Kobe speaks

Kobe Bryant held a basketball camp at Loyola Marymount University this week, and this afternoon he addressed a few reporters. Questions were primarily limited to the camp, but Bryant did answer a couple questions about his status with the Lakers. He was asked, flat-out, if he still wanted to be traded but gave something of an ambiguous answer:

“I havent thought about that in a long, long time. Ive kind of stepped away from that. Ive concentrated on Team USA. What I say is what I say. Well just have to see where it goes.”

Bryant did say that he apologized to general manager Mitch Kupchak for the comments Bryant made in the infamous amateur video that was released on the Internet. In that clip Bryant, who apparently did not know he was being recored, derided Kupchak for not improving the Lakers’ roster.

“I was frustrated. I was venting. … I just felt like as a man, it was important for me to tell him, Im sorry it came out that way.”’

  • pjay

    Hope we caN get KG!!!!

  • pjay24

    u gotta watch dis.

  • gdchild

    It takes a man to apologize. Props to Kobe.
    Now give him KG and give the Lakers the championships.

  • Mo

    Kobe apologizing doesn’t take away from the fact that he was telling the truth. Management has done next to nothing to build a team around him and build a contender. If they are building for 2000-never, then just trade Kobe. But the team is worse than last year as it stands right now.

  • rudy castillo

    Kobe Bryant,

    Is the best basketball player i have ever seen on the court,he is the one who make me go out and shoots and playbasketball,i would love to meet him just of a great guy he is to everyone around.the lakers didnt have there way this year,but thats ok cause i will never stop watching my favorite player and favorite team,the los Angeles Lakers..and i hope that the lakers get KG OR j.oneal