SAG: And that’s a wrap

Another shocker (imagine the word “shocker” in a really sarcastic typeface): Philip Seymour Hoffman is named Best Actor for “Capote.” Oscar nominations won’t even be announced until Tuesday, and already they’re old news.
“The only way to act well, is to know that other actors have your back,” says Hoffman, as good a way of acknowledging one’s (presumably trophy-less) co-stars with disingenuous humility as I’ve heard in a while.
The evening’s final presenter, Morgan Freeman, is kind of over-selling the importance of all this, but that’s just the kind of voice he has.
“Crash’s” cast wins the Ensemble “Actor,” SAG’s equivalent of the Best Film Oscar. Well, the film certainly had the most cast members of the nominees. Terrence Howard turns the thank-you over to Don Cheedle leaning on a cane, who, referring to his limp, warns America, “Pay your gambling debts. You don’t want this happening here.”
Holy cow! An awards show without a trophy for “Brokeback Mountain?” I demand a recount!
Here’s guessing “Crash” beat “Brokeback” mainly because the former has a much bigger cast than the latter, and SAG is trying, as I earlier recommended, to give everyone in SAG a SAG Award, so this was just more efficient. But “Crash” emerges as the only remotely significant competition to “Brokeback” once the Oscars are announced. Nonetheless, still no reason to watch the Oscars at this point.

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