Lakers offseason plans

Elliot has a nice story laying out the Lakers priorities for this offseason. Basically, the plan is to get Sasha and Ronny back into the fold as soon as possible, and cross their fingers no other team offers them big money.

As for the rest of the free agent scene, has a nice primer. Things obviously got a lot more exciting Monday night with Baron Davis and Elton Brand opted out of the final year of their contracts. But since only Memphis, Philly and the Clips have cap-space, I’d expect the fireworks to be at a minimum.

Two guys that may not seem like big names, but could end up playing vital roles for a contender next year are: Quinton Ross of the Clippers and Mickael Pietrus of the Warriors. Both are young, athletic, lock-down perimeter defenders made all the more popular by the exploits of guys like James Posey and Bruce Bowen in recent years.