Monrovia’s Mason Bryant picks Penn …

Monrovia receiver/defensive back/kicker Mason Bryant will play at Penn, according to a tweet by his father on Thursday morning.

Bryant had offers from Army, Air Force and a host of other Ivy League schools.

Aram’s take: I stand by it, in 15 years Dr. Bryant will be telling me I have to get my blood pressure and cholesterol down.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Congrats Mase and Family…they are not just planning for the next 4-5 years , but for the next 50 years….FYI NFL Scouts scout IVY league schools too.

    • Bob Anon

      Yes, what a great decision by Mason and his family. (Not to take anything away from Army or Air Force — they would have been awesome too)

      Why does another poster here feel compelled to hate on Mason? His team has blown my team out since 2008 (at least we had a close loss in 2007) but I would never say such things. We should be happy that a WSGV player is going to such an illustrious school for athletics in addition to academics.

  • Wonka

    One of the most overrated kids I have seen get a scholarship. Must be mostly academic scholarship.

    @GP AKA Green Machine- He will NOT be playing on Sundays.

    • New York

      Ivy League schools do not grant scholarships, aside from various one-off scholarships from individual donors. For the most part, every student’s financial aid package is need-based. Many Ivy League football players actually pay full tuition. Many non-athlete students have 100% financial aid.

    • New York

      Not sure what you mean by overrated? If you are referring to his dad’s exuberance of supporting his son and all the other wildcats, then you are pretty small minded. I’ve watched every Monrovia game. Personally, I think Mason was a bit underutilized. He made many tough catches and his biggest games were against the best competition on Monrovia’s schedule. Mason would have thrived in a more competitive arena.

  • Observantcat

    I guess you don’t get it do you Willy Wonka, Mason has already WON! dude if you get a full ride to any Ivy league school you have WON, Maybe you expected that all of the kids that received scholarships want to finish in the NFL, Wrong Dummy, Its about going out in life and finding out what you are made of as a Student, Mason has the skills to play on Saturdays and if he chose to push the envelope and become a NFL player he would have just as good a chance if not better than anyone in the SGV to do so. So your point is really MUTE. There will be other blogs coming this spring that will allow you to pick up your keyboard and type in your nonsense. (Passing League) for right now the Bryant’s and Monrovia are celebrating success on and off the field. Go pick on some of your players who may not have made it past the first round of CIF or Jr. College for that matter.

  • QuietCoach

    Wonka… Really what a joke! You come on here and bash a kid (A KID!) who is has an opportunity to to be apart of something amazing. Please dont take it out on Mason because you could get in to Citrus! Seriously pathetic.

  • New York

    This is very exciting to welcome another Monrovia football players into the Ivy League (Ancient 8.) Mason will continue making Monrovia and his family proud. Great choice, Mason.