Baseball Rankings: La Salle, Temple City, Pasadena and Alhambra move up in latest rankings; Lancers get big test vs. Bishop Amat in second Del Rey League game.


1. Arcadia (4-2)
Tough loss to Northview

2. La Salle (6-2)
Bishop Amat big boys in town

3. Temple City (4-2)
Pitching depth showing worth

4. Pasadena (6-3)
Strong showing last week

5. Alhambra (6-2)
On 6-game winning streak

6. Monrovia (3-3-1)
Lost to Cresc. Valley twice

7. South Pasadena (4-3)
League win over San Marino

8. La Caada (5-4)
Needs more consistency

9. St. Francis (4-3)
Split vs. Notre Dame

10. Maranatha (2-4)
Tough start to season

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  • Know The Game

    Miguel, let’s say La Salle beats Amat this week- do they get the #1 ranking? I need to read it for myself.

  • SGV Baseball


    What happened to Poly? They are 5-2-1….beat La Canada, South Pasadena,and tie Monrovia. While losing pretty close games against Arcadia (1-0 into the 6th then the wheels came off) and San Dimas. I was surprised you dropped them from your list.

  • Vikes #2 Fan

    Wait, Arcadia lost to Northview??? And Arcadia is still raked #1? Is this last years thread/post?

  • S. Hawking

    Wait, Arcadia lost to Northview??? And Arcadia is still raked #1? Is this last years thread/post?

  • brokenarrow

    when pigs begin to fly, la salle with belong on the same field as amat…please, clearly you don’t “know”

  • Know the Game

    B Arrow- I’m not going to get into slinging dirt here. But, if LS does beat them, I expect you to retract the strong statement you make and give them the respect they deserve. I see wings starting to grow on them pigs!

  • valley fan

    anyone have a score on the amat vs. la salle game?

  • brokenarrow

    those are chicken wings dancing in your head, but I’ll have to say that LS guys were out there competing from the looks of it- props to the kids… but I’m still grinding ribs.

  • Ouhch

    See what happens to MHS when they lose 1 pitcher…..without Covey they seem to have fallen apart…

  • Poly?


    How is Poly not deserving of a top 10 ranking? You rank them as 3rd in the area pre-season and now they’re not even making the list when they’ve beaten teams 7 and 8 and tied a Monrovia team now number 6 that WAS number 1. PLEASE shed some light on this.

  • Knight Fan

    It’s about time St. Francis made the list! They beat the #1 and #7 team in pre-season and compete on a level that non of these other teams do…………

  • WhiteMamba

    Kinght Fan-

    He bud, St. Francis baseball is not as good as they have been in the past. So just accept the fact that they aren’t on the list. They don’t deserver to be there. You won some games in pre season??? That means nothing. But nice try.

    Go Apaches!

  • Knight Fan

    White Mamba:

    First, what makes you think I’m a bud? Second, St. Francis is on the list so now you can crawl back under the rock you came out from….
    St. Francis is 3-3 in Mission League play, by far the toughist league around, and beat Chaminade last week with their best pitcher on the mound( (a team that would crush any other team in the WSGV). I think I’ve made my point.