• Awesome news!!

    Good for Taylor! Way to represent tthe Pacific league and the WSGV. He’s gonna tear it up this year along with Myles. Chia!!

  • John Golper

    Congratulations, Taylor. No Apaches Down !!!!

  • Husky Legend

    Welcome to the Dawgs, Taylor! Woof!!!

  • Reality check

    Hey Gaylor Lagace I mean Taylor your a LIAR the whole pac 10? you’ve got to be kidding me? if the whole pac ten wanted you your going to choose washington? and not USC, UCLA,or Oregon. LIIIIAAARRRRRRRR you chose Washington because its the only place that wanted you. The kids that go to those big schools would be coming out of Monrovia high. ENOUGH SAID.

    PS: hope to win CIF? whens the last time that happened for Arcadia? keep HOPING kid.

  • Drew Pearson

    to reality check: blogs are perfect for someone like you…a great way to speak bad on someone (a 17 year old high school kid) and hide behind a fake name…everyone is entitled to there own opinion but the name calling lol…its not very becoming of you (who ever you are or ARE NOT rather lol)…in all honesty im hoping your a kid and if so I apologize…name calling is in a kids nature and i have no business butting in childish behavior (on a blog)…but if you happen to be grown, there’s a DEFINITE need for improvement…and to CHECK your REALITY, USC is 0 and 2 against the University of Washington under coach SARK…why not UDUB over SC?…D1 is D1, CONFIDENCE, TALENT and HARDWORK will PREVAIL anywhere…Congratulations Taylor Lagace, you’ll come to find out that there’s always people who will try and pull you down (mr. reality check: like your QUALIFIED to check someones reality lol) in life…but there just merely MOTIVATION for you to continue your success…HARD WORK PAYS OFF, job well done young Lagace…

  • joe haines

    i like this videeeeo taytay. and people like that talking on an internet with no cohonaaas to say it to your face don’t go to school cuszzz all they care about is putting ppl down nd in realtiyyy he aint on YOUR LEVELLLLLL

    no apaches down PL is ours, leg go for CIF this yearrr…YEEYEEE