Final grades: Caracter, Ebanks

Derrick Caracter, backup forward:
Retiring Lakers coach Phil Jackson made it clear over his 20-year Hall of Fame career that rookies were “lower than whale” doo-doo. Caracter fit Jackson’s stereotype to the letter, accomplishing little of note in his first season. The next move is up to him. Can he shed more weight and emerge as a useful player? Or was that all there was to see?

Stats: 41 games, 2.0 points, 1.0 rebounds, 0.2 assists

Grade: Incomplete.

Devin Ebanks, backup forward:
The rookie from West Virginia hardly made an impression during his first season with the Lakers. He does have some skills that could come in handy for the future. It will be interesting to see whether the Lakers keep him around and give him a chance to take the next steps in his career. He is extremely athletic and could be a player who fills a void that’s been glaring since Trevor Ariza left as a free agent after the 2008-09 season.

Stats: 20 games, 3.1 points, 1.4 rebounds, 0.1 assists.

Grade: Incomplete

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