All-Pacific League Football: Taylor Lagace voted MVP.

2010 All-League Football
Player of the Year:
Taylor Lagace, Arcadia, Jr.
Coach of the Year: Jon Dimalante, Arcadia
Offensive player of the year: Lucas Yanez, Burroughs
Defensive player of the year: Ryan Seidler, Burbank

Skill Position

Myles Carr, Arcadia
Adam Colman, Burbank
Ulises Ochoa, Burbank
Tadeo Zuniga, Burroughs
Alex Yoon, Glendale
Karl Holmes Jr., Muir
Offensive Line
Darrell Cheng, Arcadia
Spencer Lee, Burbank
Rookie Hussakhoon, Burroughs
Bryan Luna, Crescenta Valley
Danny Huerta, Muir
Pavle Atanackovic, Crescenta Valley

Defensive Line

Clarence Irvin, Arcadia
Nick Brown, Burroughs
Garrett Stodt, Crescenta Valley
Howard Vaughn, Muir
A.J. Rail, Arcadia
Victor Wei, Arcadia
Defensive Back
Casey Barbello, Burroughs
Nadar Damouni, Arcadia
Matt Volland, Burroughs
DaiDai McFadden, Muir
Tevin Hodges, Pasadena
Nick Villapando, Glendale


Skill Position

David Maldonado, Arcadia
Ryan Thanaratnam, Burbank
A.J. Pule, Hoover
Devaughn Williams, Hoover
Tairen Owens, Muir
Andreece Brown, Pasadena
Brandon Cox, Pasadena
Offensive Line
Lionce Haggerty, Arcadia
Elias Salgado, Burbank
Steven Escobaza, Burroughs
Thomas Liro, Burroughs
Sergio Arenas, Hoover
Cameron Palmer, Muir
Varage Zeneoli, Burbank

Defensive Line

Steven Kim, Burbank
Garrett Schiavello, Burroughs
Arthur Vahanyan, Glendale
Enrique Diaz, Hoover
Brian Carrillo, Burbank
Chan Kim, Glendale
Traveion Yates, Muir
Defensive Back
Jose Rodriguez, Burbank
Eli Peppmuller, Burroughs
Linden Anderson, Glendale
Alex Maravilla, Glendale
Sam Hutchins, Muir
Sam Saucedo, Pasadena

Jonathan Wong, Arcadia
Quortney Brazier, Burbank
Tyler Yanez, Burroughs
Kevin Fernandez, Crescenta Valley
Mark Attarian, Glendale
Dymond McRae, Hoover
Jeff Davis, Muir
Cleo Bates, Pasadena
Andrew Alvarez, Arcadia
Daniel Buencamino, Burbank
Armon Easely, Pasadena
Destiny Iwuoma, Muir
Duncan Maxwell, Glendale
Zack Meijer, Burroughs
Nathan Sarreal, Crescenta Valley
Luke Taboyoyong, Hoover

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  • $Big Aaron$


  • valley guy

    Complete b.s voting Taylor Legace led in absolutely nothing in the pacific league but received M.V.P now i know for sure M.V.P means nothing.
    If anything Myles Carr should had taken it or Kevon seymor
    or that Kid from Burroughs. Taylor is a great athlete but did not deserve that award this year.

  • Mr. Baseball

    Now that football is over, can we start the baseball threads and conversations? We all know that baseball is the sport to watch out here in san gabriel valley. Maybe a “teams to watch out for in 2011” thread just might stew up some interest in these blogs, just sayin.

  • Manic Monday

    Valley guy,

    Taylor Lagace only lead his team from a 2-8 season to a Pacific league title..duh.

  • ???

    ummm, why is kevon seymour not on the list at all???


    This years PSN MVP is the only one I can remember that didn’t finish the season and got himself ejected for fighting during a game… LOL

  • valley guy

    Manic Monday:
    Myles Carr led the team and it was a share of the title to a team they lost to who happens to have Lucas Yanez who should had gotten it but, like i said politics is everywhere now……AND CONGRATS TO TAYLOR……but if anybody should had gotten it from Arcadia it should had been the guy who actually played every game and still manage to win….MYLES CARR…..

  • Goldenarm

    Both 1st team linebackers are from Arcadia.

    It is no coincidence that these kids just happened to be coached by Randy Backus.

  • Actions Talk

    I posted this way before but I’ll say it again, Arcadia’s star player gets hurt every year by the end of the season. Myles should let Taylor keep the spotlight, chances are either one or both will get a serious injury to end next season as well.

  • Taylor Lagace is the most dangerous and exciting player of the Pacific League but the not the Player of the Year. Arcadia Coaches open their eyes to the rest of the team when he was not playing. Carr needs more experience and has to use the rest of his team. How does Howard Vaughn,Brandon Cox and AJ Rail make all league? Lot of Hype at the beginning of the season, didn’t prove much. Offense and Defense Players of the Year are right on. The coaches need to look closer to who their voting on. (They really don’t know the players on their team or league. They rely on the Media Guide at the start of the season and on goes the blinder. Coach of the Year my vote is for the Burroughs coach.

  • Dreamin. I love blogging. You all express your feelings the right way, because they are your feeling, focus on your blog it is great.

  • Apache Joe

    Actions Talk,

    Maybe because they are willing to give everything they have for their team and coach? Wouldn’t that be a worthy cause of injury? I believe so. Maybe you don’t, I don’t know.

    Think Blue,

    How would the Burroughs coach deserve COY? Coach Dimalante took a 2-7-1 team to a share of the Pacific league title the next year. How does that not reflect major coaching? Your counter argument would be that he had Lagace and Carr. Regardless, putting them in positions to be successful is very important.

    I didn’t see two linebackers in the pacific league besides maybe Seidner deserve it more than those two. Even then, he’s not particularly talented, just sits and cleans up every tackle. Arcadia was led by Wei and their defense did a great job keeping Muir at bay and beating a solid Burbank team.

  • Neat blog layout! Very easy on the eyes.. i like the colors you picked out

  • Oh boy! It’s like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some images to drive the content home a bit, besides that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I’ll definitely revisit again.

  • D. Young

    The responses to this blog blow me away. Most of you have no interactions with the very kids you speak of/Criticize. Taylor Lagace is a stud and played both ways. Myles Carr is legit and I feel at times he held back. AJ Rail and Victor Wei I had as students in middle school and they were always great kids. Coach Randy is a great coach/person but don’t take away from the kids. As far as Coach Jon D? His team struggled last year and this year they get Co-Champs. Its easy to get on a blog and have some screen name but until ur willing to get fingerprinted and coach shut up.

  • valley guy

    Question: How can a player make all league but not even make a team in his own league…..for example a player did not make any team in the pacific league but made 1st team all league….now in my opinion its politics once again this kid should had made both 1st teams….

  • Taylor – the real deal – missing you in S Carolina

    I did not see Taylor play this year, my son (JR Nelson – Wilson) plays in the Valley Vista League – but I did see him at the NUC Los Angeles and NUC West regional combines – and he was very impressive and the best WR on the field.

    In fact, I was wondering (even today) why he was not at the NUC All World 7 x 7 competitions going on right now in Charleston SC – we sure could have used him today against the SEC south juniors. I mean, my son did very well but Taylor would have shined also. Our California guys came in second overall.

    Taylor is the best WR in the area and we look forward to seeing him again at the combines – Congrats!!

  • Anonymous

    WHERE IS KEVON SEYMOUR??? HE should definitely be FIRST TEAM wow this list is a big let down. the only reason i see him not being first team is that he is a junior but thats about it still deserves some type of recognition…LA MIRADA anyone remember that game???


    I believe these set of names are accurately placed, Taylor Lagace and Myles Carr, no doubt, should share the title of Player of the year. The duo combined for more then half of this year’s pacific league’s co-champion’s points. Don’t start hating on Taylor, he comes from a super athletic family, his mom in fact, played college basketball and his brother got a basketball scholarship. Taylor’s athletic abilities are great, freshman varsity football and basketball look really great for recruits, but all I’m saying Arcadia obviously had a really great team this year. Coming off a horrible season to winning a league championship is pretty impressive its like the timberwolves winning the western conference championship. @ D Young, got luck with this seasons varsity girls basketball, haha we saw the scores on APN, you murdering everyone nice!
    All in all, Nick Bueno from Monrovia would beast this list, anyways this league isn’t that great, there way better teams out there in this area such as Monrovia and St. Francis

  • this guy

    kevon oneof was the best player in the league.Taylor earned/played and deserved player of the year…. but to leave kevon out completely is a joke, and reflects on eho ever made this list. someone doesn’t know football….. i think you should stick to the feel good stories and leave the football stuff to Fred and AT……