Baseball Rankings: PHS leaps Arcadia, jumps to No. 4; St. Francis still the best in the area, plain and simple.

Above: Arcadia’s Jon Larson slides safely into second base as Pasadena’s Chris Klein can’t handle the ball during a Pacific League game last year. The teams won’t meet until April 23.


1. St. Francis (6-4)
2. Alhambra (9-1)
3. Monrovia (10-1)
4. Pasadena (7-2)
5. Arcadia (6-2)
6. Maranatha (4-6)
7. Pasadena Poly (5-2)
8. Temple City (4-5)
9. La Salle (5-5)
10. San Marino (6-5)

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  • Cyclops

    I think the rankings were a bit premature. PHS lost to Burroughs 8-1!

    Counting chickens…

  • Really???

    Are you really gonna put phs over Arcadia.After that dominate performance over burroughs you go and do this.All this is gonna do is make the apaches even more mad and trust me you are gonna wanna be there that friday night when the apaches take on the bulldogs because the apaches are gonna definatley prove who they are.

  • The Lance

    How can TC be ranked abouve La Salle when La Salle beat them earlier this season? La Salle also has a harder schedule then them so this really doesn’t make sense. Watch La Salle beat Arcadia next tuesday under the lights.

  • hilarioius

    Great call miguel putting Pasadena over Arcadia.You were really on this one.

  • Archangel

    Cats over Titans 8-1 Chris Calver pitched complete game for Monrovia.

    High School Sports Rewind was Filming the Game for the Cable Show and Interviewed some Monrovia Coaches and Players after the game.

  • Realist

    Miguel doesn’t like Arcadia. I don’t know what it is. But this proves it

  • sgv observer

    no one can compete with st francis, they beat monrovia 8 to 1 and alhambra 9 to 1. if the knights send bramschreiber to the mound, they can compete with anyone. just ask crespi

  • well see

    sgv observer,

    I see what you are saying but st francis has not played Arcadia yet.They might meet up in the Arcadia spring break tournment.Apaches have found there stride,and i think this would make a great game.St francis got beat by CV.I gotta tell you miguel you really screwed this one up burroughs destroyed Pasadena 8 to 1 today.

  • sgv observer

    the only thing is that st francis has to get by glendora first, which should be as good if not better than crespi. arcadia always puts themselves in the driver seat to make the championship game every year

  • For the Love of the GAME

    No talk, no chater from me….it’s a ranking….can’t wait to see the Apache Invitational where some of the ranked teams will hopefully meet. Bold prediction Lancer, very bold.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Fyi, rankings and records are through Saturday. And, no, I don’t hate Arcadia. Silly.

  • Anonymous

    sgv observer:

    Please shed some light on the situation…how does Arcadia put themselves in the driver’s seat every year? Maybe by winning and playing good baseball?? I’d say you just gave them a compliment.

    C’mon, they play challenging teams every year. Even with the Invitational, you have high caliber and quality teams playing in their tournament…isn’t SFHS there with Glendora? How about this, CV beat SFHS but lost to Glendora, and Arcadia gets to play them twice; I know, simple games.

    Who cars what you’re ranked now, because at the end of the season, if you win the Championship Game in CIF, I don’t think being ranked 1st or 10th during March will matter…games will be played out soon.

  • Realist


    Year in and year out you have Arcadia behind at least two teams that have no business being in front of them. I dont understand it. What did Arcadia do to you? I understand ranking mean nothing but come on Miguel.

  • For the Love of the GAME

    Wait a second ….wasn’t gonna do it, but base don your response Miguel, I must….I felt the PHS ranking coming a while back…I will admit Miguel, I do question your bias; what is it about and this is not being silly…if the rankings are based on records through Sturday them ponder this with me…

    What games have you been to that made you think these teams are so good? Didn’t you see the blog on player of the week? PHS beat Glendale 7 – 4 and that was a comeback?????? Nothing against GHS, they are rebuilding, but do you think they are a powerhouse too?

  • Apaches Only

    As For the Love of Game said… What games have you been to Miguel?? Really… what games? Think your fingers got a little trigger happy when you typed that list. Probably been hanging with the coach from Burroughs…..

  • Having Fun

    Just Curious, does anyone know who is in first place in the Pacific League?

  • featherhead

    Invitational shapes up to be interesting; however, Glendora has too much for anyone in the group and should prevail (they have more sticks than the GKnights) and that will be the difference. Too bad they will likely meet in the semis and not the championship.

  • Apache Joe

    Arcadia fans,

    Bashing Miguel isn’t going to get you any positives in the rankings. Just continue to win and he will reward them. Arcadia lost one of the most productive pitchers in the last decade in Bryce Rutherford so it is hard to put them back at the top right away. They have good kids, don’t get me wrong but it is important to see how this new team finds its identity.

  • PHS Parent

    Apache Padre

    It would be appreciated if you would refrain from personal attacks against our coach. Everyone here needs to remember that players read these blogs also. Is it really worth your two cents to post a dig about a coach that has done nothing but stand by our kids? Really? Whatever happened at Arcadia is your business, please keep it that way.

    Proud Parisi Parent

  • At the end of the day…

    Whomever goes to a level of bashing coaches is beneath all rankings. This is about the team, the wins and the losses. My recommendation would be that those haters trashing coaches from Arcadia, sit down, shut up remember who coached the Apaches as Pacific League Champs four years in a row. Idiot!

  • PacLeague

    can’t you guys see that miguel is one of the biggest frauds around. he is robbing the star news of money due to his lack of knowledge in sports and quality analysis in all of the sports throughout the year. his breakdowns in football and baseball are a joke. they often seem to have underlying biasis involved.

  • Knows the Game

    I am an Arcadia parent. I do not know who Apache Padre is, or what he said, but I will tell you what I do know. Mike Parisi is a brilliant baseball coach. Mike Parisi made a mistake, (anyone that hasn’t don’t hesitate to post!) Mike Parisi is doing a great job at PHS. Mike has paid for his mistake, leave him alone and let him coach. We as a society are way too judgemental, and way too self righteous. If we try wishing well for everyone, it may actually make us feel better about ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to let you guys know these top ten ranking weel to week do not make sense. These rankings don’t sat anything about a team and how good they are. These top ten rankings are unreliable to a teams play. One team could beat another team it just depends how that team plays on that day. Phs lost to burroughs, borroughs was a better team that day. St. Francis lost to crespi and cv those teams were better then them on that day. I think these rankings should be eliminated from the blog. They don’t help the cause even the worst team in the area can beat the best team in the area any day. You have to take it day by day.

  • Quasimodo

    Miguel is doing his best. This is High School Baseball which is typified by inconsistent play. Look at Burroughs, they beat CV and PHS and they have little to no talent. I am sure they caught both teams looking toward their next real opponent.

  • BigFatFan

    Miguel, keep up the good work, despite the haters out there, your blog provides us a forum to exchange our views and obviously our biases.

    SP loses to TC 2-0, well played game. SP did not capitalize on some key chances to score. great pitching by both teams

  • Proud PHS Parent

    I don’t understand why people like “Apache Parent” or whatever he/she goes by insist on demeaning our coach. I wonder if they would be as apt to talk smack in his presence? I doubt it. What happened was a mistake. We all make them. Get over it. He’s a great coach.

  • tcchamps

    Blair beat Monrovia today 3-2 Wow

  • At the end of the day…

    It’s actually “Apache Padre.”

    Let me point out a fact! If the “Rankings” and “Miguel’s lack of knowledge of sports (NOT)” or FRAUD seem to be the issues here, why the heck are so many blogs about Coach Parisi? Case and point! SIMPLY because of PURE jealousy because he’s a great coach. Mr. Apache Padre & PacLeague (AKA: idiots)are jealous boys. Let me get you both a box of Kleenex.

  • Archangel


    C’mon I can’t believe you even posted that! LOL

    Blair became the Cats 6th shutout at 7-0

  • tcchamps


    It was April 1st yeaterday.

  • For the Love of the GAME

    To: tcc champs

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…very nice!!! Nobody…NOBODY pulled one off…

  • For the Love of the GAME

    I appreciate opinions even from Miguel…everyone has one and rankings are opinionated, at least a part of the decision to place a team next to a number is.

    I say this again like it was said before….rankings are rankings…I don’t care how high you are ranked now; all that matters is where you end up. You could be the 10th ranked team and win it all at the end of the season, League or CIF. There’s a lot of games left to be played and I will enjoy watching them; some more than others. 8<) All of the attitude that comes with opinions and rankings is part of being a competitor and that is part of the GAME. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

  • Archangel

    Geez! That’s sad…

    Never retire Boys it’s all down hill after that!

    My Boy Graduates this year! I probably won’t even know what day of the week it is next year…

  • Apache Man

    Arcadia 13 – Glendale 3 (in 5 innings.) Sophomore pitcher Trask had shakey first inning, then settled down and gave up one hit in 5 innings.

  • james

    it seems that arcadia fans are a fired up because of the ranking that mean nothing really arcadia you guys B#$$h about everything. just stop and look out for all the bad asian drivers that why there are so many traffuc cops in arcadia

  • james you have sh$t for brains

    I can’t believe your post was left up. Just wondering how that trucking school thing is working out for you.

  • Realist


    Before you come on here and run your big mouth…learn proper grammar. Thanks. Your ignorance is offensive. Put your helmet on and go to bed now.