Linkin Park drew a lot of vocal fans at Epicenter 09

Linkin Park definitely had the most vocal female fans of Epicenter 09 I heard, but then I missed Atmosphere who do well in that category as well.
What surprised me, and probably shouldn’t, is how every song Linkin Park performed I think I’ve heard on the radio from “Numb” to “In The End” to “New Divide.”
You can argue about their musicianship or how simple these songs are but the audience was singing along word for word.
Some songs like “Bleed It Out” actually sounded better live because the crowd would clap loudly and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Mike Shinoda smiled like he couldn’t believe the audience was actually into his band.
During the song “Breaking the Habit” the sound actually went out and the audience finished up the song while Chester Bennington continued to sing and Shinoda appeared upset but the problems were solved.
The only negative was Bennington’s solo group “Dead By Sunrise” which performed more rock heavy songs like “Crawl Back In” and “Let Down” that somewhat killed the energy of Linkin Park’s set.