Answering the question: Where will you put your trophy?

There was a short-lived TV series a few years back called “City of Angels,” about an inner-city hospital. As such, the show was far more earnest than it needed to be (and, given the talent assembled — Paris Barclay was an EP, as, I believe, was Steven Bochco, and Blair Underwood starred — it wasn’t quite good enough) — apparently on TV if you have a predominantly white hospital like on “House” you can just mouth off all day long but if your hospital is in the inner-city you have to be all serious. Except for this one episode — this one scene, really — in which a guy is admitted to the hospital and he has something stuck where the sun refuses to shine and it just happens to be his Golden Globe and someone cracks, “Good a place as any for it.”


You will be unsurprised to hear that “City of Angels” received zero Golden Globe nominations during its brief run on CBS.

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