Another round of Stern v. Moonves

Howard Stern hasn’t exactly been shy about slagging CBS CEO Les Moonves since the latter slapped the former with a lawsuit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars for plugging his move to satellite radio on CBS Radio’s airwaves. And now, according to the most tersely worded press release I’ve ever received from CBS, he’ll get to pound away at Moonves on CBS itself, with David Letterman as his corner man.

Stern will appear on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Monday, March 13. The press release makes no mention of the lawsuit, but you’d be a fool if you think Stern will be so polite as to do the same while chatting with Letterman.

The main question is, how far will Stern have to go before Moonves — or someone — decides there’s no point to running anti-CBS propaganda on CBS.

Here’re a few quotes from Stern’s recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show to give you an idea of what he’ll likely be telling Dave: “I’m a CBS stockholder. I’d like to know why (Moonves is) spending money on frivolous lawsuits.”

“I was a loyal player, and this is no way to repay a guy after all of this hard work. When you know the lawsuit has no merit, this is vindictive. This is vicious. This is jealousy. This is being green with envy. It’s a shame on CBS. The once great CBS, the home of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite. What a — what a knock. This is not the CBS any more.”

Stern seemed distraught in the video when he first discussed the lawsuit, so his Les-bashing isn’t just an act. And Letterman should prove an enabler — he’s done plenty of Moonves mauling on his show in the past. As I said, it’ll be interesting to see just how much of this’ll actually get on the air.

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