just want to say thank you to all of you readers. It’s been amazing. When this blog started, I had no idea where it would lead. Thanks to your overwhelming support, it has been a huge success, and thanks to you, we can now take it to an even higher level. I understand that some of you might have doubts about this move, and that’s fine. Nothing I say right now is going to completely convince everyone. All I ask is that you give me a chance, a chance to prove that nothing is going to change; it’s only going to get better.

I’ll keep you updated on the exact name/location of the new blog. If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them here. Thanks much…


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  • Cutty Sarkn3ss

    Wow, that is so awesome to hear Rich! A big congratulations is in order. I look forward to following you on the new site!!

  • Otto Ped

    That’s Awesome Rich… Comgrats

  • Dan H.

    Congratulations Rich. I hope that they’ll keep the comments section as that’s what makes this place feel like a community.

    Also I hope they give a direct link so you can skip all of the flash and advertising they do on the home page and get straight to your input which is why we all come here.

    I am glad that you’re given an opportunity to travel and keep up what you do.

    I’m still waiting on that “Catching up with Tomas Sandstrom” article though!

  • R.E.M. Murray

    Congratulations and good luck Rich!

  • penguin76

    congratulations Rich! look forward to reading your blogs on the Kings website!

  • andrew

    Rich, i have followed your coverage here for about 2 years and i cant possibly see how much better it could get! you do an amazing job and you have never let us down before so i trust that the new direction WILL be better. thanks for the hard work and passion that all of us here share.

  • Mike

    Congrats Rich!

  • Deelo

    Outstanding news Rich,

    It sounds like a win for everyone concerned.


    Will be great to have some road coverage from you.

  • Cy


    Wish you the best of Luck. looking forward to more coverage

  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    Awesome! Congrats Rich!

  • Bill N.

    Congrats Rich. I heard they were thinking of pursuing a position like this, and there’s no one better to take it on than you. Congrats on escaping from LANG and furloughs and all that… Look forward to coverage from the road again.

  • Geronimo

    Rich, you are the second coming of Christ for most of us on here. You just made life better. Congratulations Man!!!! Thats Exciting!

  • LV4LA

    Congrats Rich!!! Saw it on the Kings website first and got the confirmation here. You will be a wonderful addition to the Kings and I look forward to reading your work. Finding out that you were a Trojan was just an extra bonus. Fight on fellow SC alumni!!!

  • Buck

    This is awesome!!! Congratulations Rich! Road coverage? I’m all for that! Smart move on the part of the Kings.

  • Stats1

    Congrats Rich! As a King’s fan since 1985, I am excited about your new partnership with the team not only for yourself, but for the fan’s of LA. No one has been more dedicated in bringing the fans the news we need about the team we love. Best of luck in your new home, and I look forward to continue reading for a long time.

  • PRMan

    Congratulations. This is well-deserved and well-earned. I hope they let you have a blog that we can follow similarly to this format. It’s hard to follow stuff on

  • vindogla

    You are one lucky dog, that would be almost the job of a lifetime! Congrats!

  • goodguy

    Congrats rich this will be much better for all involved!

  • Jonny

    congrats rich! stoked for ya.great off-season acquisition for the Kings. do you need an assistant?

  • fyzzix

    Fantastic news Rich. Congrats and thanks for everything you’ve done so far!

    Here’s to many more years of Rich at the Kings Blogging helm!

  • Jorgen

    Good luck, Rich! Nice to see that your passion led you to a fulltime job!
    No need to justify yourself, it will shine through your reports and then the doubters will see. No doubt; you will receive some slack at certain situations, just as you do now…but at least you will draw a full pay for it πŸ™‚

    Make sure you post a link here before you close the door… is painfull to navigate through.

    Thanks and good luck!

  • Sean

    Congrats Rich! cant wait

  • JO

    Freaking awesome! Congrats, Rich, for all you have done here, and for all that you will do with the new gig!

  • Geoff

    Congratultions! Part of me is certaily jealous, but then again, if I had to go on the road, as awesome as it would be, I’d miss all my own kid’s hockey games!

    I can’t imagine you not having a blast. Way to go.

  • BringBackKingston

    congrats and good luck with your new venture.

  • DeEstie

    I am looking forward to not having to visit ten websites to find out all about the kings. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  • BringBackKingston

    congrats and good luck with your new venture.

  • Anonymous

    I just saw this announced on the Kings website.
    Congratulations Rich! You deserve this. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs on

  • IAmCanadian

    Thank you for everything Rich! Congratulations on the new job, it’s great that you’re able to 100% follow your passion now. Can’t wait to read your stuff on the site, go get ’em!

  • Matt George

    Brilliant move by the Kings.

    Congrats Rich! You deserve it. See you there!

  • CupRun2012

    Congratulations, Rich! I would be ecstatic with the opportunity you’ve been given! You have proven that you have the utmost respect and integrity. Follow your passion, as most of us will be following you.

  • Deelo

    You even crashed LGK with this news…good job.

  • Aaron

    Congratulations on the new position Rich! I look forward to even more extensive Kings coverage!

  • Baumgartner22

    wow! congratulations on the new gig, rich. can’t wait for the “…more comprehensive Kings coverage” to begin.

    you did a great job with this blog and i’m happy to see you transition it into a full-time, paying gig. kudos to you.

  • Ben W

    Congrats, Rich. I’ve had this page permanently open on a firefox tab since near the very beginning of it’s existence. This opportunity for you is only going to make your coverage better!

    My only regret is going to be losing the simplicity of this page. and most other nhl network web sites are overrun with frills and flash animations/menus. forget about browsing on a mobile phone…

    But anyway, bon voyage and good luck to you!

  • Lilly

    Congratulations Rich! This is fantastic news for you and your fans. I can’t wait to start reading. The Kings just keep making great decisions!

  • Dave

    Rich… Congratulations to you!!! I am a loyal reader and will stay loyal wherever you are!!! Can’t wait to see you on!!!!

  • Jim

    Congratulations Rich!

    I’ll be switching over to LA to follow your amazing coverage of the Kings. It sure will be nice to have road covearge of the team instead of relying on a one or two paragraph blob from the Associated Press. The Kings made a smart move hiring you. Way to go Rich!!! Enjoy the ride! =)

  • JDM

    Congrats Rich!

    No complaints or worries here. I’m so excited for you (and us!) that you finally get to follow the team around the country!

    Only thing I ask is that you don’t let the Kings pollute the new blog with too many ads. The layout of this blog is one of the things I love. Its so simple and elegant.

  • Winsomemore


  • Steve

    Congratulations Rick! You have been a tremendous asset to Kings fans with your interviews and access to information not normally available. I’m happy to see you rewarded with this opportunity to combine your passions of writing and Kings hockey, all for the benefit of us, the fans of the LA Kings. The best of luck to you and continued success. I look forward to following your blog throughout the upcoming season!

  • Tompa

    That’s the greatest news ever! You’re the best, Rich!

  • JWR

    Congrats Rich, a much deserved “promotion” that will be a great benefit to both the King’s and all of us fans how live and die for all the info on our favorite team.

  • Capt Jam

    Congrats, Rich! It’s good to know we’ll have more than AP reports to depend on for road games.

  • Brownie

    F-ing Rad!

  • PaulCat1969

    This is really one of the better offseason moves the Kings have done. I can’t tell you how great it will be for all of us to read stories while the Kings are on the road that isn’t from the AP.

    Rich, I and all Kings fans congratulate you. This is so deserved and it couldn’t happen to a better journalist, fan and person than you.

    One question – is it possible that will have an online chat during games? I have found this to be one of my favorite features of this site and I hope it’s something that can continue.

    Good luck to you.

  • KingsFan19

    As you start another chapter, I want to congratulate you on your new employment opportunity. It is well deserved.

    This blog has been one of the first places that I visit every day, just as I am sure the new one will be.

    To the LA Daily News, Thank you for giving Rich the support you have given him over the years and the opportunity to refine and polish his journalism skills. I will continue to visit the LA Daily News and hope that the paper will maintain it’s coverage of La Kings hockey, even with the departure of Rich Hammond.

    Go Kings Go!

  • Kevin

    Rich! That is such great news. So proud of you. Keep up the good work!

  • Irish Pat

    Wow, Rich that is very exciting and great news! Congratulations on this new venture. You must be extremely excited.

    Q: By working for the Kings does this mean you have to quit your Hockey News gig?

    Good luck and I can’t wait for the new blog. The extra coverage will be great. I hope this really helps with your possible book on the Kings in the future. Cheers!!

  • NK

    Congrats Rich we’re all happy for you.

  • Stonewall

    Oh man. I can actually get to this site from work and all it’s web-filtering. You mean I gotta wait ’till I get home to get my King’s news…? How am I gonna get through my day!!

    I’m sure the move is gonna be GREAT for us fans. Thanks for EVERYTHING Rich!!

  • JDM

    Holy crap. 51 comments in 30 minutes. That must be a record or something.

  • 4ndr3y

    Climbing the Ice-berg eh,

    I am happy for you Rich. A LA Kings coverage even on the road – who would though about that a few years ago?
    You will still have me as one of your blog reader. As for the Daily News, I hope they will do fine after a tough loss of an awesome reporter like you were.
    I am sure there were some really good co-workers you will miss but at the end I am sure they will all congratulate you and wish you good luck in the future.

  • JSauls82

    Congratulations Rich! Well deserved.

  • Russ

    Man, this is a great move by the Kings.

    Good stuff.

  • stepa

    GO KING RICH GO .Playoff 100%.RUSSIA whith YOU.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Congratulations, Rich…

    I want to thank you again for creating the best blog-site on the net, bar none. I am certain that you will do the same for the Kings, and will grow interest for the team the same way you have always done–with the professionalism of a true sports writer.

    My interest in the Kings would not be the same without your site. Many, many, MANY thanks!

    /Mark Williams


    You are like Jesus and we are your disciples, hence we will follow you wherever you go.

    All Hail Rich!

  • Andrew

    Congratulations Rich! I love coming to the blog to check out the most in depth Kings news and now that you’ll be with them on the road I can’t wait to read more!

  • mask0425x

    Rich, congrats – this must be absolutely HUGE for you both as a fan of the game and as a professional journalist. Totally jealous – in a good way… I think… – you gotta be feeling like a kid in a candy store. All I can say is wow and congrats again!!! The only concern, not to rain on everyone’s parade, is whether the AEG suits will keep their promise and let you do your thing without as much as trying to put you on a short leash.

    Another question, will Jill or anyone else continue this blog? The only reason I am asking this is because you, as an AEG employee, may be limited in reporting on some sensitive matters, rumors, etc until they become official.

    Best of luck in this new endeavour!

    PS: 50+ comments in about 40 minutes – is that a new record?

  • Ersberg

    And we have lift-off!|LAK|home

    Congrats on the new job. See you on the other side.

  • dan

    congrats, rich! you deserve it!

  • markcmann

    Congratulations Rich! Much deserved. I look forward to reading future great coverage of the Kings and appreciate all you have done for us fans.

  • Schneezel

    Rock on rich!

  • Chris

    FANTASTIC! But it’s the Kings organization that’s the real winner here… they got the best sports blogger in the league!

  • HB Kings Fan #99

    Great on ya Rich! What a fantastic opportunity in uncertain times in your industry. We always had the feeling you were all about the Kings, I guess it is really true now. Enjoy the road and be sure to report back how AEG treats you.

  • tull skull

    Way to go Rich! You deserve it! Very happy for you.

    Thanks to The Daily News for not giving up on hockey and the Kings.

  • cfbuckster

    Congrats Rich, can’t wait to read the new blog.

  • free

    congratulations to not just you but to the readers as well. This is a good step Rich.


    Good job Rich.
    You probably know that I’m new to your Blog site, any Blogsite for that matter, but have really enjoyed reading up on blogs over the summer since I discovered you. I’ve been a KINGS fan for going on seventeen years now and it’s been tough having to give up what I enjoyed most about LA and that was taking the RED LINE
    From downtown LB to STAPLE CENTER 20 games a year. My company moved me out here to VEGAS a few years back and now I feel a litle more at home having all this info you provide and all great commentors (fans) just a couple of mouse clicks away.
    Thanks a million,

  • LBlocal

    Yet another excellent FA signing this off-season by the Kings or-gan-eye-zae-shun.

    Oh captain, my captian… Congrats Rich!

  • Quisp

    Amazing. Congratulations! My friends who root for other teams have always been jealous of the coverage the Kings get at your site, and we’re talking about Detroit fans, Toronto fans, real hockey markets. I send links to people and they respond with “damn, why can’t I get this kind of stuff for MY team?” My only concern about you signing with the Kings is this…

    …do you have an NTC?

  • variable


    ok…ask me again…


    …and to tell you the truth, none of us should be…


    because it makes sense that this happens for…well…everybody…

    for us…for the…and for, most importantly, rich…

    YOU are this blog…
    and your writing, reporting and blogging make us all addicts…

    i’m ebulient for you that the kings have given you this opportunity to pursue your desired goal(s)…

    and like all your followers on this site, i look forward to joining you and your coverage on with genuine anticipation, as you further develop and take what you have created here and bring it to the next level…


    great job, rich…well-deserved…well-earned…!!!

  • Tommy Simpson

    Congratz Rich!!! This must be very exciting for you, and it sounds like it will be for us fan as well. You already have the track record of being a great reporter and I don’t have any doubts that that will change. Way to go dude!

  • Crownme87

    Congratulations Rich!

  • Mitch

    Great news Rich. Glad you will be covering the Kings full time.

  • Todd

    Hey Rich this is a great move for you and all of us. Now we can get updates in real time. I just want to say congrats to you. This just shows how a passion and a little hard work can pave a way to have what you do and what you love be called a job. There are a lot of us that feel like you do about the Kings but we get to watch and read about them and you get to live it and be the one that feeds us. Give us the details and we will follow. For anyone who doesn’t like this move you must be a Ducks fan…

  • boylefan

    Rich, been this blog before it became the “in thing”. I have followed it’s rise and am glad your are moving some place that you can dedicated yourself to the team I love. You are the best!

  • KingNewfie

    Congrats Rich. You deserve this and I’m sure we’re all as excited about this as you are. Lookin’ forward to it!

  • afx114

    Rich, first off, congrats! We love you.

    Second, are you going to have your own RSS feed, or will it be part of the main Kings news feed ( ?

    I’d love to continue getting your updates, but don’t necessarily want the “marketing/hype” type posts that often appear on the Kings feed.

  • NMKingsFan

    Big congratulations Rich! I was just stating in the last post why this blog is so great, I know you will carry it over to the new medium.
    One question…we all know it gets a little slow for hockey news in July and August, did the team specify what your duties would be during that time? Will you be giving golf scores of King players? The exact weight of a Thomas Hickey bench press?

    I think the Kings made a very wise decision on this!

  • Milton Waddams

    Congratulations Rich!!! Like others have stated, I don’t know how it could be better, but I’m surely looking forward to the season, and even more so now with this new position. Thanks to the Kings and the Daily News for making this happen up until now and in the future!!

  • Alex

    Congrats Rich on a well-deserved promotion! This blog is one of the first pages I visit in the morning and throughout the day. Thanks for your professionalism and the coverage of the Kings you’ve provided us with. We truly have been spoiled by the work you do.

  • CUP4LA

    Good move Rich !!

  • kingscupcounter

    What great news Congratulations!!!! This is well-deserved

  • sparapet

    Congrats, Rich!

  • Matt R

    Congratulations Rich!

    This is the best off-ice move the Kings have made this year! I’m really excited about this. I think it’s going to be fantastic!

    Rich, I’m curious about who it was that decided to hire you. I’d love to give that person a huge thumbs up for choosing the perfect person. And also for allowing you to continue reporting without anyone looking over your shoulder (though image you may not have taken the job otherwise).

    This is going to be great! Congrats again Rich!

  • Quisp

    re rss feeds –

    As long as he has his own twitter feed you can subscribe to it, since all twitterers are subscribe-able. And, frankly, if the kings site doesn’t give him a dedicated one (which would be nuts), I’m sure one of us will just make our own hammond-only tweet feed. I’ll do it myself.

  • jason_bort

    Congratulations Rich!
    The Kings finally have a great Beat writer! I only discovered your blog about a year and a half ago. But in that year and a half, you’ve given me so much more insight to the organization. Not only through your insight, interviews and team/player updates, but through the community of Kings fans that participate on this blog. You’ve created a forum for kings fans that I’ve never been a part of before. Thank you for that!
    I look forward to your new partnership with the Kings and all of the doors that may be unlocked. It will only bring all of us closer to the team we love.
    Good luck and can’t wait until your first blog as a Kings’ employee!

  • Quisp

    Rich, huge question just occurred to me:

    The archives. How will they be maintained? Will the Daily News keep this site up? Can you get the archives to travel with you? (I’m guessing no.) The archives are a hugely valuable resource to those of us nerdy enough to scour through them. I hope they aren’t doomed.

  • Dee felix

    Joining with everyone else who has congratulated you on a job so well done that the “competition” had to steal you away! Now you get even better access than you already had, get to go on the road…AND you get paid to do it!!! In this day and age, remarkable…and a lesson to us all: Follow your passions, they will lead you to happiness and prosperity!!

    Way to go Rich…now, get back to work, Oct 1 is a long way away πŸ™‚

  • jet

    Congratulations – I do not believe the Kings site blog would work without you.
    Your first test to make us believers of your new found powers is to put up the tape of OD going after chicken little.

    It will be nice to see your name w/o a dozen set of teeth staring me in the face. Who would advertise teeth on a hockey blog anyway?

    Will Anthony be going with you?

    I am sure there will be a fine line that you walk, especially if DL someday leaves, but continue to do what you do. This could be something the whole league picks up on.

    Did you have to get the tattoo?

    Congratulations again, and thank you for all of the “unpaid” time that you put into this site.

    Finally, it is about time. I do not think I could fill out another one of those popup surveys on the Kings site.

  • glewis29

    Congrats Rich, this is great news for you and for all Kings fans.

    Best of luck with the transition.

  • Oz

    Congrats Rich…this has always been my first stop to read about the Kings…I hope for nothing but the best on the next step!

    So does this mean this site stops today? Are we going to be without info until 10/1??

  • tantrum4

    Congrats Rich…I’ve been here so long I feel like I know you. Only crappy thing is I can’t get any webites at work because of the way they filter sites here. So now my days at work will suck…hopefully there will be some way to get an update on my Blackberry when you post a new blog…

    Love your work Rich and again, congrats!!!

  • Bluliner

    Congratulations, I think.

    What I like best is that you have not been a “homer.” You have let us know several times that you are not a cheerleader for the team and through your objective views and incisive questions I have come to trust you as a great source for Kings news. You have also been fair to protect the team by blocking those with wild rumors or accusations. The team clearly appreciates your integrity and that is why they trust you and will not interfere with your blog.

    But, now that you are on the payroll . . .

  • jc_9

    Congratulations Rich! You deserve it. And THANK YOU for all you have done to provide a place for us Kings fans to go to get inside and up to date information on the team we love.

  • ibleedkings

    Congrats Rich!!!!! I ‘m so excited for you! I’m sure we’re going to get the same great coverage, and some more. Good luck!

  • PolarBearOne


    Congratulations on your new position! It is well-deserved recognition for the outstanding work you’ve done with this blog by being awarded a position within the Kings organization. It is not too often that people get to follow their passion (…and get paid for it. lol!). I am positive that with the passion you will likely bring to your new job you will continue the fine work you have given us fans since the blog’s inception.

    I eagerly look forward to seeing what new content you’ll be providing.


  • Sean Avery

    Congradulation, glad you wont have any editorial interference from management.

    That said, will you be reporting to Josef Goebels?

  • smokiemcpot

    That is definitely good news and I am excited for the new site. I know that some people here have wondered whether or not DL, TM, et al. read this blog and I guess now we have our answer. Good luck and have fun.

  • white_jack

    Congrats Rich nice to have you following the Kings. I hope you’re gonna be a litte bit less strick on the live chat hahaha kidding. I’m the french Canadian btw maybe you’ll remember me hehe.

  • dirtmover

    Nice – will there still be a forum for feedback and banter with the serfs??? Was in kc for the game last night – I’m concerned that we had so much trouble with the worst team in the league last yr- hopefully that will be taken care by the time the season starts- were still not generating many scoring chances – and we continue to take some amazingly bad penalties- the hit on drew wasn’t as terrible as everyone is making it out to be – we have to realize that he is going to be a target every time out- the response was solid and expected – until drew drops the gloves and sticks up for himself people are going to run him he needs to take matters into his own hands (pardon the pun) and deal with whoever runs him and not wait for others to take up for him-

  • JB

    AWESOME and CONGRATS! What interests me most about this is how this fits in w/ the changing world of media. I would love to listen to a panel w/ a guy like you and some of the national media guys to discuss this topic.

    Obviously you’ve addressed the issues of being censored or just beign a PR flack. Sounds like you’ve established some good rules.

    In this new media world where customers have so many other choices no one would visit you if you were to pursue some hack site. So to some degree the marketplace polices the hacks and editorial review doesn’t come from some newspaper editor.

    Again CONGRATS! All very interesting stuff!

  • Isaac

    Awesome!! Can’t wait!!

  • iansez

    Sssshhhh! Let’s not tell Anthonny/WWAMD….

    Congrats Rich, need someone to carry your luggage? Fluff your pillow?? (it stops there) πŸ˜‰

  • iansez

    I suspect Juraj Mikus had a hand in this…

  • Bruce

    Rich – Congrats on landing a job where you won’t have to worry about layoffs, furloughs, etc.. It is well deserved and you’ll be doing something that you enjoy. Kings fans will benefit from your increased coverage, but even if it stayed the same I don’t think anybody would have a valid complaint. It’s a win-win situation for you and all Kings fans that follow your work.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Best of luck Rich and I’ll look forward to continuing to read your copy.

  • dezgal

    Congrats. You have done an awesome job. Sound like a dream job. Keep up the good work…

  • JD

    Awesome new rich, I am excited to continue following your reports and analysis.

  • KingzzFan

    How quickly things happen, I just read your O’donnel story and took a lunch meeting, I cone back and whammo. I’m so happyu for you, it really couldent have happened to a better person. I agree with variable about half way up by now. Not surprised, the best need the best.

    Great job here, keep up the increadible work you do for all us King Crazy Fans…

    Go Kings…

  • Marc Nathan

    that’s a good deal for all parties concerned. Congratulations.

    I hope Mike Zampelli and Matthew Barry don’t mind finishing second or third in the running for this wonderful opportunity (*grin*)

  • Gary Livingston

    Big time congrats! This is what the Kings need to properly market the team!

    You’ve given me a real passion for the team through your intense and intimate coverage.

    The team will benefit greatly by bringing your insight to more and more fans and providing them with an easy connection to the team.

  • Daniel

    Congrats! This must be the big move…
    So are we under the cap?

  • Captain Material

    Wow. On a professional level, congratulations and good luck in your new(ish) venture. I’m excited for you being given the ability to imbed with the team as it travels and cover them and look forward to the expanded coverage.

    On the other hand, I hear your assurance that the integrity of your work will not suffer, but do you honestly think that is even possible? It’s just sports/entertainment coverage, and I’m not terribly concerned considering your past history covering the team, but the conflict of interest is somewhat undeniable.

    I’m torn even writing this because it’s not like I have any insight or authority to judge the state of journalism or anyone else’s character (I do know I have enjoyed and been appreciative of your work and it’s quality in the past), but this is a pretty textbook example of conflict of interest.

    So, congratulations for all the obvious reasons and I’m excited to see expanded coverage…but for some reason it also troubles me slightly…

  • Dan H.

    Don’t forget to give Heidi Androl a hug for Stonewall. He gets all aflutter when she’s on the TV.

  • CiscoC

    Awesome Rich, you deserve it. We are all winners today!!!

  • Kyle

    And they say good things never happen for good people…congrats Rich. I’m delighted for you and for us–we’ll be following you as soon as you make the transition, and we’ll be enjoying the best coverage of any team in the league.

  • danny

    Congrats!!! Look forward to the expanded coverage with this Kings.

  • Tami

    Congrats Rich! That is amazing. I’m so excited for you and the coverage that is to come. I would love more interviews, camera and written, as well as what goes into a road trip. I’ve been following one of the Kings trainers on twitter and love getting his random updates throughout the practice and game days. I would love to hear more about the behind the scenes stuff. Congrats again, that is a once in a lifetime job!


    Rich, but the number of resposes, you can see how popular and successful this site has been. Thanks to you and good luck!

  • JJ4Pres

    Awesome Rich! Congrats! Sounds like your doing exactly wanted you to do, and following your passion has gotten you to that point. Now you can do what you love, not many people can say that. Good luck and we will all be following your work!

  • DAkings20

    Rich, congrats.

    This is not only great news for you but its great news for all of us that follow your blog religiously. It’s a great move by the Kings organization to hire you and also send you out on the road. I cant remember the last time we had a beat reporter go on the road. Congrats and goodluck.

  • jmiller

    Will follow you to the ends of the earth!

  • typicaljs

    Congratulations Rich! You definitely earned it. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in establishing this blog as what it is. I will look forward to the new blog. Thanks for the update. oh and I’m glad you made sure you retained your right to be critical of the team when you feel it’s necessary.

  • BallPointHammer

    Absolutely wonderfull news Rich. Words cannot describe how happy I am for you. Congratulations!

    And thanks to all the Kings fans for their love and passion for the team and the great game of hockey. Everyones participation in this blog helped make it the rousing success it is and helped, in however large or small a way, make a mans dream job come true. That is so cool!

  • Bruin26

    Just wanted to add my congrats as well. This is well deserved and I am glad the support of this blog has given you a chance to better your career and give you this opportunity. I hate blogs overall, until I came to this one. I still don’t care for any others, but this blog had been a daily must for me since the day I first found it. I for one have no fear of your style of writing changing because you will be paid by the Kings. If anything this also shows how much the Kings care about their fans too. This is a smart move on their part. They already had a very dedicated person in you Rich just because of how dedicated you were to your job and to us here that follow you and the Kings. I am glad this has happened and look forward to the future of the team and the coverage you provide.


    congrats Rich.

    this might be the best move under the DL regime.

  • Gary Livingston

    haha. Seeing your face on the homepage must be a trip.

    Very excited for you!

    P.s. Captain Material, when has working closely for/with the Kings ever gotten in the way of Jim Fox or Bob Miller covering the team in an unbiased manner?

  • Quisp

    I expect if Rich finds himself censored at the new digs, he will simply communicate to us via comments through his “Anthony” handle.

  • rjc76

    As a fan from Manitoba, stumbling across this website a little over a year ago was an excellent surprise. No longer was I deprived in getting info about the Kings. No longer did I have to make due with the little morsels that TSN threw my way once in a while. Not only do we get excellent coverage by you, but also all the excellent posts by the contributors to this blog. Sure not all were good, but they contributed all the same and made the blog what it is.

    Thanks Rich, congratulations and Good Luck in your new post.

  • KQ949

    I think this is the first time I’m convinced that the team is actually considering it’s dedicated fans. I hope this job is everything you imagine it will be. I think this will be a fun year, and hopefully the success will follow. God knows, it’s starting off with a BANG!

    Congratulations and GO KINGS!!

  • Cynic

    Well, this proves to me once and for all that the Kings are getting smart. They are taking something so transparent and beautiful that fully works and simply acquiring it without changing it.

    I’m not worried about you becoming influenced by a salary from the Kings. You were hired for your integrity in journalism and you’re being asked not to change. Believe me, we’ll ALL let you and the Kings know if it changes. We all rely heavily on the beauty and simplicity of this site and your reporting Rich to NOT say something should it go awry.

    Kudos to the Daily News for allowing you to do ‘Inside The Kings’ as long as you have. If they were smart though, they would find a way to co-op your new position and jump on the bandwagon with some sort of support or advertisement as it could only boost their readership as well. They could pay the Kings as a sponsor of your blog which would give them facetime with the readership and a national outreach. Heck, why couldn’t the Kings syndicate your blog entries for publication, or maybe that’s already happening?

    I STILL think the Daily News could team up with and KingsVision to do those live chats and interviews with players and fans. The Daily News could help sponsor and pay for the inexpensive set up and get quality advertising face time while helping the Kings promote some incredible fan interaction. Just thinking as much out of the box as I can.

    100% congradulations to you Rich on a career move that I am 100% jealous of. Pretty much any one of us here would LOVE to have creative editorial control on reporting for our favorite sports team WHILE GETTING PAID! You deserve this. Your integrity is 2nd to none and I expect great things from this venture.

    Now that you’re gettin’ paid….if you ever have the budget for a web play by play guy on those road trips… ;-). I know how to buy ‘Beverages’.

    Good Luck to you Rich! Here’s to hoping you do a LOT of work with Heidi Androl! Just take lots of pictures Rich.

    Oh and just for the record…

    Juraj Mikus, understanding the need for better journalism within the Kings organization, approached Terry Murray and Dean Lombardi to give his permission to send him down to Manchester for the season to free up the salary to hire and pay Rich Hammond.

    Juraj Mikus has a heart the size of 10 of our suns and it pumps with the blood of 1,000 dead vikings he decimated in the 10th century. Be grateful. Be VERY Grateful.

  • Forum to Staples Girl

    Just have to join the chorus in shouting CONGRATULATIONS, Rich. Definitely the Kings best off-season acquisition this year. They’re lucky to have you, and we’re lucky you’ll be well employed! Best of luck.

  • mk_42

    This is awesome! I hope you got a huge raise and a ton of job security. I also hope this was a move you wanted rather than an escape hatch from a sinking ship.

    I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but while I think this is great for us Kings fans I can’t help thinking that we need someone to convert people INTO Kings fans. With Rich moving on I feel like the Kings actually lost another piece of the already very small coverage.

  • variable


    in the midst of all the good news, a couple of questions for you and if you could give us your insights on them either here or on the future blog. it would certainly be greatly appreciated…

    the timing of all this is seems perfect…was this being discussed before your q&a w/luc a few weeks back…? in other words, were you approached or the did the kings do so…?

    you obviously want to keep all the good things about what is liked about this site intact…what additions did you have in mind…?

    again, congrats…and please feel free to comment when you feel it’s appropriate…


  • kb

    this just in rich hammond gets traded to the la kings.. or is he just a trader in it for the money har har rich this is the best acquisition the kings have made as long as i have been a fan. congrats on your success and keep up the fantastic work. we are all with you. thanks again.

  • richard venet

    hey..did u see this article on the web bout the kings

  • src3

    Boyah, nuff said.


  • AEG rulez


    Highly understandable that you needed to get off a sinking ship, but I have noticed a change in the tenor of the blog over the last year or so that led me to believe that this move has been in the works for awhile.

    The issue with your role as an AEG employee is not that they are going to give you explicit marching orders; not right away, anyhow. It is a question of self-censorship.

    Working outside of the AEG corporate structure gave you a limited degree of independence that will no longer really be available to you. You would be insane if your first consideration was not job preservation and protecting your livelihood.

    In this sense, my personal expectation is that the new gig will be a downgrade on a number of levels. I will be lurking (never posting) at your new location and will hope to be proven wrong, but if AEG has come to stand for anything in the last 14 years, it is about low standards and lower expectations.

    Regardless, congratulations and good luck.

  • mk_42

    I just thought of something: “per the King’s organization policy terms of the deal were not disclosed” …I always see this on the official Kings releases. Will you no longer be able to provide contract figures (especially before they’re final or official)?

  • Starlight

    This is great news, both for you and for us! Congratulations, sir, on a well-deserved opportunity!

    Full-time Kings coverage from Rich Hammond, can it get any better? I think not πŸ™‚

  • Pat McGroyn

    Congratulations to Mr. Hammond. Your dedication to providing us with excellent coverage of the Kings is a godsend, and I will undoubtedly be adding your new blog space to my explorer favorites. I would also like to thank the Daily News for providing Rich with this space to perfect his craft over these past few years. If “Inside The Kings” remains a regular feature here, I will continue to visit in the future, especially if the coverage is entrusted into the capable hands of Ms. Jill Painter.

  • geeblenob

    Wow. Hard to believe the blog is going to be even better and more informative. Congratulation to Rich, the Kings and, of course, us Kings fans.

  • BoltThrower

    Rich –
    Congratulations. You are the cream of the crop when it comes to covering the Kings. Great move for you and for the Kings as well. Whomever takes over this blog has some large shoes to fill. Best of luck
    -JS (The Throne Room)

  • Silence Dogood

    Good for you Rich!

    You have earned the respect which your new situation manifests.

    Continue the good work. Just keep being Rich Hammond.

  • Boyle22

    Congratulations Rich, I am very excited for you and wish you best luck in your new endeavor. We have enjoyed information about the team we all love on this blog, that we cant get any where else. And whats more important is that.
    It has made these losing seasons tolerable. Looking forward to your new blog sight.


  • nykingfan

    Huge Congrats Rich…The Kings just continue to do things the right way…They now have hired the best hockey reporter in North America…we as fans are the true winners.

    I remember posting last year when we were discussing the future of the blog, that the Kings would be wise to hire you as an employee…ahhh it’s good to be one step ahead. πŸ™‚

    I hope you’ll be able to keep the simplicity of this blog in your new venture…I also hope we’ll still be able to comment.
    This is great news for you and us.
    See u at the Nassau Coliseum next month..

  • HUN_mikee

    I’ve read it before that the Kings are thinking about signing a writer. My first thought was You.

    It’s came to real.

    Congratulations Rich, in the name of the Hungarian Kings fans. (all the three:) You deserved it. Thank You for Your work, and looking forward to Your new blog.

  • pobo the hobo

    Congrats Rich! I knew the Kings we’re going to make a blockbuster move in the offseason.

  • Matthew Barry

    This is a great day! Another smart move! Great for you, Rich. Congratulations!!!

  • Riofan

    Congrats Rich, I don’t go to the Kings site much but that’s gonna change with you there. Big thanks to the Daily News for supporting this blog.

    Great news indeed! Best of luck.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    I wonder if the Kings had to throw in a 2nd-round pick as well.

    Congrats Rich.

    No longer do we have to wonder if The Kings know of/pay attention to this site. We’re all one step closer to DL’s ear.


    Well played Sir! Well played. I also will reiterate that this isn’t only great for Rich but a great PR move by the Kings.

  • Buster

    First of all will be to state the obvious congratulations.

    Next will be the question on how long will it take for you to get on the IR with a sore finger. JUST KIDDING!

    Now that you get to travel with the team, if you do eat in downtown Las Vegas, don’t go to the El Cortez. The locals here say that El Cortez is the Spanish name for Heartburn.

  • Duckhunter

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!! Congrats Rich. If for no other reason, I’m happy you’re being rewarded for all your outstanding coverage and dedication to our beloved team. You deserve, without a doubt, a guaranteed check and some security both mentally and financially.

    See you at!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!! FINALLU!!!! OUTSTANDING! Big congrats to you and the Kings for making a move that well even anthony won’t bitch about…. (sorry I had to anthony).

    Best of luck, and maybe a chance for a ring for you and your name on the cup?

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    I’m looking forward to it all! Thanks for the coverage and more, and congrats!

  • KopiFan

    Congratulations Rich! This is awesome news. You totally deserve it and we, your humble servants, will flock to the Kings site more than ever before I’m sure.
    AND to have comments coming directly from the road games!?! This truly is a dream come true.

    I can’t wait to see the first post from ‘Rich Hammond of the Los Angeles Kings’ – SO EXCITING!!!

  • uknojata

    Rich, I’m really happy for you. I am also in the newspaper biz and I know how difficult it is working with the weight of the industry collapsing on your shoulders. Thanks for all the wonderful coverage over the years, I’m sure it will continue from inside the organization and I’ll continue to follow you. Best of Luck.

  • Martin RW

    Congrats. You deserve it. The coverage here has been fantastic.

  • JonG

    Congratulations all around! Rich, I hope this provides you with greater job security than you’ve had in the recent past. Great move by Kings management to recognize the value of what Rich has built. It’s also great (if hard to believe) to learn that the blog will be even more useful to us fans.

    Ordinarily I would never visit the Kings web site to get objective information about the team, but in this case Rich deserves the benefit of the doubt. To the extent he has criticism of the organization, I expect him to present it in the same understated manner that he has exhibited in the past.

  • ice is nice

    Rich, glad to hear the great news. Your work in my mind ranks so high for us Kings fans. One request at your new position, can you get some of Don Cherry’s thoughts on our Kings and/or players? Your journalism and professionalism keep me coming back for more! Thanks for being that important link for us fans! All the best with the Kings!

  • Quattro

    Congrats Rich. Sounds like a great opportunity for you. Can’t wait to see your work on the other site.

  • CJ

    Congrats on getting my dream job. I will follow you where ever you go….as long as it’s related to the kings.

  • darko25o

    ….one of the best signings this organization has ever made!

  • KingFan4ever

    Just reading about this now….. wow what a great opportunity Rich. This blog has been a savior and beacon for true, die-hard Kings fans and it’s all due to your hard work and devotion.

    It’s about freakin’ time the Kings recognized your talents and your journalistic integrity and put it to work for them.

    Looking forward to this new venture and hopefully this coincides with a really meaningful hockey season for the Kings.

  • Chuck

    Congratulations Rich, I’m very happy for you. I have to say that I’m a doubter. You already give the most comprehensive/in depth info regarding the Kings, anywhere. And you say you’re going to improve upon that? You’ve already set the bar very high, it’s hard to imagine it getting better. But, here’s hoping you do!

    GO KINGS!!!!!

  • ryan


    never actually left a comment before but have been a reader for some time now. so my first and last comment on the blog is a hearty congrats! like everyone has said it sounds like a win-win. good luck with the new gig and go kings!

  • El Guapo

    Congrats on the new opportunity, Rich. Very glad we’ll continue to have your access, insight and analysis.

  • Jeff


    Congratulations on landing a true “dream job!” That’s great, it really is! You’ll be traveling with the Kings, have unfettered access, and the freedom to write exactly what you think. Well done, especially considering you no longer have to sit with anxiety waiting for the inevitable axe to fall at the Daily News.

    Good for you. Congratulations again, and we fans look forward to your continued Kings contributions. All the best . . .

  • kluka68

    Congratulations Rich! Good luck on the new place !

  • HawKings

    I want to join the rest of the ITK community and congratulate you on your new position. It is well deserved!

  • DellaNooch

    Congrats Rich, very well deserved….it will be extremely hard for even Anthony/Cristobal/WWAMD to disagree with this Kings move!

    As many have stated here, your coverage has been amazing and as a fan of 20 years, it really hooked me back into the Kings after drifting away for a bit….my girlfriend calls this site my crack as I can’t get enough of it…I’m sure there are a few addicts here and we look forward to the future.

  • Naturallawyer

    Well deserved, Rich. Congrats. Like others, I visit your site daily for info on my favorite team. A wise move by the Kings to ensure that their fans continue to have such immediate access to the Kings.

    Like others, I would hope the blog maintains its clean feel, as opposed to the complicated team website. As for the source of the paycheck, people may not realize that this isn’t all that unusual. The evening news reporters do stories about companies and products that advertise on their networks, or even own their networks. Disney once owned ESPN and the Mighty Ducks at the same time (back when ESPN covered hockey). Some other sports teams are owned by media companies. While it undoubtedly subconsciously affects the reporters, the style of reporting on this blog won’t change much, if at all.

    Rich (like many beat reporters) already respected off-the-record requests by his sources, so it’s not like he will suddenly be “censored” any more than he already voluntarily honored such requests. Rich has generally been a highly objective reporter, offering facts and on-ice analysis and letting fans do the more colorful commentary. I recall two years ago when the Kings (idiotically) raised ticket prices. I don’t recall Rich slamming the Kings for the move, but he provided a space where the fans could.

  • -J

    congrats rich!

  • Brian S

    It is not possible to be completely independent when the people you write about pay your salary. NOT POSSIBLE. Having said that, what we lose, however sligtly it may be, in unbiased journalism, we gain in better coverage. I will take the deal. Besides, this is not politics, it’s sports. It’s just for fun and I know Rich will be able to do so much more from this new perch.


  • John P

    All the best Rich, look foward to more great Kings news.

  • wavesinair

    Bob Miller: TV
    Nick Nickson : Radio
    Rich Hammond: Internet

    HUGE props on following your passion Rich. The fact that you were able to parlay your career as a reporter into a job for an NHL team is no small task. I am excited for you and excited for us. I hope we are now going to get an even more inside look at an organization that we love and adore.

    On a broader note, I am very curious about the inner workings of the Kings organization. Specifically the line (in my mind) between temporary kings and permanent kings. I have always thought it must be a strange life to know that your position with an organization, for instance as GM or coach, could easily be short lived, whereas a play-by-play broadcaster could very easily last a whole career with the same team.

    So Id love for you to elaborate on your position with the Kings and how it came about and how you see it progressing. I dont presume to know to what extent you are willing to share this information, but I can only hope you dont blame me for asking. I dont know where you stand now, but Id like to. Are you tied to the current temporary regime? Or are you tied to the permanent (for lack of a better term) LA Kings? This is not to say, as an example, that a Jim Fox couldnt get fired, but to me, he is, and will always be, a KING whereas Terry Murray, when hes gone, will likely no longer have ties here.

    Specifically, who will be your immediate boss? As a reporter for the daily news, I imagine it was the editor of the sports division. As a reporter for the Kings, I imagine it might be Dean Lombardi. Or is it the same boss as say Darryl Evans? (and who is his boss anyway?) You mentioned the highest levels of Kings management. Is this perhaps Tim Lieweke? Is he the one who handles the legacy side of the Kings? Im just very curious about this stuff and who decides what and where you fall into it now that you are a part of it.

    One thing is clear to me with this move. Your objectivity HAS changed, despite your very best intentions. There is no doubt, as far as Im concerned, you will do everything in your power to be objective, but Im afraid that what you think is distributed fairly will be altered. Maybe not now, maybe not in six months, but as time goes on, I dont believe it can be prevented. I mentioned Foxy. He isnt nearly as bad as some homers, but his criticism, needless to say, is not very piercing. Criticism of your employer, however fair, has a way of catching up with you. The fact that that employer is the GIANT aeg is frightening and that they scooped up a talented reporter from a legit newspaper is, to me, even more frightening.

    I truly do wish you the best of luck!


  • http://CWW CWW

    Just landed in Dallas and saw the news. Great vision by the Kings to keep this great vibe going and support it with a committed salary and improved access. Great news for all of us. Best. CW

  • Paul from Oxnard

    This is really great news Rich and I’m really happy for you because clearly you have a passion for covering hockey and the Kings, and now you can do so without restraint.

    I’d also like to thank the Daily News for their support of Rich and this blog. I know it’s been tough financial times, especially for newspapers, and for your company to continue to provide Rich this outlet shows how much of a class organization you are. I’ve said before, if there were a Ventura County edition of the Daily News I would have subscribed years ago, just because of this blog.

  • Duc620

    It’s great news, Rich. You’re in for the ride of your life as the Kings grow into an elite sports organization – and they couldn’t have a better historian to record it as it happens….

  • Misch

    Congrats on the new job!!!! I’ve been a long time reader of the blog (3+ years?) but seldom do comment (Although you did answer one of my questions in an open form years ago!). However, I felt this was a great time to say thanks for all you do for us kings fans… You are a great asset to the team and it is well deserved that they finally recognize it and hire you on! I’m truly excited for the even greater coverage and the opportunity for you!

  • alma

    I remember reading somewhere earlier this year (Puck Daddy?) that the Kings were going to do this, and the first person I thought about was you. I hope it works out for you, but I will surely miss you on this blog. Good luck and congrats!!

  • Grace

    Yay! You deserve it, Rich! You are my first stop when it comes to Kings updates and news. I am so happy for you! This year is going to be amazing and I look forward to your observations and excellent insight as usual. Enjoy the ride!

  • Anon

    Congrats Rich!! I love your blog and look forward to it being even better than before!

  • macdup

    I did not read through all 180 comments above me but does this mean DL is not going to give you any disinformation on trade rumors and the such?

    I am just saying.

    My first thought was that now you are working for the man. The reporter in you is now gone. We will see what happens but I am excited for you and hoping the wonderful posters of this site continue on somewhere if not follow you. Along with yourself, Rich, it was the other people on this site that made it what it is.

    We all thank you for all your hard work and bringing this community together.


  • JDizzle pka JDA

    Wow!!! This is truly fantastic news. Congratulations Rich! I’m so glad your unwavering dedication has paid off. Woohoo no more furloughs!!! I couldn’t be happier for you. You deserve it!!!

  • Scott

    Very happy for you, Rich! What a great opportunity!!!!
    Can you really call it a JOB now…can you?
    Soo looking forward to reading your dailies even more!

    Go Kings Go!!

  • MrMach5

    Congratulations Rich!!!!

  • kasket

    Good on ya Rich!

  • richard

    This is, simply, awesome news. Although I know you don’t need suggestions for how to balance the tight line of drawing a paycheck from the team but still being honest, I’ll point you anyways towards Vic Ketchman of, who I think is one of the best NFL writers out there. As long as you continue telling the truth as you see it and the team supports that, all Kings fans will benefit from this. (Well, other than having to load the Kings’ website in their browser, but we all have our little sacrifices.)

  • Tornado12

    Very well deserved promotion for you Rich. I know you will do your best to keep those attributes of this site that made it the success that it is. I would also like to thank Luc Robitaille and Jim Fox…i know they likely played a big part in this.
    PS- please…please…please..keep the comment section open..that is a BIG part of why I come to this site (and im sure others too)

  • Gene Unterman

    Transplanted Blackhawks fan now living for the last 6 years in Palm Desert, Ca. Have been reading your blog for three years, always thought it was first class. A THN subscriber for 20 years so I also enjoy you there. Are you still going to be able to do the TNH Kings gig? Congrats, I know of your passion well enought too know this is where you want to be, and will excel. Gene

  • Dave K

    Couldn’t have happened to a better person. A great move for you, the Kings’ organization and us fans. Keep up the stellar work and all the best during the transition!

  • Fletch

    Congrats, Rich!!!! You’ve earned it! I was just talking to my buddy the other day about how cool it would be if the Kings hired you! πŸ™‚

  • Telos

    You deserve it Rich, Congratulations.

  • Matt W


    Huge congratulations on the new position. You’ve certainly earned it. As a result of your hard work we are all more well-rounded, well-informed fans.

    I also believe this benefits everyone involved. We, as fans, should get even better, more in-depth coverage. The Kings, as an organization, gets more credibility (something it has lacked in many ways for many years). And you, of course, get the benefit of an outstanding career change of trajectory.

    Looking forward to the future as a Kings fan.


  • Brent


    Congratulations! I’m am absolutely estatic for you and the readers. Your hard work paid off! This is the best news I’ve heard all week.

  • Matt W


    Huge congratulations on the new position. You’ve certainly earned it. As a result of your hard work we are all more well-rounded, well-informed fans.

    I also believe this benefits everyone involved. We, as fans, should get even better, more in-depth coverage. The Kings, as an organization, gets more credibility (something it has lacked in many ways for many years). And you, of course, get the benefit of an outstanding career change of trajectory.

    Looking forward to the future as a Kings fan.


  • Greg

    Rich, I was honestly shocked when I turned my computer on today and read this article. The reason was because I did not think it can get any better than what you have done so far. It’s a great pleasure to have you join the organization and see you take this to another level. What a dream your living for some of us and yourself. I’m so happy right now its unbelievable. Congrats!

  • steve

    Another great pick-up by Lombardi! Best of luck.

  • Brian

    Congratulations (for you and us readers)! This is the ONLY Kings blog I access and trust and I’m behind you all the way.

  • Moondoggie

    Congratz Rich!!! Well deserved! Welcome to the Kings buddy!


  • SuperSonic420

    WOW! I just got home and read the news. I can’t believe it! The Kings are making some smart moves lately, and this one is right up there!! Congratulations Rich, you definately deserve to follow your passion! You are truely great at it, and we all are very lucky to have you. To think of the information you’ve shared with us in the past, and now they’ve pretty much given you the keys to the kingdom. Its great to know that as great of a journalist you are, you’re also one of us as well. I think your right up there with Bob, Jim, Nick and those guys as people who I, and as we can see from pretty much everyone here, respect the most when it comes to reporting on the Kings. Now that your on the inside, I know it can only be better. Thank you for the exciting news, and thanks to the LA Kings for knowing a great thing when they see it!

  • MeanMrMustard

    Rich, congratulations. the kings couldn’t have hired a better man for the job. i rarely post, but I’m a daily visitor. can’t tell you how much i appreciate the integrity of your reporting. good luck to you. and good on ya.

  • Rookie


    Glad to see you are getting rewarded for all of your hard work. Looking forward to your continued excellent coverage of the Kings

    Congratulations and good luck!

  • JPKelly

    Damn, Rich, you are one sexy blogger. And I bet it won’t be long until you’ll be sporting a nice LA Kings tattoo on your butt.

  • JPKelly

    Not to mention, one step closer to the Ice Girls. Hot damn!

  • JPKelly

    Oh, and one other thought… Rich, keep up the good work. If you continue to follow the path you just might, as a journalist, find yourself inducted into the HHOF at some point in your career. (I’m calling it — right here, right now!) Looking forward to more good stuff, partner.

  • Chaz


    Well earned indeed.

    It’s nice to see someone rock something so hard that they end up getting rewarded for it.

    Look at all these comments… sheesh.



    Much Love and Congratulations Rich. Well deserved! Gonna miss posting here. Mostly cause your the only webmaster that has not banned me! Thanks for providing us with a mini forum and great news over the years. You’ll do awesome on!!!!!!!

  • Datacloud


  • AK47


    Congratulations my man. I’ve been reading your stuff for almost a year now and you definitely deserve this, you’ve got the talent for it. This website was my home page, I guess I’ll change it to

    Thanks for everything, it’s very much appreciated. Everyone’s said it already, but this is by far one of the best pick ups by Dean!

    Thanks again, all the way from Ottawa, Canada
    Aziz Khalil

  • Daniel

    Wow, I feel so late to the game. Thanks, Rich for all you have done for the Daily News. The fact that your blog outpreformed such local juggernauts as the Lakers, Dodgers, UCS and UCLA is an amazing testament to both your skills and the Kings fans.

    Great to hear you will be on the road with the team. It’s like the Jack Kent Cooke days all over again! (I kid. Seriously, I kid. I don’t want to see that again.)

    Anyway, now that you are besties with Luc, would you mind dropping the hint that the Kings need to extend their brand to the fashion pages? The producer Joker has an idea for where to start:

    Cheers and best of luck!

  • BluLine77

    It’s really nice to see the Kings finally getting serious about their own website. I can’t think of a better person for this job. Thank God they didn’t go with some 18 year old girl or some newbie intern hack to try to “connect with a younger and hipper internet demographic” or some other foolishness. Your blog has been a godsend and is mandatory daily reading for me. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done. . .this opportunity is one well earned! And imagine, Kings coverage from the road!?!?! Hopefully the interactive nature will be retained?

  • sparky

    Truly couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Your coverage is exceptional in every sense of the word. I am very excited for you! Keep up the good work. As has been echoed 200+ times… CONGRATS!!!

  • light_da_lamp

    Fred Rogin just led off Sports tonight with the Dodgers, the Angels, then Hammond. Dude this is a big deal and a blessing in so many ways and I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

    Keep digging the puck out the corners and roofing top shelf as you do.

    Go Kings Go!

  • OC Kings fan


    I am proud to congratulate you in my first ever post on this blog. I am so happy for you! Thank you to the Daily News for allowing you to create this blog. Also, what a great move by the LA Kings.

    I have followed the kings for about 20 years, but i can honestly say that i didn’t become fanatic about the Kings until i discovered this blog a year or so ago.

    Your coverage of hockey is truely a gift to all of us. Thank you so much for all of your efforts in keeping us obsessed Kings fans informed.

  • kozak

    Congrats Rich –

    Since I have moved from SoCal to VA, I have relied on you and this blog more than ever. I can’t wait to get even more and better info that you already provide (even if that’s possible).

    Since you will now be traveling with the team, will you be accessible to talk with fans in person while on the road? I hope so and will look forward to meeting you in Carolina on Nov 11.

  • NY Kings Fan

    Outstanding move by the Kings organization! I’m really happy about the investment in developing the site.

    As a stranded King fan in NYC, I look forward to welcoming you to the garden on 10/14 with fellow stranded Kings fans w/ season seats here. We get to look forward to wearing our Kings gear once every few years.

  • mrk

    So happy for you Rich. I know that this will be an improvement of your services to us. Big Thanks.

  • Neil Rostholder

    I look at your site daily. Were very lucky to have
    you. Thank you for all you do!

  • David

    Congratulations Rich!! This is great news and richly (pardon the pun) deserved by you! I have no doubt that you are going to take the puck and skate with it and bring Kings coverage to a whole new level for us!

  • Lisa Lashaway

    WOW, that’s FANTASTIC Rich!!!!! What a GREAT job for you and for US!!! I’m very happy you are able to go on roadgames and give us the inside skinny, can’t wait for it to start. It’s because of your great writing and communicating skills and of course love for Kings hockey that got you this gig, so go celebrate already!! If you haven’t done that already! πŸ™‚

  • Oldthunder

    I don’t know how I missed this post earlier this week. This is awesome news Rich, glad you are able to get the recognition you deserve. I know I’m the last person after 250 odd posts but I know the kings, the fans and you will all benefit from this new gig. Best of luck and can’t wait to hear about you dining with Bob Miller in honkey-tonk bars on the road with the kings.

  • Shakes

    delayed response but Rich this is just fantastic for all of us… what’s interesting is that Islanders started this trend of having an independent writer/blogger on thweir website and it gave them something like 500k hits a month…i think for the Kings it’s a real win because it get a passionate fanbase under their tent

    also for me it guarantees that in a tough newspaper env’t my Kings coverage ain’t goin’ no where.

  • Roland

    This is a clever way to get more traffic to The Kings marketing department is on its game this year. Congrats to you Rich!

  • mac!

    Awesome news Rich! I’m glad for you, and I’m glad for all of us fans. Great job by the Kings recognizing your work and hiring you.

    I wish you good luck and hope you will be happy with your new job πŸ™‚

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