Grab your popcorn, race to L.A. between Chargers, Raiders, Rams about to get crazy

CARSON — Word of advice for all the fans out their rooting for the NFL to return to Los Angeles: Get the popcorn, grab a comfy seat on the sofa and settle in for a wild ride.

We are headed for a crazy finish, to say the least.

The good news is Los Angeles will soon have pro football back for the fist time in 20 years. Most likely by 2016.

What’s undecided is who the team — or teams — will be, exactly.

Last month it looked like it might be the St. Louis Rams after owner Stan Kroenke announced he was teaming with a California-based developer to build a football stadium on the site of the old Hollywood Park race track.

Back home in St. Louis, local leaders went into scramble mode to get a new stadium deal in place to keep the Rams in Missouri. But the Rams’ lukewarm reaction indicated a strong desire to bolt to L.A.

Welcome back, Rams.

Now we can’t be sure.

Kroenke didn’t exactly pull the trigger on a starter’s gun with the explosive bombshell he dropped, but he might as well have.

The result was a chain reaction felt all the way from Missouri to San Diego to Oakland. And now that the Raiders and Chargers have announced a partnership to build a shared stadium in Carson, we have a high-stakes race on our hands in which unlikely alliances have been forged, the football fate of four cities hanging in the balance and the NFL unable sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

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Raider fans showed up. Press conference in Carson to announce stadium proposal to lure 2NFL teams to the city. (Photo by Brad Graverson/The Daily Breeze)

Raider fans showed up. Press conference in Carson to announce stadium proposal to lure two NFL teams to the city. (Photo by Brad Graverson/The Daily Breeze)

Live updates from Carson press conference regarding NFL stadium plan

The city of Carson is holding a press conference to describe a stadium plan for two teams – the Raiders and Chargers, at 10 a.m., Friday. Follow live updates here:

Recent Timeline Of NFL and Los Angeles

It’s been 20 years since the Rams and Raiders fled Los Angeles for St. Louis and Oakland, and for every year that’s followed another stadium plan to bring the NFL back to the City of Angeles has appeared and vanished before our very eyes.

In fact, as we see now with the Rams angling to build a new stadium in Inglewood for a presumably triumphant return and the Raiders and San Diego Chargers teaming to build their own stadium together in Carson, specific sites have risen and died only to rise again. In the meantime, the same two teams that jilted us two decades ago for supposedly greener pastures now stand at the foot of a high-stakes boxing ring ready to slug it out to decide who returns.

It’s been a crazy ride, to say the least. From Hollywood Park to Dodgers Stadium to the City of Industry so many different stadium plans and bold promises have come and gone it’s impossible to keep them all straight.

So we won’t even try, and as as we build a timeline of events that seems destined to deliver the NFL back to Los Angeles by the 2016 season, let’s streamline it to current events that have set up Los Angeles as a viable landing spot for one or two of the Rams, Raiders and Chargers.


The City of Industry emerges as the latest stadium proposal when long-time Los Angeles developer Ed Roski outline his Los Angeles Stadium plan


With Roski’s plan moving along, the Anschutz Entertainment Group announces plans to build a football stadium adjacent to Staples Center

February 2011

AEG president Tim Leiweke announces a $700-million dollar naming rights deal with Farmers Insurance for the downtown stadium project, now knows as Farmers Field

August 2011

Farmers Field is officially green lighted by the The L.A. City Council in a 12-0 vote.

September, 2012

With Farmers Field chugging along  but no team team agreeing to move there – AEG head Phil Anschutz announces he is putting his company up for sale, a stunning development that cripples Farmers Field.

March 2013

AEG is officially pulled off the market, but Leiweke is out as president. Farmers Field is still alive, but t’s long-time health looks bleak.

January 2014

In a stunning, curious move that takes the NFL by surprise, St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchases a 60-acre parcel of land in Inglewood near the old Hollywood Park race track. No one is quite sure his intentions, but talk soon begins he is angling to build a stadium there.

October 2014

Despite little movement toward securing a team, The Los Angeles City Council agrees to extend AEG’s window to lure team for Farmer Field by six months.

December 2014

With the Rams, Chargers and Rams nearing the end of their leases – or closing in on ability to break free from them – and all three eyeing Los Angeles as a new home, the NFL announces it will not be accepting relocation applications for the 2015 season.

January 2015

In a stunning development, Rams owner Stan Kroenke announces he is partnering with California-based Stockbridge Capital Group to build an 80,000-seat NFL stadium in Inglewood on the old Hollywood Park site.

February 2015

The Chargers and Raiders, two old rivals, announce that they are joining forces to build a 68,000-seat stadium in Carson.

The plot thickens: Is Carson the center of the future NFL universe?

Plans to build a stadium in Carson that could be home to both the NFL Chargers and Raiders will be announced Friday by city and NFL officials.

Mayor Jim Dear confirmed that city officials have been in discussions with the NFL for about two years to build a stadium along the 405 Freeway, a site that has at least twice been considered for an National Football League stadium and twice abandoned.

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The Los Angeles Times broke the story Thursday evening. Here’s Sam Farmer’s story.