Badu, Broken Social Scene at Coachella experiences sound issues

At the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday, R & B artist Erykah Badu experienced some sound issues with her microphone that caused a lot of feedback during her music.

Nearly every song she performed on the Coachella stage had the high-pitched whistle feedback that just destroys musical sets. Her band never experienced any issues just her.

Badu was visibly displeased and at times she asked the sound enginner to correct various microphone issues but the problem never went away.

Meanwhile, Broken Social Scene also had issues at the Coachella stage about 30 minutes after Badu. The overall sound being turned up too loud, which caused the acoustics to bleed into the nearby Outdoor Theatre and the larger Coachella field area. The sound engineers seemed to recognize the problem though and turned it down, which led to one being able to idenfity the individual band instruments easier.