Fan unsuccessfully replicates Kobe Bryant’s fake car stunt

Kobe Bryant stared into a camera and offered a stern warning.

“Don’t try what I’m about to attempt right now,” Bryant said.

He then leaped over a speeding Ashton Martin, a commercial promoting his Nike’s Hyperdunk shoe that instantly went viral. Well, it turns out at least one of his fans didn’t listen.

In the video above, an Indiana University student found out the hard way that Bryant’s athleticism and digital affects sure come in handy when trying to jump over a car about to run you over. The fan catapulted, and it had nothing to do with his air time. It had everything to do with the car’s front bumper hitting his legs and flipping him over.

The student survived the stunt, later explaining on Twitter, “Here I am sitting in the hospital, thanking God I’m alive. Thanking God for my stupidity, for my courage. Life is precious. Thank the Lord.” (H/T to E! online At the end of the video, the student says, “Don’t do it for the Vine.”

If only the student had listened to Bryant’s warning. Then, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt, or become an Internet sensation.


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