Baseball: Arcadia goes for perfection tonight at CV

By the way, great read in today’s L.A. Times by Bill Plaschke on a blind baseball player at Chaminade who gets to live a dream he’s waited years.

Plaschke writes:

Four years of dreaming into one sentence, uttered over a tiny loudspeaker, above a cramped baseball field, on a busy street where cars rushed past and a moment stood still.

It was a quick breath for the student who announced it, but a lasting prayer for the baseball player who would live it.

Really a great and inspiring read.

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  • Steve Nebraska

    Tomorrows’ Headline:


  • Intereresting Data

    Below are the Area Teams in order of Rank by PSN followed by their Max-Preps Southern Section Ranking,based on strength of schedule etc…

    Temple City-126
    San Marino-224

    Non-Ranked by PSN
    St. Francis-93

  • Knows the Game

    Steve Nebraska,
    I hope you are a child, because an adult making the kind of negative statement you made would be unbelievable. If Arcadia loses to C.V. it won’t be because they “choked” it will be because a great program like C.V. beat them on the field. These are 2 stellar programs going at it again, good luck to both teams. Meanwhile Nebraska, you are an embarassment to high school sports.

  • Steve Nebraska

    Don’t know Jack

    I could care less about either program, although I would hope CV pulls it off.

    My headline was just freakin funny!!

    Lemas and Arcadia take themselves way to serious, nobody is making history here, snap out of it already!

  • Knows the Game

    Another great prognostication by Nebraska. Of course you don’t care about either program they both are classy and have great baseball legacys. Oh by the way Jimmy the Greek…. ARCADIA 6 C.V. 2, who’d your team play today Sisiters of the Poor?

  • Realist


    Pull your head out. Arcadia did just make history. The Pacific league is not an easy league to go undefeated in. Thats why it has NEVER happened before. And the Burbank schools just got added in 07. Which only made it tougher. What ever league your team is in, it probly is an every season occurance because of the lack of compitition. Just stop talking, you sound more and more stupid every post. Thanks!

  • Steve Nebraska

    Tough League! what a joke! the bottom 5 Teams are a combined 36-69 what is that like a .200 average?

    Going undefeated in League Play is hard to do but C’mon they really only had to win 4 games the other 10 were gift wrapped!

    Beat CV twice and Burbank twice the other teams couldn’t compete in the Pacific League or any other for that matter.

    But that’s allright it’s your delusion enjoy!

  • Apaches Only

    Steve Nebraska: If you really cared less about either Arcadia or CV, then quit constantly blogging about them. Get a life! You are truly ignorant and pathetic with NOTHING else to do. Walmart might be hiring…….

  • Realist


    You are mistaken. Burroughs has always had a good baseball program. And with Parisi at Pasadena, you never know what Pasadena team your going to get. This league is far more difficult that you say it is. I do think Wal Mart is hiring by the way.

  • Nebraska is an idiot

    Steve Nebraska-

    Nice math skills. Last time I checked 36-69 is not a .200 winning percentage.

  • Realist


    Maybe you should go play in traffic. It would probly benefit you and all of us.

  • Steve Nebraska

    Sorry Boys your right it’s not .200 I was just guestimating.
    If you require accuracy it’s .342 which still SUCKS!!!

  • Just Curious

    Steve Nebraska-

    I am curious. What team do you support? Do you have a child playing baseball in high school or are you just some 40 year old that lives with his mom?

  • Steve Nebraska

    Actually I do have Boy playing High School Ball and another that played for the Arkansas Razorbacks and is now in the Padres Minor League system.

    But I just like Yanking Arcadias Chain! The Bloggers take themselves and the Apaches Sooo!’s just to easy. I guess Retirement is just boring me.. oh! and I’m in my forties but Moms dead. How bout you?

  • Realist


    Let me guess, you have a kid that plays in the RHL.

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