Thursday Night Football: Muir desperate for answers

MUIR (1-6, 1-3) vs. HOOVER (1-6, 0-4) at GLENDALE HIGH, 7 P.M.


So much for Muir High School competing for a Pacific League championship this year. Mustangs football coach Ken Howard was optimistic before the start of the season despite losing 24 players to graduation, but after an 1-6 start? Not so much.

Muir has won the league title four of the last six years, but at this point the only certainty is it won’t happen this year. It used to be Muir’s biggest challenge was not overlooking inferior opponents because of their records. It also used to be Muir could be counted on to beat Hoover (1-6, 0-4), but the way things have gone this season nothing’s a certainty.

“Oh yeah, no doubt about it,” Howard said as the Mustangs prepared to play Hoover tonight at 7 at Glendale. “I’m not going to take (Hoover) lightly because of their record because I can’t complain about anybody or how they’re doing. Look at us. We need to win. Period.”

Muir quarterback Jarron Williams said the team needed heart after the Mustangs’ 21-14 loss to Crescenta Valley last week. Muir trailed 21-0 at the half before mounting a comeback in the second half that fell short.

“Every year you get the same thing,” Howard said. “We don’t fight until we’re up against the wall. I don’t know why we do that, but we have to at some point start in the front court.”

Pasadena (4-3, 3-1), meanwhile, is coming off an impressive 48-0 win over Glendale. The Bulldogs revamped the offense and installed the double-wing. Glendale was not ready to defend it and Pasadena took advantage. Howard said the Mustangs’ offense will not be revamped, but there will be tweaks to the lineup.

“We have to try everything right now,” Howard said. “Don’t be surprised if you see guys playing different positions, whether it’s Williams lining up at running back or something else. We’re trying to find where we’re going to click together.”

Regardless, chances for a playoff spot are slim and Muir cannot afford another loss. “Last week was a win that would have made us comfortable, but we have to win (today),” Howard said.

If not?

“It’s going to throw a wrench in the game,” he said. “But I’ve seen stranger things happen. We’re not going to give up.”

Howard, in his 13th year at the school and seventh as head coach, took issue with growing whispers from those questioning play-calling and impatience.

“You look at the people that are naysayers and you figure they must have won every game in their life,” Howard said candidly. “They must have never lost. But if you’re not in someone’s shoes don’t condemn the guy before you know what’s going on.

“If you knew how many guys graduated last year and how many young guys are playing … you don’t win every year. Lets be serious about this; is this program down? No. Right now we’re not better than the teams in the past. If we don’t make the playoffs, then of course it’s a down year, but we’re still fighting for a spot.”

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  • The Stang Fan

    A few things:

    A. As I mentioned in the “Picks” post, to have people even JOKE that this game may be close tells you what type of season Muir is having.

    B. Muir is 1-6…not 1-7

    C. This is Howard’s 5th season as head coach…not 7th.

    D. I declared that Muir would win their 1st round playoff game a few weeks ago. I’m taking that back now. I still think the Stangs will make the playoffs–the Dogs will lose the next 3 and Muir will win out–but as the LAST team from the Pacific they will get either SH or CO in the 1st round and they can not beat those teams this year.)

    E. PHS seems to be the popular pick in this year’s Tussle. I’m not buying it. Not that Muir is so much better, just that both teams aren’t that good and Muir has played common opponents a little better so far. Like NY mentioned, we will find out more about PHS tonight vs. CV but here are some things to consider:

    PHS vs Arcadia: 19-14
    Muir vs Arcadia: 27-7

    PHS vs Burroughs: 12-37
    Muir vs Burroughs: 6-9 (And held lead till end of 4th)


    PHS vs. Hoover: 21-13
    Muir vs. Hoover: ??-?? (Should win by more)

    PHS vs CV: ??-?? (My pick is CV….we’ll see)
    Muir vs. CV 14-21

  • Miguel Melendez

    PHS doesn’t play today. They play tomorrow vs. CV at PHS.

  • Reyes

    The Stang Fan,
    A win is a Win!! By one or 30 points still a Win!!
    A lost is a Lost!! By one or 30 points still a Lost!!
    Stangs will not make the playoffs!!!
    The Dogs will not lose the next 3!!!
    PHS will win this year’s Tussle!!!
    Your teams aren’t that good this year!!
    But there is good news, Coach Mills is still available!!

  • Pacific League

    I’m with Huckster, Reyes has to write better. It’s tough to read sometimes.

  • sfhs89

    Muir shuts out Hoover, 20-0.

  • Also watching was…Me

    25-0 Final.

    Jarron Williams 72 yd INT return, Ormoni Duncan 99+ yds strip of da Hoover quarterback …both to da house!

    Surprising was Hoover stayed in the game for 3+ quarters. Muir fumbled away the ball three times in the 1st.

  • Also watching was…Me

    25-0 Final

    Jarron Williams 72 yard PIKK to da house
    Ormoni Duncan 99+ yd return (stripped the Hoover QB) … all the way

    Surprising is that Hoover STAYED in this game for over 3 qtrs before those 2 quick Muir TDs midway through the 4th.

    Muir lost three fumbles in 1st qtr.

  • Goldenarm

    Whole lotta fumblin goin on.
    Between the strips and the picks, Hoover must be feeling pretty low.

    Stang Fan, breathe easy for one Friday…you can disassmemble the gallows and clear the chamber of the 9mm round…. put the trigger guard back on.
    I always worry going into a game like tonight, against a winless opponent. Worry that all that can go wrong will go wrong and suddenly you are out of the playoff picture. I woke up having the Blair nightmare…the Lincoln Ave Massacre, the Muir mojo…with TC down by 7 and the clock ticking.

    Living in Dena I can tell you the silence that has fallen over the Blair football program in the streets….versus the buzz that Tip created when the Vikes won the RHL (seems like a decade ago already). Kids were talking about Blair back then.

    I hope the sprinklers are providing excellent irrigation. Were Tip still in town, Blair would undoubtedly be in better shape.

  • Goldenarm


    La Canada should pull out the stops – onsides the opening kickoff, go for it on 4th and 9 and fake field goal the 30 yarder.
    I would love to say an upset is in the making…it could be ANY other year…but this year Mooney has put together a team of a different color. They are flat out tougher than the BMW boys of yesteryear. Gone is the weakness in the middle and along the front, the weakness TC first uncovered on the 8-0 San Marino last year, at North field….where their line was whining about the mud and footing at midfield. Much of the whining was done while laying flattened out in the mud, with Ruckle and Stewart running over them.

    This year, Monrovia tried, but did not run over them. They kept trying, San Marino held up. The years final game at SM will be treacherous ground for the Rams….a team of youngsters who know nothing about Mooney, Supelveda, Luna, vandalized football field or all the history that had the Rams ON FIRE last year. The seniors had better sit around the campfire and tell the tale, otherwise the youngsters get chewed up by the dragon.
    LC must stop the run and clamp down Yortsos, if Hung breaks 150 they lose, Moore breaks 250 they win


    Who are we losing after this season on the o-line?

  • sports betting

    yeah, So much for Muir High School competing for a Pacific League championship this year.

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