Sommer Larrabee and Etiwanda holds off Chino Hills

Sommer Larrabee and the Etiwanda Eagles handed the Chino Hills Huskies’ girls soccer team its first Baseline League loss, 1-0.

Larrabee scored the lone goal for the Eagles in the shutout against the Huskies, which also served as their first loss in nine games.

“Everything happened so fast, I remember getting the ball and dribbling the ball a few times,” Larrabee said. “(I) looked at the top left corner, looked back at
the ball and shot it.”

Larrabee felt that the Eagles knew the task at hand prior to the game.

“We knew as a team we needed a positive result from this game,” she said. “We played with everything we had and it showed in the final score.”

Larrabee believes that the outcome of this game serves as a lesson for her team.

“The feeling is indescribable. We knew Chino Hills was going to be a top contender in our league,” she said. “By being their first loss of the season it showed our team what we can accomplish when we play with our hearts on our sleeves. It is a game I am never going to forget.”

The victory ties the Eagles at one game apiece in the head-to-head series with the Huskies, after Etiwanda suffered a 3-1 loss to Chino Hills on Jan. 21 during a three game losing streak.

Chino Hills will finish the season on the road against Los Osos on Feb. 11 while Etiwanda will play Upland.

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  • Jane

    It helped that Etiwanda’ head coach was not there. It was a totally different group of girls on the field.

    • Isaac

      It helped that he called the girls out! Some of them need that! Everyone wants to say they’re soccer players…but not everyone wants to put in the effort! They responded well after being called out by their coach….they need to continue to play at 100%, all the time.

      • Jane

        It’s one thing for a coach to call out a player. Etiwandas coach is a bully. It’s time for a changing of the guard he has been there too long and never brought a championship to the program. They have the talent not the coach.

        • Isaac

          Pretty hard to bring a championship when the surrounding schools were stacked with ODP players, National Pool players and players who end up earning Freshman of the Year at LARGE D1’s. Meanwhile, Etiwanda was landing girls who played Select soccer and mom and dad swear they are the best player out there!
          As for this season, we lost a couple key players. Very unfortunate! Our league is probably the toughest league in D1. Our girls have hung in there, in every game.
          Just a suggestion(in general)….if your kid doesn’t like reality or hearing that they are not as good as mommy and daddy say they are….AYSO is the solution. But I promise…if they are willing to listen to what Montgomery is saying and teaching…they will learn a lot! My daughter has been singled out, probably more than any other girl. Any mistake on the Defensive side and she is held responsible. I wouldn’t want it any other way. She has learned to accept it. At times she doesn’t agree with it…but she embraces it and understands her responsibility.

          • Jane

            All I can say to you if you think Etiwandas coach is that good you have never experienced what a good coach has to offer. But then I guess you have rose colored glasses on where he is concerned. How many championships has he brought to his club team probably not many. Not to mention all the previous years he has had a large pool of talent and still couldn’t do anything. I get you like the guy. That’s unfortunate for your daughter. I’m done you’ll never get.

          • Isaac

            No rose colored glasses here. My daughter has played for some very respected coaches. Respected by other clubs and college coaches. And yours? Coaches will always be the scapegoats. If you are a parent…which I don’t know a mother named “Jane” , (which means it possible you are using an alias. Not sure why, if so. If you are going to call someone out…don’t hide while doing it.) Back to the subject…. If you are a parent…I’m sure you watch the games. At this age…there is no excuse for not being able to make a straight pass, trap a ball, receive a ball cleanly, understand that if the ball is coming from your right…you should be receiving it with the inside of your left and touching it forward, instead of a bad touch with the outside of your right foot and putting it back into traffic. These are common mistakes that you will see out there. Understand when to one touch it and when not to. Understand when to head a ball or when to receive it and maintain it. Understand when to flick a ball on…and when not to. The list goes on. At this age…its the coaches job to teach the technical part of soccer…not the fundamentals! As for what championships he has brought to his club team? WTH does that mean? Tournament wise? National titles are the only ones that count…. So I guess you can say 98% of club coaches are worthless…. Maybe 2% have won National titles.
            Please don’t feel sorry for my daughter….she received a soccer scholarship. Her and Sommer will be playing soccer against each other next year and hopefully for the next 4 years.
            I am at every game….if you ever want to discuss it face to face….feel free to approach me.

        • Me

          I’m very curious to know how Etiwandas coach is a bully. I don’t hear him degrading the girls, I don’t see him singling girls out in team discussions either. Maybe we as parents need to stop babying our kids and sheltering them. If you’re not happy with the high school coach, then don’t play high school soccer. Funny how parents throw around the “bullying” term constantly. Bear in mind that bashing the coach, another human being, is bullying as well. Doing it on a public forum, or in a comment section of an online article is called “cyber bullying”. Maybe if you slipped off YOUR rose colored glasses, you would take responsibility for your ridiculous comments and quite possibly feel some embarrassment and/or shame for your behavior. How many years of playing competitive soccer do you have under your belt? Playing vicariously through your kids does not count.
          Bottom line, maybe your daughter hasn’t had the high caliber coaching you have believed her to have. These girls are at the age where they know what they need to do out on the field. The coach is merely there to help expand their vision of the field, broaden their knowledge of the tactical game, and maintain the intensity of the game. So if you’re complaining about the girls not winning anything at the high school level, have your daughter look at herself, see what she has contribute thus far, and to be honest with herself and open up about the areas where she could/should have contributed more. That is where you will get to the root of the problem. Blaming the coach is a cop out. None of these coaches have the strength to move mountains, but they still try to win with whatever cards they are dealt.

          • Isaac

            Well said!!!!

          • Isaac

            Well said!!!