Shouldn’t you be answering your own question?

  • greg patrick!

    Monrovia will be a top team with returning and never forgotton devonte walls coming back from a 2yr stay at texas.. will be explosive this year and with a all senior line with experience well have funn watching these kids playy

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody else hear crickets?

  • BigCat

    what all senior line with experience are you talking about? Monrovia? ‘Cause M-Towns only bringing back one starter from their O-line from last year.

  • unbiased

    BigCat has a point

  • Goldenarm

    Monrovia has been taking some heat regarding behavior at a passing tourney on Aram’s blog.
    When you get better and in the light…more people seem to look for ways to knock you down. Here is a paste :
    Goldenarm said:

    There was a day when a victory over Monrovia could be traced to a sprinkling of poor attitudes, that had been allowed to fester and grow into undisciplined play. Mistakes, lack of focus. Hell, fistfights at the banquet was how a season sometimes closed out for Monrovia.

    M-town opponents can pray for this day to return – but it will not. If you are going to bicker and in-fight – do it in passing tourneys and practice, then flush it out and make damn sure the air is cleared come Sept.
    I would place bets on Maddox and company NOT embarrassing themselves this year. The Cat staff is far too experienced and motivated to let cockiness and poor sportsmanship be the banner Monrovia is carrying and waving in the face of teams they face.

    Trash talk, stupidity and testosterone are always on close up display in passing tourneys because of the ease of up close and personal public access to the teams and players. Observers who think Maddox did not come away from the San Dimas loss with a better understanding of what needs doing – are short on knowledge of the man. The team is far from perfection -but has both the senior leadership and coaching to overcome the loss of a key player – or a flare up of inappropriate behavior

  • unbiased

    @goldenarm: I apologize (not just to goldenarm) if it seemed like i was trying to “knock (monrovia) down”, i was just stating a fact. I would also like to say that this thread isnt just for monrovia and should have other good teams in here aswell.

    And if monrovia is the #1 team, then Muir should be a close 2nd if last years outcomes have any effect on this year’s rankings

  • Dan

    To me in this decade, year in and year out St. Francis usually seems to be a notch higher than the other WSGV schools, they play in a higher division and have held their own against some big schools, Muir also strikes me as a notch above the rest and like St. Francis has usually played in higher divisions than the rest of the WSGV although they struggled last season. This year many are thinking Monrovia will be stepping up into this top group, I get a feeling they
    just may do that, the only uncertainty is do they have the line to match up to the next level of play, I thought they did in 06 but they fell apart at the end of the season. Last years Wildcats had a good year but the division is watered down compared to previous years and they had a light schedule for the year so we still don’t know how good they really were.
    We’ll get a better idea this year when they go up against South Hills and Glendora.
    Schurr, Burbank, San Marino, Rosemead, Burroughs, San Gabriel can make things interesting too, and maybe with the new staff Alhambra will start making waves.
    1 – St. Francis
    2 – Muir
    3 – Monrovia
    4 – Burbank
    5 – Schurr
    6 – Burroughs
    7 – Rosemead
    8 – San Marino
    9 – San Gabriel
    10- Alhambra
    7 –

  • Dan

    I forgot about La Canada, and Cresenta Valley they would be up in that top ten somwhere, anyhow my top 5 stay the same.

  • Tom S

    Dan: Some of your picks make sense but Burbank, Burroughs and Schurr are not in the PSN area along with CV.
    What about some of the smaller schools, La Salle, Maranatha, RHP. Any room in your top 10 for any of them?

  • Bob Anon

    LC in the top 10? I hope so, but let’s be realistic. Now CV, on the other hand, merits a Top 10 ranking, but the Glendale schools haven’t appeared in these rankings in the past (same with Burbank schools).

  • Goldenarm

    I think as Yoder really sinks into the varsity program, things will only get better for La Canada.
    They just need an athlete here or there to put them over the hump.
    There is no question the RHL needs a stronger Temple City team, one that comes prepared to play each and every Friday. Back when Backus got his walking papers -I said it would be 5 years until the Rams would rise again – I hope that proves wrong. What little I have seen of McFarland I like, and I am hoping he can field a competitive team THIS YEAR.
    There are holes to plug in TC, but there are also a handful of returnees who unquestionably have some heart. I hope we see a defense that does not make you turn away and piss your pants every time a long pass rains out over the middle of the field. Getting burned deep is demoralizing, especially when the passes are horribly thrown floaters that should be ripe melons to intercept or at the least bat away. Desperation throws became an offensive strategy last year against the Rams.
    Good luck Coach M and the Rams.
    How about a bio on his assistants?

  • Goldenarm


    no need to apologize, you just posted what you saw, popular or not.
    it is all good

  • Bob Anon


    I think TC will surprise a lot of folks. By next season, “order” will be restored (M-town and TC on top).

    In other news, is Blair really playing a school new to 11-man football?


    Fulton Prep, one of the San Fernando Valley’s most successful 8-man programs, is moving up to 11-man as part of the new City Section small schools league.

    It will be interesting to see if Fulton Prep can put up 47 points per game like last year, when the Jaguars advanced to the City 8-man final. Their first game is Sept. 2 against Blair of Pasadena at Muir High.

    “I’m ready to work some magic. I’m excited. This is what I’ve always wanted to do,” coach Sean Jackson said.


    Calpreps does not list this game for Blair.

  • Apache Joe


    Your top 10 list is ridiculous, as to how Arcadia is not in there, I do not know. Arcadia is better than every school in the RHL, and is tied in the series against Monrovia 2-2.

  • MoneyTalks

    Dear Dan,

    You are not the brightest star in the galaxy to have San marino ahead of Arcadia. A really bad 2009 arcadia team still went toe to toe with Burroughs and Burbank. It went down to the wire. i would have arcadia ranked 6th or 7th on the preseason poll.

  • Stadium Facility Crew (SFC)

    It doesn’t seem like anyone ever likes anyone else’s top 10 list. So, I’ll put mine up for scrutiny. I can’t wait for football season.

    Top 10 expanded (including all teams within leagues covered by the PSN excluding the Mission League):

    1) Saint Francis
    2) Burbank
    3) Muir
    4) Burroughs
    5) Monrovia
    6) Arcadia
    7) Schurr
    8) Crescenta Valley
    9) Rosemead
    10) San Marino

    Top 10 traditional (Only teams covered by the PSN):

    1) Saint Francis
    2) Muir
    3) Monrovia
    4) Arcadia
    5) Schurr
    6) Rosemead
    7) San Marino
    8) Pasadena
    9) San Gabriel
    10) Maranatha

  • 91030

    It must be that time of year again to bravely go where few dare to go before. Looking at the top 10 lists, I absolutely agree that St. Francis, Muir, Monrovia and Arcadia belong at the top of the ladder. However, somewhere, this year there should be a nod given to the POSSIBILITY that So Pas could finally compete again in both the RHL and the WSGV. It is a fact that the 4-5 Soph starters from a couple of years ago are back and hopefully hungry to finally excel. In addition, for the first time in a long time the JV program has been fairly successful over the recent past. Finally, Sr. QB Conor Bednarsky is a 3rd year starter with a D1 physique and arm who knows this is his last chance to impress. Combine that with the fact that he is one of only 2 RHL (and only a few WSGV) QB’s to return this year may make a solid difference.

    Given the tremendous impact Yortsos, Forgatch, Hung and Harwich had for SM (about 90% of their offense) and no QB who threw a pass other than the the above, SM may be in trouble. Again unless they continue to recruit players from other cities as it appears they have no problem with CIF doing.

    Similarly with both LC and TC, their QB’s, WR’s and RB’s were the heart and soul of their teams last year and other than one of the LC backs are all gone, having graduated. As a result, other than Monrovia, who is a lock to run the league, SP may be the most experienced team in the RHL.

    That all being said though, SP is stuck yet again with Ed Smith as coach. He has year after year demonstrated an ability to lose with both good players and bad, make bad player and play calls and more importantly to “turn off” and not motivate the players on his team if things get a bit tough. While it is clear that the last 2 years he has not had the horses, he certainly does in 2010. Let’s hope he does not waste them as he did in 2007 where SP had three skill position and defensive players who are playing at the next level. David Allen – full ride LB UCLA, Jonathon Troast – full ride QB Prairie View A&M, Steven Colliau – D3 WR Washington & Lee University.

  • Dan

    Apache Joe, Money Talks,
    Easy soldiers no need to get up in arms, I was in a hurry when I first posted and for some reason Arcadia and a few others had slipped my mind, but they too have always struck me as being close to the level of a Muir, or St. Frances but a notch lower. In most years I would think of Arcadia as a WSGV top 5 or 6 team, I think they could be grouped with the Burbank, Burroughs, Schurrs and lately Monrovia’s of the WSGV. Last year they were weak this year who knows. I think I’m pretty close with the teams in the top 5 or 6 but not sure on the order and I think Crescenta Valley could replace a team in that top six. But at this time of the season we’re all guessing
    Tom S.
    I haven’t followed the small schools you mentioned
    real closely, I know they do pretty well for their division, seems like Maranatha and Rio Hondo prep have made it to their division finals recently haven’t they? Only problem is they only play other small schools so its hard to gage how good these schools are. I remember La Salle beating a pretty good Monrovia team in the playoffs in 06. But earlier that season Monrovia smashed them and put 52 points on them. Was Monrovia so undisciplined that they grossly overlook a La Salle team that they smashed earlier that year or did La Salle really get to the level that Monrovia was at? For some reason I think Monrovia wasn’t as strong towards the end of that season, they lost their focus. So I get the impression that in their good years these small schools could challenge some of the mid to upper level Mid Valley teams, but in most years they would lose.

  • seriously

    You Arcadia fans are funny. Your record last year was 2-7-1. And now this year you demand to be in the top 10. You return basically the same key skill players minus Tuck and you’re losing a considerable amount of experienced size on the oline. Your qb has d1 size but still needs a lot of work, specially when dealing against speedy defensive backs(muir and pasadena) and is no real threat to run. You have two outstanding rbs but both are undersized and no roster depth at that position. With the results you had last year, naturally fans want to talk about the experience gained and that this team will be better cause of it. What they fail to realize is that this applies to all the other teams as well. And about that comment about being better than all of the RHL. Didn’t you guys get spanked by monrovia and barely tied a one dimensional tc? Instead of always TALKING about how good you guys are, why don’t we all just wait for you guys to SHOW us how good you guys are? The way you guys are blogging you would think you were 8-2 last year.

  • anonymous

    Very well said Seriously. Arcadia has a whole lot to prove as they begin to decline year after year after year.

  • TigerFan

    91030 is completely right. Even with gold studded rosters, Ed Smith has managed to drive his program into the ground. If South Pas wants to breathe new life into their system as they have been trying so hard to do, Smith is the first thing that needs to leave.

  • Goldenarm

    91030, Tiger Fan

    Good to hear from you guys. I used to like the Tigers field and stadium,(and people) but after last year’s LC/TC game played on So Pas turf till near midnight, can’t say I much care for the place anymore. Bad memory.
    Weird thing was NOBODY was even told we could potentially be playing a second game THAT NIGHT and driving to So Pas to do it….everyone had believed a Sat 8am showdown was going to happen if we lost to SM.
    Bizarre and crappy evening and hats off to LC for seizing the opportunity.

    Ed Smith has got to come up with a defense that can keep the Tigers within striking distance. The So Pas D line was fairly horrible last year – and it all happens in the trenches. Offensively Bednarski would be a headline QB if A) a run game was established B) the defense had stops and provided decent field position and C – he stays healthy.
    Don’t think the BMW Boys will be soft this year – they will have the tightest ship in years. They have two of the best line coaches anywhere in the Valley with Mooney and Valdes, and apparently have added T. Camerano, another strong line coach. Whatever talent they have on the line – just got better, much better.

    Good luck to South Pas – with the Moors followed by Cathedral – you should be well tested for the RHL opener.

  • Moneytalks


    Arcadia will be way better. We were not talking like this last year. Everyone new it would be a down year and it was. Arcadia started 7 sophomores last season, they are all returning and look pretty good. The senior group is much better because of the return of AJ Rail at LB. I am looking at a 6-4 or 7-3 regular season record.

  • seriously

    MT, I like your optimism. Good luck to you guys this year. Rail hurting his knee at a combine last year was a big blow to the program. The team really missed his intensity. They’re definitely better with him on the field.

  • New York

    I think Monrovia’s offensive line will be fundamentally sound, probably more so than at any point in a very long time; three year starter at QB; stable of running backs. We will have the players to score some points even though the competition is tougher.

    Defensively, losing Lowden hurts, as does other reliable guys like Haggard, etc. We need McCarthy to play to his potential (big time, game changing potential) and for Bubba to come back healthy and stuff the inside run. The key will be the self-less trench dogs who develop into scrappy players willing to sacrifice their bodies and stop the inside run so that the backers can scrape and get the outside run and not rely on the DBs to compromise deep coverage in order to give run support. That said, I hope our DBs are not set so deep this year.

    Year #3 of the Maddox era looks good. Monrovia football is still building.

  • BigFatFan

    91030 and Tiger Fan:

    fact of the matter is, the boys at SP have to perform this year. SP is in a unique situation this season, with TC, SM, and LC all having graduated their best players. now is the time for the returning seniors to step up and fullfill the expectations that were placed on many of them when they were elevated to varsity as sophomores. Despite the head coaching situation, you have a group of assitants that is ready to lead, but the boys have to WANT it. We should have pretty good O-line this season with three returning seniors including Lind, Figueroa and Hall. Running game should be headed up by Martin, and receiving corps led by Nelson. all these kids have varsity experience from last year, its more a matter of do they really WANT it. Last year, Bednarski had to shoulder most of the responsibility for the offense, that should not be the case, but now at 6’3″ and 200lbs+ he should be able to exploit holes in the defense and get some good yardage on the ground.

    Smith has remained at SPHS for so long because the populace of SP does not demand more from the school administration. sure, there are a few outspoken voices that want him “gone”, but when push comes to shove, the rest of the City could really care less. so he remains….

  • Moneytalks


    Yeah, AJ Rail helps the apaches tremendously. He is playing LB. Good size. 6’1 or so and about 205, very quick, don’t know about fast but can tackle really well. He will probably be a strong safety in college.

    Lets see how well he does after his ACL surgery. Saw him not too long ago working out and he shows no problems with the knee. I wish him the best.

  • Anonymous

    St. Francis
    South Pasadena

  • Apache Joe


    If you looked at the dialogue we were talking about in the decade of the 2000’s. Arcadia should’ve been in the top 5 in the decade. We were 2-2 with Monrovia in the 2000’s so get over it. Arcadia spanked the cats two years back-to-back in 07 and 08. They whooped Arcadia last season and in 06 it was a pretty tough victory with Monrovia running the ball extremely well and winning 27-13.

    Arcadia handles every team in the RHL but Monrovia. Arcadia was extremely young and we predicted it wouldn’t be a good year. This year should be better, 6-4 is my prediction if they can at least stay somewhat healthy.

  • anonymous


    just judging from last years stats on the receiving end, Bednarski will have close to no targets. Nelson is decent but there seems to be little after that returning. With a thin line the running game will be hard pressed to do anything, especially with an unproven running back in Martin. As far as the coaching goes i really feel for the situation that you have there but like you said Smith isn’t going anywhere. Looks like South Pasadena is in for another long year.

  • Moneytalks


    Just to follow up…Let me give you a run down of arcadia TC series since 1994.

    1994 – Arcadia
    1995 – Arcadia
    1996 – TC
    1997 – Arcadia
    1998 – Arcadia
    1999 – Arcadia
    2000 – Series off
    2001 – TC
    2002 – Arcadia
    2003 – Arcadia
    2004 – Arcadia
    2005 – Series off
    2006 – Series off
    2007 – Series off
    2008 – Series off
    2009 – Tie

  • Goldenarm


    Seems the consensus is San Marino is depleted of talent. Mooney and crew are smiling every time they see that in print. Expect more, not less from SM this year.

    New York,
    I agree, Monrovia is miles and years from peaking and twice that distance from folding up. Graduation can hurt a program and thwart momentum – not so at M-town of late. Even when Bueno and Company diploma out – the Cats don’t look to slide.
    I only hope that McFarland can replace or at least repair the damage done at TC, and get the Rams back to a place of respect. It may or may not be this year – but it has got to start this year. The returnees endured a disapointing year – and hopefully they did not like the taste of it. We have some good kids – and plenty of hope.
    MONROVIA’S PRELEAGUE SCHEDULE is the simplest way to see where Maddox where Maddox wants to take Monrovia. No WSGV team has a tougher preleague that I have seen? Is there a tougher one? Muir?

  • http://ch4t.com Dinorah Sampley

    I had a blog on this subject, but I had so many spam comments I had to shut it. You appear to be doing a better job keeping out the spammers! Congratulations!

  • Matt


    Regarding that beautiful night at SoPas, the ADs knew what was going on. TC’s AD either didn’t communicate with the coach or the coach didn’t communicate with the players and parents. Everyone at LC knew what was going on. The players were told to pack a home jersey.

  • Football Fan

    Cathedral is going to destroy So. Pasadena and could beat So. Pas and Alhambra in the same day. The Phantoms are huge and alot of depth this coming year. With 6’3 Sophmore QB Haden Reddig leading the Phantom attack they will be very good.

  • Goldenarm

    blog editor is out of control

    “specific click” malware is in Miguel’s pantalones

  • http://Think Apache Pride

    Football Fan.

    I agree with you 100% on Cathedral destroying S. Pas and Alhambra. You can add on to your list Arroyo, West Covina, Cantwell, Don Bosco and Maranatha. “Under the Radar Arcadia” destroyed these team without some of their top players. As always St. Francis and Monrovia will bring their “A” games. I predict no blow-out and Arcadia will give each of these a battle. Their young but talented and have some kids they will make a big impact this year and next.

  • !stang!

    Miguel, I hear Muir has a scrimmage against catheral. Can you find out if they do and when and where?

  • Think

    Muir always has one or two standout players both sides of the ball but they better work on their defense. I think they will allow too many points this year from what I seen. I don’t think they have the weapon of previous seasons.

  • BigFatFan

    SP finishes preseason 4-1, even with the Cathedral whopping. dont laugh, its completely plausible. Give SP some credit for dumping Keppel from the preseason schedule.

  • !stang!

    I’m not worried about the defense they return 7 guys who started in the charter oak game. They have 3 key guys returning. Kevon S. Dennis and #14 fb/lb. These 3 kids played big in charter oak game. Kevon int dennis rufus. Dennis stripped the qb late in the game. #14 had a couple big tackles and a td. The question is can they replace Jarron williams at #b

  • football fan

    I’m not saying there number one or anything but a little birdie told me to watch out for SAN GABRIEL…..haven’t seen to much from them but what I hear is there pretty talented. I haven’t heard much of anything about them here on the blogs so i just wanted to throw them out there and see if any of that can be confirmed….

  • Observantcat

    Pre-Season Polls

    1. Monrovia- On the heels of Bueno and Co. the Wildcats should run amuck in the RIo Hondo League. There are several outstanding players that will make a contribution in his own way this season. The biggest step up is going to be on the defensive end. This years Cats have the potential to erase the scoreboard early and keep it erased throughout the quarters. Skill players are in abundance and on offense they will be raining receivers this season. Sophomore QB George Frazier will be handling a lot of snaps this year as a second unit QB and his arsenal will consist of several of his sophomore teamates. The names that will come out of this seasons teams will stick around for a few more years. The underclassmen are very very skilled and I think Maddox knows it. Names to look for this season: Derrick Johnson RB/LB Ellis McCarthy OT/DT Jay Henderson WR/S Derrin Jenkins WR/CB Charlie Cimmerusti SpecT/S Isayah Daniels OL/DL Kenny Machi OL/DL John Adams DL Christian Blanco RB/LB Luke Williams WR/S Evan Sanchez LB Dean Bisterfeldt OL/LB
    New Comers: George Frazier FS/QB Michael Harris RB/Corner Anthony Kraft WR/S Marquise Bias RB/S Mason Bryant WR/K There are several other members of this team that will make an impact once the season gets started, but for right now these are the names that stick out in my mind.

    2 or 3 Muir or St. Francis? Theres always going to be that question mark about these two teams until they settle that on the field someday. I think that given this year I will give the nod to Muir strickly because of what potential they have entering into this season. They could beat any team in the area on any given night and this year they will have their chance to prove that especially against BA. St. Francis is not as talented in all of the skill positions but may possess a couple of the areas best in a couple of key positions. They will be tested again this year by 3 of the top 4 Pacific league teams in the early season.

    4. Cresenta Valley It becomes more and more difficult to measure any kind of scope from this number on down. Each team posses promise in very limited areas in the overall picture. I could say Pasadena and my be right on target, if they can get that Pacific league monkey off their back, right now I will make my prediction of saying Cresenta Valley, they seem to have the most coming back and have played the most competitive of all the pacific league teams aside from Muir in 2009.

    5. Pasadena : Lots of growing pains, but the potential is there to make a turnaround. The only team that can beat Pasadena is Pasadena in the pacific league. Arguably they could take the crown if they every come to their senses and realize that they actually have the talent to do so. Coaching is the missing variable in their program.

    6 San Gabriel: As little that is known about San Gabriel this season, they always field a somewhat descent team year after year. This will be a year for them to prove they really belong on the top ten list by playing a more challenging preseason schedule. Keep your eyes open in the Muir Game It will be a very interesting dynamic.

    7. Maranatha: I know every year little is said about the small schools in the area but as of late they seem to be gaining more and more momentum in the 11 man leagues. Sometimes they are just a few Bad Boys away from making a real statement.

    8. Arcadia: Sorry Apache fans, No where near the caliber of teams as of of late. I hope that you dont become the next victim of the demographic bug thats been sweeping across the San Gabriel Valley. Looks like you guys have your sights set on a 4-5 player team and thats not going to get the job done in the Pacific league. There is alway promist that more kids will step up and prove everyone wrong, but being consistant is going to come with more gritty pure atheletes.

    9. San Marino: Just my gut tells me that Mooney didn’t step into his new office without thinking this thing through. This will be his opportunity to make an impression on the coaching elites in the area and a good win could go a long way for San Marino. Watch Out Muir If you see a big white guy talking to a couple of atheletic guys around Lincoln Blvd. and they end up with Blue and White jerseys on. Mooney has come to your town.

    10. La Canada: This is probably on paper the best of the rest in the RHL. Coach Yoder has a bond with these guys as well as an advantage being able to coach them through most of their younger years. This may be the surprist team in the area. La Canada’s Defense is always a bit under rated. If they can put together some offense this year Watch Out!

    Not to be outdone is our once known true year after year comppettitors TC!… My prediction is that they will make a quick recovery witin the next 2-3 seasons and gain back their credibility and pride. I’ m more than sure Fans like GA will see that happens more sooner than later.

    For right now this is my pre-season polls… I know I’m going to get some major eggs thrown at me but I’m Prepared(:

  • Dan

    Apache Pride,
    Just curious, When did Arcadia destroy West Covina?
    Your not talking about real football are you?
    By the way I think Cathedral and WC would have been a pretty close game tese past couple of years.

  • Goldenarm


    Nice recap of who is who on the Cats. I’m sticking with my prediction that we will see a more intelligent and precise offensive attack this year from Monrovia. You could feel the discust and frustration in the air during last years San Marino game- no way Maddox and crew are NOT going to respond to that dreary, unimaginative, stubborn and ineffective play calling and offensive scheme which hindered the Cats that night. Yeah, give the Titans some credit, but it was more of M-town just spinning their wheels. Bueno is really going to hurt some defenses this year…optioning on the DE and flinging high percentage throws from a mobile pass/run set – with 15 years of varsity experience, you know his decision making is not a worry.
    I am not going to expound on predictions this early – because I know 50% of what I knew last year. (Some would say that is 50% of nothing)
    San Marino could surprise and I ‘m glad to hear some faith in So Pas exists. Blair- who knows? TC needs to make a decent showing and I think they will.
    I will get in the swing by September.

  • Football Fan

    Cathedral and West Covina would both Kill Monrovia and San Dimas. Cathedral and West Covina would be a good game. The Phantoms also play Pasadena and will beat them soundly also. St. Francis is a good team and is in the same league as Cathedral the Mission league.

  • Observantcat

    Football Fan, remain just a fan. Before you out think yourself. West Cov. is good but they are very, very beatable, so is Cathedral. Save your bets for some other sport.

  • CatsFan

    Watch out for Jerome Brown of M-town. He will be a nightmare for quarterbacks this season.

  • Football Fan

    There is noway in hell even on Monrovia’s good day that they can stay let alone beat Cathedral. The Phantoms would destroy Monrovia with no problems whatsoever. The same goes for West Covina even Arcadia would beat Monrovia with no problem. Just stating the facts .

  • !stang!

    football fan,
    What is your prediction for San Gabreil vs MUir ?

  • Anonymous

    Keep drinking the Haterade Football Fan. Have a Beer on me. Even Minus One of the best backs in the state we Monrovia would still handle their business.

  • Football Fan

    No Haterade here My friend just stating the facts. There is no team in D11 that could beat Cathedral,West Covina,St.Francis and Arcadia. Just a little friendly advice stay down there with La Salle and Cantwell that’s where Monrovia Belongs.

  • Observantcat

    Here We Go Again….Well at least you have Arcadia on the list. We will see what happens in week 2 at Monrovia hopefully in the new stadium. We have a mutual game with South Hills/West Covina. I have a good feeling you will be eating more than just your words after it is all said and done. You are so uniformed… You need to go to Max Prep and look at who’s who…. then make your lost assumtions.

  • football fan


    well i have know predictions at this point. i was just seeing if anything i had heard about SG could be confirmed, and so far i dont see much here…..i hear a lot about Muir so im expecting an extremely tough challenge, the one thing that SG has going for them in my opinion is that they get Muir early. Muir typically doesn’t play its best football out the gate. my best guess, and this is a hopeful one, is that come September 3rd we will see a hell of a game….

  • really?

    Football fan. What exactly are the facts that you are stating? The fact that you’re talking out of your @ss?

  • New York

    Cathedral Fan,
    You have little credibility unless you tell us specifically what has changed at Cathedral in the past couple years. Cathedral did not accomplish anything in Division 10 just a couple years ago, remember? Neither did Culver City. Crespi was the only team from your league to get anything done in D-10. Lompoc dominated everyone else, even Serra.

    Arcadia and Monrovia has shaped up into a good rivalry. Let’s hope it goes uninterrupted this time.

    The last time Monrovia and West Covina played was at the height of Monrovia’s dysfunction. (Actually, the peak/trough was the season with blowout losses to Duarte and Arcadia. A lost decade might be too harsh but there were several years of treading water.) WestCo came from behind and won on a field goal. Lots has changed since then. If that series were renewed I would anticipate things tilting back toward Monrovia’s favor.

    I anticipate Muir beating San Gabriel in a rout. Pick 6s caused by defensive pressure on a new QB and a pass-happy offense will give Muir some defensive scores.

  • BigFatFan

    Whatever happened to Cody Keith, Maranatha’s Rent-A-QB option from last season? did he go to a college to play ball somewhere?

  • Observantcat

    If Muir plays anyway near it;s potential, they should be ahead at the half by at least 35pts. I dont think SG has a back with over 100 yrds returning and no QB with any tosses.

  • Football Fan

    To New York Crespi came down from D1 to D10 in Our Division. Gardena Serra and Harvard Westlake came down from D3 to D10. Take those 3 school’s away and Cathedral would have at least 4 CIF Championships. Cathedral Lost to Serra two year’s ago by 1 point in overtime. Last year We were tied with Serra 7-7 going into the 4th Qtr. Have You sen all the Athlete’s that Serra has,how many School’s can stay close to them but Cathedral did. Cathedral is now going up to D3 in the Mission League with Serra,Harvard Westlake,Chaminade,St. Francis and St. Paul. So You still think Monrovia can compete in that Division. Also, Serra is the defending football Champ and is in Our League. To Mustang Muir I think Muir has better Athlete’s and should beat San Gabriel. I think San Gabriel lost to many players from last season and they were tuff and never gave up. The lost of Coach Jones is also big. good luck to both teams.

  • Observantcat

    While your’e at it on the who lost what column, Look what Cathedral Lost this year and ask yourself why the coach’s may have decided to schedule South Pas in their preseason.

  • !stang!

    NY, muir strenght is its DB’s , so SG plays into muirs skill. If you look at the last 5 playoff lost muir couldn’t stop the run. I can’t remember a team the pased for more then 150 with thexpectation of oaks christian and venice. Until muir slow down teams running team in the playoffs. Muir we not win a championship. But with that aid they can out score teams to force them to throw earlier in te game. On another note muir vs catheral august 27 at muir! ( Game style scrimmage). Should be interesting!

  • Football Fan

    To Observant Monrovia Cat, nobody wanted to play us so We had to schedule So. Pas and game 4 We have Bishop Amat. Who does Monrovia have La salle . Tell You’re Monrovia Coaches to call Cathedral for a game next year if your so great.

  • Observantcat

    Football Fan:
    My Guess is that Cathedral would decline the offer and
    defer to rematch of South Pas to even the score.

  • Dan

    New York,
    Monrovia and WC could be a nice series these next couple of years, the game you mentioned in 2006 was a great game, the first half looked like WC would win another blowout but your staff made some nice adjustments at the half and your boy’s out played ours for most of the second half, we regrouped and had a nice drive to pull it out in the end. In the years after 06 I think WC wins, last year would have been close but I don’t think Monrovia would have stopped our run game, our line was to physical once we got healthy again, 290 yards on the ground vs Charter Oak, we drove all night on them, I don’t even think Rancho C. was able to do that, too bad we lost 4 drive killing fumbles, 3 for sure were mishandled balls, not sure about the 4th.
    This year both our teams are projected to be very good
    by SGV standards, I know your loaded with athletes and so are we, we should have a good line returning too, both our qb’s will be starting their third year, it would have been a great game. An interesting note is that both our teams play Glendora and South Hills so we may have some kind of measuring stick, still not as good as head to head but it may give us a clue.
    The next couple of years we should be good as we have had some good freshmen teams and when they reach varsity they are coached up pretty well, but I heard that this years incoming class had some lower numbers
    compared to the last two years, hopefully they will find a couple of gems from the group.

  • Goldenarm

    I work with a couple Cathedral parents and word is the coaching staff is not much appreciated by the very large and vocal alum following the Phantoms have.

    Their roster this year apparently has imbalanced talent, from outright studs to so-so, middle of the road ball players capable of getting it done but not with any overpowering domination. This is the word I ‘ve been hearing anyway…

    I will catch one of their early games along with a La Mirada game…and you know I gotta get down to Buena Park…. and San Marino and Lincoln Ave, M-town, La Salle, maybe even North Field.

  • New York

    Cathedral Fan,

    It sounds like you are suggesting that Cathedral is good simply because they play and lose to well respected teams. I think the 2002 Monrovia team would have won CIF if Lompoc had not been in the division. Heck, we would have 9 CIF titles if the other team had not been in the division…well 10 because I mentioned 2002.

    Cathedral may or may not be a legite team, but what is the history to support your statements? I don’t care about what teams you lose to. Who has Cathedral beaten? The volatility of Cathedral’s strength of schedule is ridiculous. Amat and South Pas…this isn’t the 1950s! San Marino took half their stock.

    As I mentioned before, Cathedral and Monrovia were both in D-10 just a couple years ago. They had the same results. The difference is that Monrovia was in a down period.

  • Get Real

    It really doesn’t matter.

    Bishop Amat is going to destroy you all…

  • Hey Get Real

    Guess what? Nobody likes you. Not even your friends. You know why?

    Cause your a d*ck.

  • PurdueAlum05

    I heard that Coach Smith at South Pas is no longer the coach and is one of the reasons why South Pas is playing Cathedral. Can anyone confirm this?

  • BigFatFan

    Purdue: I can confirm that Ed Smith is still the coach at SP. I think they ended up with Cathedral on the schedule because that was the only team that they could get for Week 5, after SP dropped Kepple from their schedule.

  • Monrovia Cat Fan

    Give Props to So. Pas for Scheduling Cathedral. I think though they should have kept Mark Keppel because Cathedral will defeat So. Pas soundly. I know coach pearson at Cathedral and he will not run up the score. Good Luck to both teams.

  • PurdueAlum05

    BigFatFan: Thanks, I figured the person who told me wasn’t a solid source.

    Monrovia Cat Fan: I agree with you a 100%, although South Pas will likely lose, I would rather see them lose to a good team and get better than beat up on a bad team and get pounded in league. I think playing Cathedral will help South Pas more than people think. When it’s all said and done, Monrovia is the team to beat in Rio Hondo League.

    I rank my top 10 as followed:

    1 – St. Francis
    2 – Monrovia
    3 – Arcadia
    4 – Muir
    5 – Rosemead
    6 – San Marino
    7 – La Canada
    8 – Alhambra
    9 – Temple City
    10- Rio Hondo Prep

    Let me know what you think.

  • PurdueAlum05

    And Miguel, you need a new picture bro! lol

  • BigFatFan

    The move to put Cathedral, or some other quality program (Maranatha maybe) is a good move for SP. it elevates their preseason schedule. the game with Kepple had turned into a joke, and the boys at SP ended up playing DOWN to the low level of competition of Kepple. Cathedral my kick our butts, but it will be a good tune up for league. so kudos to the SP coaching staff for upgrading the preseason schedule this year.

  • Football Fan

    Prop’s to So. Pas for playing Cathedral anyway. I sure Coach pearson of Cathedral will not run up the score. His wife is a teacher at so. Pas. Good luck to both teams.

  • Just like that

    Pasadena should not be in any poll because so much is undetermined. The Bulldogs clearly have talent on both sides of the ball but most important for the Dawgs is cohesiveness. TEAM underscores any ones individual tallent and actually enhances the entire groups talent as a whole. The variables that are at hand for them now are the the facts that there is a New coach, new set of expectations, new plays, new field,renewed exitement. But polls give you none of that. You can only Poll schools with minor changes but the schools with major changes can outright surprise you. Dawgs should only worry about the W-L columns and let the rest figuire the Polls out themselves.

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