Lil B has high energy set inside Coachella dome

Bay area hip-hop artist Lil B, who had one of the most memorable T-shirt designs with the phrase “Thank You Based God,” gave an energetic set inside the Oasis Dome Saturday night at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Lil B, also known as the Based God, was joined on stage by Odd Future during his set and the group danced along side and one of the members even jumped into the audience at one point but I couldn’t see which one.

After an opening intro of The Pack song “Vans,” which he is also on, Lil B went into “Wonton Soup” and a bunch of songs with titles I can’t mention on a newspaper website but the crowd loudly sang along to every one of them.

During his set, Lil B said he was going to watch Arcade Fire which drew cheers from the audience.