• Might be the perfect fit

    I don’t know anything about the man but if he has had success and he values the opportunity to have an impact on kids lives morally, it would be a great fit for him to go to Maranatha. He seems to be the kind of coach who can also draw some of the best players to the school from the area and beyond.

  • Bogan has had some success, when he has had talent. But lately he has not won without talent. Maranatha has talented Elfers, but they are not loaded with talent like the south hills teams of the past. It’s not easy to transfer there. Will he be able to keep up with Monrovia or Covina in the Midvalley? It may be a while before he can get back to winning titles.

  • FredJ

    Maranatha deserves a lot of credit for swinging for the fence, Bogan would be a perfect fit there. Ask anyone in coaching circles, he knows his stuff, is a great motivator and has a strong Christian background, having graduated from Cal Lutheran. Plus he’s won four CIF titles. He’s also close with Chris Rix, which means the two possibly could team up there, what a way to groom Elfers. But honestly, it’s a tough decision for him, he’s been at South Hills for many years and is very loyal, plus there is retirement to consider. I can honestly say I don’t know which way he is leaning or how close this is to coming to fruition. BTW, I wouldn’t say his teams have struggled, only the past season they struggled with the move to the powerful Sierra and Inland Division, coupled with a preseason that included several beasts. If you consider struggling not winning CIF titles, then you’re probably right, but I think his teams made it to at least the quarterfinals prior to that for ten straight years. You put him back in the Mid-Valley Division with similar talent and a quarterback like Elfers, watch out.

  • Can Bogan Coach without Talent

    Bogan will have to find some other players to go along with Elfers point blank. Elfers threw for a enormous amount of yards last year. He will be even better this year, but his team will not. However the midvalley won’t be as deep as it was this year, so Maranatha does have a chance to get to semis. I am not sure he wants to risk retirement. Maybe they should go after Chris Rix….Young and looking to be a head man…. however It looks like Monrovia is going to be really good again. I just see Covina and Monrovia at Citrus in Dec of 2011. No disrespect to Maranatha.

  • cats for life

    I don’t know about all this maranatha stuff but i have a feeling my Cats will be playing in Monvoria- Sandimas VI at Citrus next December. Not playoff seasoned to go far.

  • New York

    This photo could used to create the new “Touchdown Bogan” mural overlooking Maranatha’s field.

  • Bob Anon

    Miguel, will there be any posts on basketball, wrestling, or soccer? LC winter teams are doing well in all those sports, save for girls’ basketball. Thank You and hope you’re well.

  • bigfatfan

    Miguel, when will you be doing a baseball season preview?