• Anonymous

    Michael Panossian #77, an outside linebacker for the EAST was Awesome!!! Great speed and strength. He dominated the field and gave The WEST the slip up. Great job Panossian! It was great fun watching him take down the West sides Quarterback over and over and over and over again. Does anyone know if he has signed with a school yet?

  • Michael will join several area players from past years at Trinity in the Chicago area… he joins Anderson, Stanley, and McGee from the Olympic league at Trinity.

  • The East side controlled both sides of the Line of Scrimmage. I do not recall a sack recorded by the west, and the only loss came from a bad snap, while the d-line for the east had at least 4 or 5 sacks (many from Michael Panossian (Western Christian). Ryan Wallace (Whittier Christian) was playing out of position at right tackle, he played the last 2 years at center, did a good job and worked well with guard Davis Harrison (Clarmont) and center Alec Zenner (San Dimas) to control the right side. Phillip Romano (covina) played left tackle after Luis Oliva (charter oak) who had practiced with the east decided on Tuesday to play in the Cal/AZ all star game instead. Raymond Amaya (west covina) played left guard to round out the East O-line.

  • shutitdown

    This is really sad, the reason there are only 3 comments here is the entire region knows the paper does’nt give a snot about its sites in this region.

    The postings are old and outdated, and too many postings about the sports that are NOT of great interest.

    The pasadena Star news would get a great deal more hits and exposure all around if they would at least try to make an effort. Now days people know the star does’nt care about football so they dont even bother to look.

    Every time I look at the tribune they are current and help to fuel the passion that exist in high school footbal, Why soo many kids leave the area is in some part due to the fact that the local paper’s have no concern for what thousand’s of kids, family’s and fan’s care about this time of year.

    Either get some passion or just shut it down, its becomming a joke at this point. Start covering the way the tribune does or pack it up, I believe the people in the region deserve better.