• GrimReaper

    Aram I am disappointed at your comment about the ceremony honoring a long time volunteer and outstanding citizen. Mr Schultz did not “die earlier this summer” but died earlier that week of a massive heart attack at the age of 91, after the ceremony had been scheduled to honor his long history of work for the schools and community.

    Obviously you did not listen to the list of accomplishments that demonstrated his efforts over decades of service. Or else you would not have so dismissively chided the ceremony. This was not a school worker retirement party for not missing a day of work for 30 years. But a history of service for 50 to 60 years.

    I am sorry you were inconvenienced, but given your comment you should go back and get educated about Mr Schultz.. an education you might have gotten by listening to the ceremony. Yes I am sadly disappointed and now have a different evaluation of you.

    Maybe we as communities from your home town to mine would be better off if we had more Mr. Schultz’es, and we took the time to educate the parents and students of the hard work of those that gave of themselves, greatly, to provide them the opportunities they enjoy. Rather than moan about the time lost, it would be a celebration of the time given.